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Office of Research Services

Upcoming Major Funding Opportunities and Deadlines (UMFOD)

The ORS maintains a searchable database of upcoming major funding competitions from local, provincial, national, and international sources that is updated weekly.

Funding Application Approval Form (FAAF)

The FAAF is a University of Manitoba form that is required to track necessary compliances and approvals. It is to be completed by the Principal Investigator (or their delegate) and submitted along with most grant and agreement application packages.

General Grant / Agreement Application Information


  • Always refer to your unit's specific electronic grant/agreement submission process.
  • Also, refer to the Office of Research Services' (ORS) pre- and post-award process on the ORS Intranet page.


  • External grant and agreement applications must be accompanied by a completed and signed Funding Application Approval Form (FAAF). Refer to information above.
  • UM internal grant applications do not require a FAAF, but rather they have their own specific application forms. See the Internal Funding Programs intranet page for application forms.


Researchers may contact a Research Facilitator for assistance and support with the following:

  • Reviewing grants, agreements and award nominations.
  • Providing strategic research planning support.
  • Assisting with the fostering of research partnerships.
  • Encouraging liaison with expertise in other faculties, industry and community partners, governments, funders and tri-councils.


Each program has a specific submission deadline. ORS has an earlier submission deadline to allow time for the Research Grants Officer (RGO) or Research Agreements Officer (RAO) to review each application and provide feedback. Guidelines for ORS deadlines:

  • 5 business days prior to agency deadline: For smaller, simpler, and one-time grants.
  • 10 business days prior to agency deadline: For larger, complex grants.

Submit to:

Forward complete applications to the appropriate email address below no later than 4:30 pm (CST) on date of the ORS deadline:

Cannabis Compliance

The University of Manitoba's Cannabis Research Compliance Program aims to ensure the safe acquisiton, production, use, storage, transportation, abandonment, transfer, and/or disposal of cannabis and cannabis material at the Fort Garry and Bannatyne Campuses. This program outlines the administrative and operational oversite for individuals working with cannabis and cannabis materials. More information can be found on the ORS intranet page, Cannabis Research Compliance, and through the informational course available on UMLearn.

Please contact the Research Officer, Cannabis and Security, for more information.

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Further information is available on the Office of Research Services intranet pages.

If you have a email address, login to the intranet portal to access the ORS intranet pages.

If you do not have a email address, contact one of the following for assistance:

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Please note: The Office of Research Services (ORS) is currently working remotely.

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