New Student Peer Mentoring Program

New Student and Peer Mentor visit the U of M greenhouse together.

The New Student Peer Mentoring Program (NSPMP) is for any new undergraduate student at the University of Manitoba. New students in the NSPMP will be matched with a trained upper-year student (Peer Mentor) who will help them with their transition into university.

Key elements of the NSPMP:

  • Make friends during small group meetings held by a pair of Peer Mentors 
  • Build connection through direct communication and one-to-one meetings with a Peer Mentor
  • Learn new skills and important campus resources through workshops desgined for first-year students
  • Develop transferable, life-long skills as a Peer Mentor through extensive training opportunities
  • Get to know other students during fun social events!

New Students

New students in the New Student Peer Mentoring Program (NSPMP) will meet with both Peer Mentors and other first-year students as they transition into their first year of university. New students will also gain valuable skills during monthly meetings that are geared towards first-year students and their success in university. These sessions include topics such as goal setting, campus resources, effective study strategies, and maintaining balance.  

New Students in the New Student Peer Mentoring Program will…  

  • Build relationships with upper-year U of M students (Peer Mentors) through direct communication and one-to-one meetings, as needed

  • Meet other new first-year students during monthly small-group meetings guided by a pair of assigned Peer Mentors

  • Learn skills that will contribute to success in university

  • Practice setting goals for personal growth and learning

  • Gain awareness of resources and support services on campus

For other mentoring opportunities, check out Neechiwaken Indigenous Peer Mentor Program, International Centre's Welcome Mentors program, or inquire with your faculty for faculty-specific programs.

Benefits and Skill Development Areas

Some of the benefits of joining the New Student Peer Mentoring Program: 

  • Participate in monthly social events where you can meet new people and make friends  

  • Connect with a community of first-year students and upper-year students

  • Become informed about events and programs on campus  

Skill development areas include: 

  • Self-awareness and personal strengths   

  • Resilience and confidence  

  • Problem solving

  • Interpersonal communication 

Program Dates and Commitment

New students can expect to spend 1-5 hours per month participating in the New Student Peer Mentoring Program. The amount you contribute is flexible and depends on your personal goals for the program. To get the most out of the program, we recommend completing as many requirements as possible. 

Winter 2023 Program Outline

Program Activities Dates Requirements
Program Kick-off (in-person)  Friday, January 13, 4:00 - 5:30 PM Recommended

Small-group mentoring / one-to-one mentoring
(virtual or in-person) 

Mutually scheduled by Peer Mentors and
new students (minimum 30 mins per month) 

Personal and group communication
(replying to messages from your Peer Mentors and peers,
engaging in icebreakers, texting/emailing/messaging
with your mentoring peer group) 

Asynchronous; completed on your own time
at least once per week

New Student Workshops - Core Content

Mondays, 5:00 - 7:00 PM

  • January 30
  • February 13
  • March13


New Student Workshops - Continued Learning

Wednesdays, 4:00 – 6:00 PM

  • January 25
  • February 8
  • March 29 
Social Events
  • Monday, January 16th 3:00 - 5:00 PM (in-person)
  • Sunday, February 19, 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM (virtual)
  • Tuesday, March 21, 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM (in-person)

[updated Jan 5, 2023]

Year-end program evaluation Provided at the end of the year (approx. 30 mins) Required 

Important information about CCR New students joining the program in Winter 2023 (part way through the academic year) are not eligible to receive a notation on their Experience Record / CCR.


You are eligible to join the New Student Peer Mentoring Program if you are... 

  • A new undergraduate student at the U of M - This program is not currently open to students enrolled at the International College of Manitoba (ICM)

  • Registered in a degree program or general studies at the U of M

  • Starting in Winter 2023 (or if you started in Fall/Summer 2022)

  • Registered (or intending to register) for classes in the winter term

Please note, we welcome all first-year students who meet the eligibility criteria, but we also think it’s important that you know there are other mentoring programs available, too! If you need help deciding which program is the best fit for you, please feel free to check out the resources below or contact us at 

Application Checklist

  1. Read all of the position information above
  2. Confirm you are available for the dates and requirements listed in the program outline
  3. Confirm you are eligible to apply
  4. Complete an application before January 10th, 2023

We may have still have spots available past the deadline, please email us for more information. 

Apply to be paired with a Peer Mentor for Winter 2023!

Peer Mentors

Peer Mentors in the New Student Peer Mentoring Program (NSPMP) work with Student Life staff to support new students as they transition into their first year of university. Through this program, Peer Mentors will aid in the successful integration of new students into the University of Manitoba campus community.

Peer Mentors in the New Student Peer Mentoring Program will be partnered with another Peer Mentor for the duration of the program and will...

  • Be paired as a duo with up to ten first-year students (their peers) who are new to the U of M

  • Build and contribute to a mentoring relationship with their peers in one-to-one discussions, small group meetings, and at social events 

  • Practice active listening, share experiences, foster reflection, assist with goal setting, and provide referrals to campus resources as necessary  

  • Receive feedback and guidance from experienced Mentoring Team Leaders who will provide peer support throughout the year

  • Participate in ongoing reflection and personal development as part of a community of Peer Mentors and Mentoring Team Leaders 

For other mentoring opportunities, check out Neechiwaken Indigenous Peer Mentor Program and International Centre's Welcome Mentors program. 

Peer Mentor applications for the 2022-23 academic year are now closed. 

Benefits and Skill Development Areas

Some of the benefits of becoming a NSPMP Peer Mentor include:  

  • Making a difference in the experiences of new students entering university 

  • Building transferrable skills that will help you in your future  

  • Making connections on campus and with your peers  

  • Getting co-curricular (CCR) recognition for your contributions to the program - CCR recognition is provided only to volunteers who fulfil the program requirements

Skill development areas include: 

  • Group facilitation 

  • Helping and coaching 

  • Interpersonal communication (written, verbal, & non-verbal) 

  • Self-awareness and emotional intelligence 

Position Requirements and Important Dates

Required Commitment

Peer Mentors can expect to volunteer a total of 75-90 hours between August 2022 and April 2023. 

*Please note, the time commitment and requirements are different from previous years so please make sure you read the requirements and important dates listed below! 

Initial training Wednesday, August 17 (6:00pm–9:00pm) and Thursday, August 18 (6:00pm–9:00pm)  

Online training modules 
- UM Privacy Training
- Accessibility Training (Customer Service Standard) 
- UM Essentials 2022 

Estimated 5 hours total

Completed on own time before September 6th

Program Kick-Off Friday, September 16 (5:30-7:30pm) 

One-to-one and small-group mentoring / communication*
(more details below)

Approximately 4-5 hours per month (Sept – April) 

Completed on own time; mutually scheduled by Peer Mentors and first-year student peers 

Professional Development Workshops 
(Choice between Wednesday or Thursday cohort) 

Wednesday Cohort (4-6pm) - in-person 

  • September 14

  • October 12 

  • November 16 

  • January 18 

  • February 15 

  • March 15 

Thursday Cohort (6-8pm) - online 

  • September 15 

  • October 13 

  • November 17 

  • January 19 

  • February 16 

  • March 16 

Peer Mentor Team Meetings

Thursdays (6:00-8:00 pm) - online
September 29, October 27, December 1, January 12, February 2, March 2, March 23 

Supervision and consultation with Mentoring Team Leader
and/or Program Staff 

Approximately 30 mins per month (Sept-Apr) 

Completed on own time; mutually scheduled by Peer Mentors and Mentoring Team Leaders 

Social events

Minimum one per term (approximately 2 hours per term) 

Multiple options available; dates announced at Program Kick-off 

Year-end program evaluation 

Approximately 30 minutes

*One-to-one and small group mentoring includes co-hosting small group meetings with your mentoring partner and up to 10 new students, holding one-to-one meetings to provide support to new students individually, planning, and digital communication (texting, emailing, posting icebreakers, etc). 


Eligibility to be a Peer Mentor:  

  • Current undergraduate student at the U of M Fort Garry Campus

  • Minimum one year of study at the U of M

  • Completion of at least 18 credit hours prior to Summer 2022 

  • Strong academic background (GPA 3.0; exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis, please email us)

  • In good conduct standing based on the University of Manitoba’s Behavioural Policies

  • Returning as a student for both the Fall 2022 and Winter 2023 terms

  • Available for the program requirements listed above to allow for full participation in the program  

Application Checklist

  1. Review all of the position requirements above and confirm you are available for all the listed dates

  2. Confirm you are eligible to apply 

  3. Complete an application before July 24, 2022 at 11:59 PM

  4. If selected, attend an interview 

If you have questions about the committment or the position description, please contact us at!

More mentoring opportunities

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In the Welcome Mentors program, mentors provide one-on-one intercultural, personal and academic support to their mentees for one academic term. Mentors complete training to support mentees during their transition to university. 

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Neechiwaken Indigenous Peer Mentor Program

The Neechiwaken Peer Mentor Program matches new Indigenous University of Manitoba students, known as Neechiwaken, with experienced Indigenous students, known as Lead Neechiwaken, who act as mentors, providing academic and social support and ongoing advice. It is open to Indigenous students in any year of study.

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Student Life Peer Helpers

Peer Helpers are trained, upper-year students who you can talk to about your student experience, transition to university, ways to meet new people, and how to find resources and supports on campus. Peer Helpers are like casual peer mentors who can meet with you via Microsoft Teams by appointment.

They are available to meet with any student currently enrolled in a program at U of M (from any campus), International College of Manitoba (ICM), or English Language Centre (ELC). 

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Whether you're brand new to the university, an experienced student or a recent graduate, finding a mentor can be a valuable experience.

Many departments and faculties have programs that can help you connect with a mentor for support. Check with your faculty or department to learn more.

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