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Request for pickup

You can request materials from the UM Libraries and pick them up either at a self-service Pickup Locker or from a library Service Desk.

Available pickup locations

Library service desks

Items may be requested for pick up at any open library service desk during operating hours. 

Check library operating hours

Pickup lockers

Elizabeth Dafoe Library Pickup Locker
(entrance foyer)
25 Chancellors Circle
UM Fort Garry Campus
Check library hours

There is a 15-minute parking spot in front of Dafoe Library for pick-up or drop-off only.

Campus parking map

Neil John Maclean Health Sciences Library Pickup Locker
(outside library entrance)
2nd floor, 727 McDermot Avenue
UM Bannatyne Campus
Check library hours

Note: Access to Bannatyne campus is limited to those with swipe card access only.

How to request items and retrieve them

  1. Search to find items in our collections.
  2. *Be sure you Sign in to get complete results and to request items.
  3. Click on the title of the desired item.
  4. Scroll down to Get it.
  5. Click Request for pickup.
  6. Choose desired location and click Send Request.
    NOTE: The Neil John Maclean pickup locker is available only by students, faculty, and staff with swipe card access to the Bannatyne campus.
  7. When your item is ready, you will receive an email with information on how to pick up your book.

For help with this process, send email to

To view more detailed information on making requests or picking up requests from a pickup locker:

Learn more about pickup lockers

Scan on demand

You may request the Libraries scan the table of contents or a portion of a book or other publication that UML owns.

Instructors: To request scanned material for a course reading, please see Make a Digitization in Reading Lists.

  1. Search library collection to find desired material.
Access Materials Library Search
  1. Once you have the search results, make sure you Sign in to get complete results and to request items.
  2. If the desired item does not indicate a digital copy is already available, library staff may scan a portion of the item, within copyright law (generally no more than 10% of a work).
  3. Click Scan on demand and complete the Request form with details of what the content you would like scanned.
Screenshot of scan on demand link.
  1. What portion of the book do you need? Specify the chapter, page range, article, or section needed.  
Access Materials Request Scan Facet Selection
  1. Check the box to accept the conditions of the request and click Submit.

NOTE: Scanned content and any related communications will be sent to your University of Manitoba email account only.

Consider copyright

  • Digitization is provided in compliance with copyright law.
  • We are unable to scan an entire book; however, we will try to purchase an e-book version if one is available.
  • See UM Copyright Guidelines for copyright information.

Turn-around time

  • 5-7 days for articles or book chapters
  • 7-10 days for the purchase of an e-book (see above copyright note)

If you require something that falls outside of these parameters, please contact your subject librarian to see if there is a possible alternative.

Request from another institution

For materials that are not held in the UM Libraries collection, you may request to borrow from another institution using our Document Delivery service.

To request materials from another institution, click on "Request from another institution" in your library search results or complete the Document Delivery Request form.

Document Delivery Request Form

Questions? Contact Document Delivery

Recommend a purchase

UM students and faculty may recommend an item for purchase.

Our Liaison Librarians will consider any request which is in support of the teaching, learning and research needs of the University. Fulfillment of requests depend on available budget and whether the item is still in print.

Recommend a Purchase Form

Info for other institutions

The UM Libraries may loan materials from our collection to other institutions that wish to borrow from us.

Institutional document delivery charges

We accept Generic Script and ISO ILL requests at the below email addresses.  If you cannot send either Generic Script or ISO Messages, please use our Institution Request Form.

Institution Request Form

In order to use the form, your Institution will require a User ID and Password. Please contact us to obtain your institution User ID and Password.

Message Format and Address Library Type of material

Elizabeth Dafoe Library All subject areas
ISO, Elizabeth Dafoe Library All subject areas

WRHA Virtual Library All subject areas
ISO, WRHA Virtual Library All subject areas

Note: We do not lend directly to patrons of other institutions. Contact library staff of your institution to request items from the University of Manitoba.