Research publications

  • Determine if it is a previously published work or an unpublished work.
    • Previously published: work has been disseminated in ANY method including commercial or non-profit publisher, open publisher platform (e.g., Open Journal Software) or repository; as part of publishing, some type of permanent identifier and/or license or distribution agreement has been applied to the work.
    • Unpublished: any work that has not been disseminated in any way and/or depositor has rights to comply with MSpace Distribution license.
  • Depositor has agreement with co-authors to deposit work (if applicable).
  • Has the relevant metadata readily at hand to accurately complete the input fields. See:


  • Depositor is fully informed of the access rights that should be applied to this work upon deposit. See also:
  • Includes relevant license metadata as part of deposit input form (as applicable).
  • Includes citation information to previously published work as part of deposit input form.
  • Includes persistent identifier (e.g., DOI, handle, URI) of work as part of deposit input form.
  • Applies appropriate access rights when uploading. See Rights and permissions.


Theses and practica

  • Copyright clearance must be obtained for content that has been reused and/or incorporated into the thesis. See students.
  • Have received permission from Faculty of Graduate Studies to apply relevant access rights (in the case where whole or parts of a thesis should be deemed embargoed or restricted due to author rights or IP (Intellectual Property) concerns – see also Rights and permissions.)
  • One compiled electronic document for submission.
  • For supplementary work, see What you can deposit for information on content that can/cannot be included. If supplementary work is to accompany the thesis, please note that the record will not adequately describe the supplementary work for independent discovery.

Metadata checklist

Table 2 - A metadata checklist to ensure the creation of an accurate record.
Author(s) Correct spellings of all names with accompanying ORCIDs.
Title The title of the document in sentence format observing proper nouns; if the title of the work is in a language other than English, please use the title of that language.
Keywords Six individual words or phrases that were either provided as author words or are considered common alternatives to words used in title, abstract.
Abstract/Descriptive Paragraph A concise summary of the work (limit: 350).
Funder(s) Beginning with the primary funder, indicate full name of funder, grant, project with respective IDs for each (as applicable).
Content Type
Identify which resource type would best describe the deposited work.
Correct spellings of all names with accompanying ORCIDs.

Examination Committee

Correct spellings of all names.


Rights and permissions and MSpace

As part of depositing, all creator rights are retained by the depositor/authors of the work.  As rights holder, however, the onus is on the depositor/author(s) to ensure that all content contained within the work, and any rights/licenses attached to that work, are respected. This includes that the depositor request permission/acknowledgement from co-author(s) to deposit the work and, as necessary, have done due diligence in obtaining permission/release of any third-party content contained within the work. 

Such permission must correspond to the default publicly available/open access applied to deposit and the Distribution License applied to deposit. If the default open access right cannot be applied to the work, then an embargo can be set to accommodate copyright/license conditions. See Access settings in MSpace for more information.

If you are unclear whether you have rights to deposit or wish to negotiate rights for scholarly works, see Author Rights; Depositing help and FAQs. In depositing, the depositor/author(s) will consent to the Distribution License, which grants UML the right to conduct any/all functions that aid content contained within the repository improved global discovery and preservation.

Applying creator license prior to deposit

Depending on the work deposited, there may or may not be Creative Commons (CC) or another such license attached to the work.

If the work has not been previously commercially published, the creator(s) can apply a CC license to the work prior to deposit. There are benefits to registering the work with Creative Commons and creators are encouraged to consider applying the relevant license to a work.

For more information about the types of licenses that can be applied, and how to choose, see the UML Authors Rights Guide.

If there is a license attached to the work, include the description of the license in the deposit metadata.

Access rights applied in deposit

In general, there are 4 possible access conditions that are available in MSpace; only 2 access conditions are available to depositors at the point of deposit (Table 3).

For the conditions indicated in Table 3 that are not available upon deposit, the depositor(s) will need to contact MSpace administrators to determine if this access type is allowed prior to deposit (If so, the administrator will apply this access type after deposit as part of the mediated process).

NOTE: Once access rights have been applied and the work has been accepted for deposit, distribution can be assumed to occur immediately. Retroactive change of access rights (e.g. to change ‘open’ status to ‘embargo’ status) is very difficult to apply and will not affect any harvested records which are then subsequently cached by search engines. This means that previously open work cannot be retracted if this work has been cached by an aggregator.

Table 3 -  Access Rights and their respective definitions and application in MSpace.
Open Immediately available without restriction once accepted for deposit. Applied automatically unless indicated.
Embargo Access to the work is delayed from the time of deposit until the release date. The released date is defined by the Date of Availability as provided by the depositor. Applied by the depositor during deposit or as directed1.
Restricted Access to the work remains permanently limited to a specified group of people Requested by depositor of UML admin prior to deposit. Applied by admin after determination on a case-by-case basis and/or by policy1.
Metadata only Description of the work is available only (not the work itself) Requested by depositor of UML admin prior to deposit. Applied by admin after determination on a case-by-case basis and/or by policy1.

1 For Thesis/Practicum deposit: these access types are only available after depositor has consulted and received approval from Faculty of Graduate Studies.

Withdrawn status

If a work has been discovered to be in violation of license/copyright conditions or otherwise a takedown request has been made, UM Libraries reserves the right to withdraw the content. If this occurs, Metadata Only access rights will be applied to the record/work, and “WITHDRAWN” indicated in the record title.

If Withdrawn status has been applied, this condition only applies to the work in MSpace and does not account for potentially available cached versions available elsewhere on the Internet – see above NOTE.

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