Department head

  • Dr. Rob Currie

    Professor and Department Head
    Varrora mite management; honey bee viruses and pathogens; insect pollinator physiology, ecology, and behavior

Academic staff

  • Dr. Kyle Bobiwash

    Assistant Professor, Indigenous Scholar
    Beneficial insect ecology in agro-ecosystems and the greater landscape

  • Dr. Alejandro Costamagna

    Associate Professor
    Processes that regulate insect populations at multiple scales in landscapes with mixed agricultural and natural habitats

  • Dr. Jason Gibbs

    Assistant Professor, Curator, Roughley Museum of Entomology
    Diversity of wild pollinators, systematics, molecular phylogenetics, integrative taxonomy, revisions of halictid bees, behaviour and social evolution, pollinator ecology, native bee conservation

  • Dr. Kateryn Rochon

    Associate Professor
    Vector ecology, arthropod-livestock interactions, arthropod-microbe interactions, emerging and re-emerging arthropod-borne diseases

  • Jordan Bannerman

    Instructor II
    Insect ecology and Biological control of agricultural pests

Sessional instructors

  • Cole Robson-Hyska


Support staff

Technical staff

Professors emeritus and senior scholars

Adjunct professors

Professional, research associates, post doctoral fellows

Maxime Damien, post doctoral fellow

Chaminda Weeraddana, post doctoral fellow

Zoe Rempel, research associate

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