A young swimmer gets set to hoist himself out of the shallow end of the University pool.

Private and semi-private swimming lessons

Swimming lessons will return in Fall 2021. Please check back for updates about programs and registration dates.

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Swimming lessons and registration information

We are offer the Swim Academy, ICS program (for children ages 5 -13) and our adult learn to swim lessons (for participants 18+) in a private / semi-private lesson setting.

  • Private/semi-private swimming lessons

    AGES 5-13 AND 18+

    Private and semi-private swimming lessons are available for individuals who require or want more personalized instruction. In this modified situation, swim leaders will teach from the pool deck and we will ask that parents join their child in the water if they are 7 years of age or younger.

    Lesson duration: 45 minute

  • Two young swimmers try the backstroke as their instructor watches.

Participants who choose a semi-private option may do so for a maximum of two participants per lesson and must be able to demonstrate that both participants reside in the same household.

Our commitment to your safety

Lesson and social distancing details

  • Each lesson will be 45 minutes in length.
  • There will be 15-minute transition times between each block to allow the previous group of participants to exit before the next group arrives and for sanitization of equipment.
  • Swimming lesson groups and their swim leader will be assigned to a unique pool space and will not interact or participate in activities with other classes.
  • Swim leaders will teach the majority of the lesson from an assigned space on the pool deck. 
  • Swim leaders will only enter the water briefly to demonstrate a skill or to respond to an urgent matter.
  • In accordance with current public health guidelines, only one parent/guardian of children aged 7 and younger can be in the water to support their child’s learning.
  • Participants in semi-private lessons (who reside in the same household) will not be required to social distance from one another.
  • Children must be able to swim without physical support in the water or be supported by a parent.
  • PDF’s/ swim belts will be required until swim leaders are confident in the swimmer’s proficiency.

Lessons for children 4 years of age and younger (Parent and Tot, Tots 1 and Tots 2) will not be included in this offering at this time.

Sanitization, equipment and PPE

  • Swim leaders (when not in the water) and Mini U leadership team members will be wearing masks during lesson time. 
  • Swimmers are encouraged to bring their own lifejackets/ aquatic equipment (i.e. goggles/ pool noodles/ flutter board etc). 
  • Our pool equipment (flutter boards, lifejackets, flippers etc) and high touch surfaces (i.e. stair rails) will be sanitized by aquatics staff between each group of swim lesson participants and by custodial staff at the conclusion of each day. 

What to expect when you arrive

Arrival and Departure - Swimmers / Parents & Guardians

  • All swimmers and family members are asked to screen for COVID-19 symptoms at home before attending. Anyone exhibiting symptoms will be turned away. Please ensure you stay home when you or someone in your household is ill.
  • Masks are mandatory on campus and all swimmers and parent/guardians must wear a mask of face covering when arriving/departing the facility and while observing. 
  • Swimmers should remove masks while in the water.


  • Available in ‘U Lot’.

Pool Access

  • Swimmers will enter the Active Living Centre via the South facing door (you will see a cuing line here).
  • Guardians will be asked to check in at the Customer Service desk and provide their name to be recorded for contact tracing purposes. 
  • All outdoor footwear must be removed at the Customer Service desk. Please feel free to bring indoor footwear with you for wearing while in the facility.

Parent/Guardian Accompaniment

  • Children 14 years of age and younger must be supervised while in the facility. 
  • We require that each household attend with only one parent/guardian as space for observing lessons is limited.
  • In accordance with current public health guidelines, only one parent/guardian will be permitted to watch their child(ren) swim from a marked space in the pool bleachers.

Change Room/Toileting & Locker Use

  • Swimmers and their guardian will be permitted to use the male/female and community change room spaces. 
  • The community change room is limited to 7 people at at time. Please use the larger male/ female change rooms when possible and maintain social distancing at all times.
  • Showers are available but limited to rising before and after pool use. 
  • Participants are encouraged to arrive at the pool in swim attire and bring as few personal belongings to the pool as possible. 
  • Showering (at home) before and after swimming is recommended.
  • Day use lockers are available.

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