The Department of Psychology offers research and applied training at both the MA and PhD levels in ABA. Students have the opportunity to receive supervised training in the practice of ABA with varied clientele, and especially with persons with developmental disabilities, including autism.

The program offers a verified course sequence that has been approved by the Association for Behavior Analysis International. View the Board Certified Behavior Analysts Pass-Rates. Note that pass-rate data are not published for sequences with fewer than six first-time candidates in a single year or for sequences within their first four years of operation. 

Partnership with St. Amant

St. Amant is one of the largest disability service organizations in the Province of Manitoba. Located at 440 River Road (across the Red River from Duff Robin) St. Amant provides a wide range of service options that include community residences, a school, a vocational program, an integrated preschool, and community supports such as respite, crisis stabilization, and clinical services (Psychology/SLP/OT/PT).

In 1997, St. Amant established a quality of life research program under the direction of Dr. C. T. Yu. Through ongoing partnership with the U of M and support from The Winnipeg Foundation, the research program is now an interdisciplinary Research Centre with a team of four researchers (including current director, Dr. Toby Martin), administrative support, and physical resources to support graduate student research.

St. Amant Autism Programs is a provincially-funded service that began in 1999, and that currently provides home-based Early Intensive Behavioural Intervention for young children with autism, a school age program, and continued supports for children reaching adolescence. Many of our ABA program graduates, and current graduate students, work as clinical consultants and managers in Autism Programs. St. Amant, and the Autism Programs in particular, are strongly committed to evidence-based practice and provide a highly supportive environment for applied research.

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