Call for nominations

The Teaching Evaluation Committee of the Department of Psychology invites students and faculty to nominate academic staff for this award by completing a confidential nomination form.

Submit completed forms to the Psychology Main Office, P404 Duff Roblin Building or mail to:

Jamie McMillan
Assistant to the Department Head
Department of Psychology
P406 Duff Roblin Building
University of Manitoba,
Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3T 2N2

*currently, nominations should be submitted via email to

Nominations are encouraged and accepted year-round. The Psychology Department Teaching Award is awarded in the spring of each year.

Past Winners

2021-2022: Dr. Ed Johnson
2020-2021: Dr. Wan Wang
2019-2020: Dr. Kristin Reynolds
2018-2019: Dr. Ryan Giuliano
2017-2018: Dr. Matt Keough
2016-2017: Dr. Marian Morry
2015-2016: Dr. Johnson Li
2014-2015: Dr. George Bednarczyk
2013-2014: Dr. Maria Medved
2012-2013: Dr. Janine Montgomery
2011-2012: Dr. Gerry Sande
2010-2011: Dr. Dan Bailis
2009-2010: Dr. Steve Hladkyj
2008-2009: Dr. Corey Mackenzie
2007-2008: Dr. Jessica Cameron
2006-2007: Dr. Jason Leboe
2005-2006: Dr. Wendy Freeman
2004-2005: Dr. Lorna Jakobson
2003-2004: Dr. Tammy Ivanco
2001-2002: Dr. Garry Martin and Dr. James Nickels
2000-2001: Dr. Marianne Johnson
1999-2000: Dr. James Shapiro
1998-1999: Dr. Gerry Sande