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Dr. Fenton Litwiller (they/them/theirs) is a leisure scholar who uses qualitative and post-qualitative research methods and critical theories to account for 2SLGBTQ experiences, identities and expressions. They are currently developing a project driven by interrelated research questions around gender, race and class using photography and drag performance. For example, in a quasi-ethnographic research context, drag mentors work with queer youth to explore gender through a drag performance and genderplay workshop using make up, movement to music, and costuming. Litwiller is a University of Manitoba Falconer Emerging Researcher Award winner and their research is funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Council of Canada, Canadian Foundation for Innovation, Research Manitoba and the University of Manitoba.

Research areas

  • Gender and Sexuality
  • Mental health and mental illness 
  • Social justice 
  • Social inclusion and well being


  • PhD, Physical Education and Recreation, University of Alberta
  • M.A., Adventure Education with a specialization in Experiential Education, Prescott College, Arizona
  • B.A., Physical Education and Outdoor Education, with Distinction, Augustana Faculty, University of Alberta


  • Concepts of Recreation and Leisure (PERS 1400)
  • Community Development and the Leisure Service Delivery System (REC 4070)
  • Qualitative Methods and Research Design (PHED 7160)
  • Critical Race Theory, Indigeneity, in Leisure, Recreation, and Sport (KPER 7430) 
  • Cultural Studies in Leisure, Recreation and Sport (KPER 7440)


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