Meet with a Peer Involvement Advisor

Meeting with a Peer Involvement Advisor (PIA) is a great first step towards learning more about involvement on campus.

  • You can talk to Peer Involvement Advisors (PIAs) about:

    • Your interests, values, needs, and goals and explore involvement opportunities you may find valuable.

    • Your Experience Record, what information is on it, and how to use it to narrow down your next steps for getting involved.

    • How to navigate UM tools and resources and find involvement opportunities such as UMConnect, Experience Catalogue, UM Calendars, and more.

    Scheduling a meeting with a Peer Involvement Advisor (PIA)

    To schedule a meeting with a PIA, you would need to book an appointment through Microsoft Bookings.

  • PIA appointments can be either in person or online

    In-person appointments are held at the SEAD office (225 University Centre), while online appointments are held on Microsoft Teams.

    All UM students are eligible to meet with a PIA

    This includes students from:

    • All faculties and programs, including Extended Education
    • All campuses, including Distance Education students
    • All years, including graduate students

    All meetings with PIAs are free and typically take about 15-20 minutes

    There is no limit to how many times you can meet with a PIA

    While there is no guarantee that the same PIA will meet with you every time, you can always check if this is possible by emailing us at


Preparing for your appointment

Here are some ways you can get the most out of your appointment with a Peer Involvement Advisor: 

  1. Look up the location of the office or get set up on Microsoft Teams
  2. Login to your UMConnect account and try looking around
  3. Look at some of the experiences available on the Experience Catalogue
  4. Write down any questions or concerns that you have
  5. Consider the following prompts:
    • What are your interests or values?
    • What activities have you tried in the past? Which ones did you like or dislike? Why?
    • Is there an area in which you'd like to gain more experience or a specific skill you'd like to develop? Or are you looking to diversify your knowledge, experience, and skills?
    • Are you looking for something that is comfortable or a challenge?
    • How much time do you have available? How much time are you looking to commit to a new experience?

Our Peer Involvement Advisor Team

  • Chloe (they/them)

    Indigenous Peer Involvement Advisor

    4th year, Faculty of Arts, Indigenous Studies
    Since starting university in 2018 and doing a lot of schooling virtually, I've learned how to build connections with others and understand how finding a community for yourself is invaluable as a student. Outside of PIA work, I really enjoy caring for houseplants, beading, books, movies, & hanging out with my pets.

  • Sayam (he/him)

    Peer Involvement Advisor

    Faculty of Science/ Computer Science
    I love talking to people about their interests and learn from their experience. Being involved on campus has helped me develop communication, time management, and teamwork skills. It has also helped me discover some great opportunities such as leadership workshops and the Charge Ahead program. 

Tyler (he/him)

Indigenous Peer Involvement Advisor

Faculty of Science, Psychology
I am a gamer, father, and mature student that spends too much effort singing in my car on the way to university. For me, being involved on campus helped me build connections that has helped me and continues to help me along my university experience.

Contact us

Student Experience and Development (SEAD) Office, formerly Student Life
225 UMSU University Centre
65 Chancellor's Circle
University of Manitoba (Fort Garry campus)
Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N2

8:30 AM - 4:30 PM, Monday - Friday