Our research focus includes honey bee parasite and disease management, insects as agents of biological control, crop and livestock entomology, landscape ecology, pollination biology, arthropod ectoparasites of mammals and birds, the study of insect bio-diversity, and conventional and molecular systematics and bioinformatics studies of Hymenoptera. Adjunct professors associated with the Department provide additional depth and breadth in the areas of forest entomology, pheromone chemistry, crop protection entomology, stored product entomology, biological control of weeds, and the role of insects in aquatic ecosystems.


The research conducted by our faculty and students can be grouped into the following themes.

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Medical and Veterinary Entomology, Parasite and Disease Management

Research in this area focuses on delimiting the distribution of pathogens and the organisms that act as vectors, as well as the investigation of strategies to minimize their impact on livestock and human.

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Landscape Ecology

Examines processes that regulate insect populations in landscapes, with the goal of developing sustainable strategies to maximize healthy plant and animal production and to promote the conservation of biodiversity.

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