This guide provides an overview of data management best practices, guidelines, and related resources to ensure you meet your data management requirements. Find information on data storage, sharing & deposit; data management plans, data creation supports and digital preservation principles and guidelines.

Data storage, sharing & deposit

Learn more about data deposit options at UM Libraries and across Canada to enable data re-use and increase your research impact:

Data management planning

Creating your data

RDM requirements

Elements of research data management are increasingly being mandated by funders, institutional policies, and publishers. Funders may require data management plans (DMPs) within an application, as we are beginning to see with the Canadian Tri-Agency RDM Policy. RDM funder requirements are mandated in other countries as well, including US funders such as NIH and NSF, and UK funders such as the Wellcome Trust. Data sharing in some form may be required by funders or by publisher, either within a specific data repository, or linked within the publication text using a URL or DOI.

Institutional policies may also have RDM implications. At this time there are no specific RDM policies at the University of Manitoba, however data security policies and ethics board guidance may come in to play. 

Digital preservation

Learn more about the services the Libraries offers to support the long-term preservation of your research data

Get Help

The Libraries supports a number of repositories and services that make research data and scholarly communications accessible to the UM research community and beyond. To learn more, or if you have specific concerns/questions about research data management services at the Libraries, email the Research Services and Digital Strategies team or book an appointment using the button below.

Research data management at UM

The Libraries is one of many resources across the University of Manitoba that provide assistance with research data management. Further guidance and support can be provided by:

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