Data types

The following types of data, with the exception of teaching materials, may be deposited and/or accessed through the Libraries' online repositories.

Scholarly works

Scholarly works include theses, dissertations, research publications (e.g., preprints, post-prints, working papers, technical reports, conference papers), and other intellectual outputs. Such works are:

  • produced by University of Manitoba faculty, students, and researchers;
  • openly accessible, but may be embargoed for up to a year if requested;
  • deposited in MSpace, provided no agreements prevent authors from doing so.

Those interested in depositing in MSpace can review the resources below or contact Research Services and Digital Strategies.

Research data

Research data includes anonymized datasets, tabular data, codebooks, transcripts and any other information collected or generated throughout a given research project. Such works are:

  • produced by University of Manitoba faculty, students, and researchers;
  • openly accessible or restricted as needed;
  • deposited in UM Dataverse (provided no agreements prevent a Principal Investigator from doing so) for a retention period of up to five years, unless otherwise specified.

Those interested in depositing in Dataverse can review the resources below or contact Research Services and Digital Strategies.

Open access publications

Open access publishing includes open access peer-reviewed scholarly journals. Such works are:

Those interested in depositing in Dataverse can review the resources below or contact Research Services and Digital Strategies.

Geospatial data

Geospatial data includes open GIS researcher data. Such works are:

  • produced by University of Manitoba faculty, students, and researchers to facilitate data sharing, complex analysis, data visualization and local active storage;
  • deposited or accessed in the GIS Hub, provided users have the proper permissions.

Those interested in accessing or depositing data in the GIS Hub can contact

University records and special collections

Select digital or digitized university records and special collections are available through the UM Digital Collections database. Such works are:

  • produced by the University of Manitoba or external sources
  • openly accessible;
  • in the public domain, under the University of Manitoba's copyright, or made available with permission from the copyright holder(s).

UM Digital Collections is publicly accessible online.

Access the collections

Take-down policy

All data deposited within the Libraries' repositories may be subject to a take-down policy. Learn more about the policy below.

Scope of policy

The University of Manitoba Libraries makes digital content available through its website, including content stored and made accessible through the following online platforms :

This content is made publicly accessible when:

  • it is in the public domain;
  • the rights to the content are owned by the University of Manitoba;
  • the University of Manitoba has obtained permission to make the content publicly accessible; and/or
  • there are no known restrictions on use.

Limited access may also be granted for content when:

  • limited or restricted access is permitted by the content owner; and/or
  • any known restrictions are mitigated through data anonymization, password protection, and other methods.

content in UM platforms is provided to users on an “as is” basis without any warranties or representations as to fitness for use for any particular purpose. Where copyright restrictions are known they are indicated. It is the responsibility of individual users of the platforms to abide by all relevant copyright legislation and restrictions when accessing the Content.

Take-down request

If you have a legitimate complaint about the content in the platforms listed above, a take-down request can be submitted. The following are considered legitimate complaints:

  • The content infringes upon your intellectual property rights (including moral rights protected by Canadian copyright legislation).
  • The content infringes upon your privacy rights.
  • The content is offensive or unacceptable in some way.
  • The creator, depositor and/or owner of the content has violated the Terms of Use of, or the License/Declaration for upload to the platform (see References below).

Your complaint should include:

  • your contact information; 
  • the URL(s) of the disputed content; 
  • the nature of your complaint; and
  • proposed resolution (e.g., full take-down, correction, redaction, etc.)

Upon receipt of a complaint:

  • Content may or may not be taken down temporarily during the review process.
  • The complaint will be reviewed by the University of Manitoba Libraries, and/or additional stakeholders for the content.
  • If the complaint is considered valid, the content will be removed from public view as soon as possible. 
  • If necessary, the University of Manitoba Legal Counsel will be consulted and the content will either be restored to public view or permanently withdrawn from the public view within the platform.  
  • The complainant and the University department/unit that contributed the content will be notified of the outcome of the review and any action(s) taken where applicable.

The University of Manitoba is only able to remove content within its control, as the content may have been harvested by third parties, or downloaded by users of the platform(s) prior to its removal. The University of Manitoba is not responsible for the unauthorized actions of third parties. Where possible, the University of Manitoba will work with third parties to remove any harvested content. 

Submitting a request

Take-down requests may be submitted through the following channels

Platform Contact
UM Dataverse
UM Digital Collections



Further resources

At the Libraries

If you are not sure where to deposit your data, the Libraries can help you develop a data management plan and choose the right repository. To learn more, or book a consultation, contact Research Services and Digital Strategies.

At the University of Manitoba

If you require guidance on data storage and sharing, but are not required to deposit your data in an institutional repository, the University of Manitoba provides other options for local and cloud storage services.