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Support for students

The Faculty of Social Work offers advising and financial to support to help you navigate your studies.

Academic advising

Each stream of social work has its own needs, so we have an advisor for each program. Find the right advisor for the work you want to do.

Educational equity

In June 2006, the Faculty of Social Work formally adopted the University of Manitoba Faculty of Social Work Equity Plan to provide the basis for the continued development and institutionalization of policies and practices which support a faculty-wide strategy which embraces equality, inclusion and accessibility. The plan focuses on six priority groups:

  • Indigenous peoples
    Indigenous peoples of Canada including: First Nations, Metis, Dene, and Inuit.
  • People with disabilities
    Those who would consider themselves disadvantaged by reason of any physical, intellectual, mental, sensory or learning impairment.
  • Racialized people
    Non-white people, also described as visible minorities.
  • People who identify as 2SLGBTQ+
    Persons who self-identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender/transsexual, two-spirited, queer or questioning.  While this definition is intended to be inclusive of sexual and gender variations, we recognize it is not meant to be exhaustive or excluding.
  • Immigrants and permanent residents
    Those who do not record Canadian Citizenship by birth, and whose native tongue is not English.
  • Refugees
    An individual who has left their country of residence because of persecution for belonging to a particular social, cultural, religious and/or national group, and/or for holding particular political beliefs, and has been accepted for residence in Canada.

An Educational Equity Committee composed of faculty members, people from each of the priority groups, and students guide the initiative. Members from each respective priority community provide additional resources. Funding for the initiative has been provided by the Faculty of Social Work, University of Manitoba and grants from Culture and Heritage Canada Human Resources and Development Government of Canada.

The purposes of the Equity Plan are:

  1. To recognize the existence and effects of current social inequities and past disentitlements and to redress these through specific and measurable strategies.
  2. To ensure that the faculty is in every instance meeting or exceeding the standards and guidelines set out in the CASSW Accreditation Standards and Educational Policy Statements, particularly with reference to diversity.
  3. To ensure that the faculty offers an educational program that enables graduates to engage in professional action to remove obstacles to social functioning and to eliminate all unjust forms of inequality
  4. To ensure that the rights and freedoms of all individuals as guaranteed under the Manitoba Human Rights Code and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms are protected and promoted in all aspects of the program.

The Educational Equity Initiative applies to Canadian citizens and permanent residents in Canada. Educational Equity priority groups do not pertain to international applicants and visa students.

Newly Admitted Students

The Faculty of Social Work would like to welcome new students to the Faculty.

Bachelor of Social Work 
(Fort Garry Campus)

As a newly admitted BSW Student, you are required to carefully read and review the information below:

  1. Please review the Welcome Package.
  2. Claim U of M Computer ID 
    1. How to activate your U of M computer ID 
    2. Claiming your ID
  3. Please review the Information Sheet and return the Self-Declaration Form 1 to: 
    1. Self-Declaration Form/Information Sheet
  4. Send Original Criminal Record Check, Child Abuse Registry or Vulnerable Sector Check (Provinces without Child Abuse Registry) to:
    Faculty of Social Work BSW Program
    University of Manitoba
    521 Tier Building
    Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N2
  5. Submit Concentrated Student Form and Option in Aging (Optional) 
    1. Concentrated Student Form 
    2. Option in Aging
  6. Complete UM Learn Orientation Modules by Tuesday July 21, 2020.
  7. Newly Admitted Student Checklist

Master of Social Work

Newly admitted MSW students are required to carefully review and read the information below and to submit the required forms to the MSW student advisor.

  1. Orientation information - To be announced
  2. Required forms - The following forms must be returned to the Faculty of Social Work within 40 days of receiving the letter of offer:
    1. Self-Declaration form
    2. An official Adult Criminal Record Check, Child Abuse Registry Self-Check and/or Vulnerable Sector Check - See information on how to obtain these documents: Information Sheet
    3. MSW Program Planning form - The student’s assigned MSW Faculty Advisor must approve this form prior to the initial registration, normally prior to July 1.
    4. Review the Field Information Process and the Advanced Placement Application form - must be submitted to the Field Program Assistant.


Opportunities to join in

Join the Social Work Students' Association to learn about events, advocate for your fellow students and get involved at UM.

  • Six members of the Fort Garry campus social work students association happily stand side by side.

Mission and vision statement

The Social Work Students’ Association (SWSA) is a feminist, undergraduate student association that values inclusivity, diversity, accessibility and democratic-participatory decision-making. In acknowledgement of inequality, SWSA recognizes and supports social change initiatives that aim to reduce social, political and environmental injustice. It is the intention of the Social Work Students’ Association to support and advocate on behalf of all undergraduate Faculty of Social Work students through community building events, student advocacy, provision of relevant training opportunities and representation on various student councils.

Social Work Students' Association
Room 506 Tier Building
173 Dafoe Rd.
University of Manitoba (Fort Garry campus)
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3T 2N2 Canada 

Contact us

Faculty of Social Work
Room 521 Tier Building
173 Dafoe Rd W.
University of Manitoba (Fort Garry campus)
Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N2 Canada