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As part of the UM’s mission to provide a safe and inclusive learning and working environment for all students, faculty and staff, we are continuing to expand the number of resources and supports available to members of the 2SLGBTQ+ community on campus.

2SLGBTQ+ research

Career resources

The University of Manitoba has resources available for 2SLGBTQ+ students who are diligently working to achieve their career goals. Specialized resources exist on campus and in the greater community to support 2SLGBTQ+ groups of employment candidates.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

UM is firmly committed to advancing equity, diversity and inclusion within our community. All who have the potential for success at our university should have access to it. We respect each other's uniqueness and celebrate our diversity. We recognize inclusion is a right and not a privilege. This statement expresses our ongoing commitment to fostering a culture where all people feel valued, respected and included.

Gender-inclusive washrooms and facilities

Respecting our campus community members means providing facilities that are safe and inclusive to all students, staff, faculty and visitors, regardless of sex, gender or sexuality. Use the Gender-inclusive washroom list to look for an inclusive bathroom near you! More gender-inclusive bathrooms are added regularly.

We are working on integrating this washroom list with our campus maps. Check back soon!

Gender-inclusive facilities within the The Active Living Centre

  • Gender-inclusive community change room
    • 205-207 – 200 Level. This space includes day-use lockers which can be rented on a permanent basis upon request.
  • Gender-inclusive washrooms
    • ALC 253 & 254 – 200 Level. Includes day-use lockers.
    • FKC 317 A & B – 300 Level.
    • ALC 345A – 300 Level.
    • ALC 443 & 445 – 400 Level.

In addition to the gender-inclusive facilities available, the men’s locker rooms have been fitted with menstrual hygiene receptacles for all members.


Human rights concerns

If there are concerns about discrimination or harassment, including use of deadnames or misgendering, the Office of Human Rights and Conflict Management (OHRCM) is available to all 2SLGBTQ+ students, staff and faculty, and can provide assistance through both informal and formal processes to address their concerns.

Name change and pronouns

At UM, we respect the individuality and uniqueness of each member of our campus community. It is the responsibility of every student and staff member to help foster an environment of inclusion and respect on campus. Ensuring that you are using someone’s preferred name and pronoun when addressing them or referencing them in conversation is a simple but important way of showing respect.

Students and staff who are considering a legal name change are encouraged to visit the government Vital Stats site for more information.

Changing your name in Aurora

If you are a 2SLGBTQ+ student who is looking to change your name or pronoun in Aurora, you can do so by clicking the link below. Please note that while students can change their name for Aurora, making this change won’t necessarily alter your personal information in employee contracts or health/vaccine verifications for the time being. We continue to work on extending preferred names across different processes.


Providing a safe environment for 2SLGBTQ+ students, staff, faculty and visitors is a priority at the University of Manitoba. We take a proactive approach to safety and security on our campuses through a variety of programs and security measures.

SafeWalk program

You don’t have to walk alone. Patrollers at both campuses are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, through our SafeWalk program. Security Services patrollers can be identified by their blue SafeWalk jackets or shirts with yellow lettering.

SafeWalk patrollers carry photo ID cards.

For a secure escort, call 204-474-9312.

UM Safe app

UM Safe is a mobile safety app that enhances the safety of students, staff and faculty on campus. The app sends safety alerts and provides instant access to campus safety resources.

Emergency Phones on Campus

There are two types of emergency phones on campus:

  • Code Blue emergency poles
  • Emergency Red Phones

When a Code Blue or Emergency Red Phone is activated, Security Guards will be priority dispatched to the location and in most cases, will arrive in under two minutes. While the Security Guards are on route, a dispatcher continues to have two-way voice communication with the caller.

Emergency Red Phones

Emergency Red Phones can be found on almost every floor of every building located at both Fort Garry and Bannatyne campus. These phones provide two-way voice communication with the Security Services department.

Code Blue emergency poles

The Code Blue poles are a welcome sight when walking alone at night on the Fort Garry or Bannatyne campus. The poles are nine feet high and strategically placed at various locations throughout both campuses. They provide area lighting, project a visible blue light 24 hours a day, and provide instant, two-way voice communication with the Security Services department.

Sexual Violence Resource Centre

Sexual violence affects people of all ages, sexual orientations, genders, gender identities, abilities and relationship statuses. We want to build a safe and inclusive campus community where survivors of sexual violence know they can receive the supports they need to succeed, both academically and personally. 

The Sexual Violence Resource Centre, located at 537 UMSU University Centre on the Fort Garry campus, provides support, resources, information and referral services for any student, faculty or staff member who has been affected by sexual violence.

Student Counselling Centre’s 2SLGBTQ services

In addition to providing free counselling and mental health support, the Student Counselling Centre offers same-day, brief crisis and emergency services to 2SLGBTQ+ students in very high distress (e.g., having a panic attack, recently experienced sexual violence, feeling at risk for harming self or others).

If you are in such a situation, go to the main office of the SCC at 474 UMSU University Centre or the Student Services at Bannatyne Campus office during their regular working hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

Campus groups

Student opportunities

  • Jeff Kushner and Randall McGinnis Scholarship

    This scholarship will be offered to an LGBT undergraduate student who is enrolled full-time in the Price Faculty of Engineering at the University of Manitoba; has completed a minimum of 36 credit hours of study; has a minimum degree grade point average of 3.0; and has demonstrated leadership skills with a focus on community service. If there are no applicants in the Price Faculty of Engineering, the scholarship may be offered to a student in Geology, Computer Science or Medicine, who otherwise meets the award criteria.

    Application deadline: October 1

    Visit Jeff Kushner and Randall McGinnis Scholarship in the awards database.

    Apply through the Aurora Student Portal

  • Lambda Foundation for Excellence

    One scholarship for a full-time undergraduate or graduate student in any faculty or school who is conducting or has proposed to conduct research relating to 2SLGBTQ+ people, their community, values, achievements, art or sports or human rights issues.

    Application deadline: October 1

    Visit Lambda Foundation for Excellence in the awards database.

    Apply through the Aurora Student Portal


Learn more

Whether you’re a member of the 2SLGBTQ+ community or an ally, educating yourself and others is a key component of both self-discovery and creating safe, inclusive spaces. Here are some resources to learn more about topics relevant to the 2SLGBTQ+ experience.

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