Features and benefits

These include:

  • More engaging:  Add questions, polls, quizzes, Q&A and images to your presentation to make it more interesting to participate in.
  • Instant feedback:  Use smart devices to collect information, such as anonymous poll or opinion results, from your students and generate instant results for feedback and/or discussion.
  • Measurable results:  Gather feedback from prepared surveys that you can compare with other data. See how well your students are learning before they write their finals. Assess and improve your own teaching skills on an ongoing basis.
  • Modernize presentations:  Instructors can assess the progress of learning and identify learning challenges among your students by presenting content in a modern and interactive way.
  • Student participation:  Students using the software have reported that they find Mentimeter conveniently accessible and are more at ease participating actively in lectures.


A complete list of features can be found on the Mentimeter webpage.

How to access and use Mentimeter

  • Accessing Mentimeter

Instructors, faculty and students can easily launch Mentimeter onto any device with their UM net ID and password. Please log in to Mentimeter with the link.

  • Using Mentimeter

Mentimeter is easy to use for both the instructor and the students. The vendor has detailed, step-by-step instructions and videos to help you get started and become familiar with this software. Check out these helpful “how to” articles:

Difference between Mentimeter and iClicker

Mentimeter and iClicker both offer polling service:
• iClicker is a polling solution that provides the option of being stand-alone and/or integrated with UM Learn for grading.
• Mentimenter is a stand-alone platform only that allows audience members to engage, participate and interact in live events through surveys, polls and Q&A sessions.



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