To facilitate, conduct, and disseminate research of the highest quality to advance our understanding of kinesiology.

The ARC’s goals are:

  • To conduct original scholarship, basic and applied research of the highest quality in the areas of kinesiology
  • To disseminate research findings through traditional academic means and a variety of other activities designed to serve the broader community
  • To provide opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to participate in research activities related to kinesiology
  • To promote collaboration and interdisciplinary activity with other university faculties and departments, and with the external community.

General Information

Lab Spaces


Integrative Musculoskeletal Research Lab

We aim to identify the precise way the nervous, musculoskeletal and fascial systems interact to create movement in our upper arms, leading to development of preventative and rehabilitative strategies related to shoulder disorders.


Chronic Disease Prevention and Physical Activity Lab

The Chronic Disease Prevention and Physical Activity Lab seeks to understand how lifestyle factors shape our health. We study factors such as physical activity, sedentary behaviour patterns and frailty status to help develop tools to improve patient health and well-being.


Cardiorespiratory and Physiology of Exercise Research Lab

The long-term research goals of the Cardiorespiratory and Physiology of Exercise Research Lab are to promote health, reduce disability, morbidity, and mortality improving people well being and quality of life.


Musculoskeletal Exercise Immunology Lab

The Musculoskeletal Exercise Immunology Labs eeks to understand the systemic response of a variety of biomarkers (such as cytokines and myokines) to either acute exercise bouts or chronic exercise training of the musculoskeletal system. Predominantly our lab is focused on using resistance based exercise and training to delineate the acute and chronic changes that can be detected in the systemic blood response of a variety of biomarkers associated with musculoskeletal conditions (sarcopenia and osteoarthritis).

Forms & Information


The Applied Research Centre has a variety of equipment for use.

For more information or to receive training, contact Meaghan Ewharekuko by email at

No Training Required:

  • Resistance training equipment 
  • Precor Ellipticals
  • Precor Bikes
  • Precor Treadmills

Training Required:

  • Vyntus Metabolic Cart
  • Vmax Metabolic Cart
  • Parvomedics Metabolic Cart
  • InBody
  • ECG + GE Treadmill
  • Wingate Bike
  • Biodex
  • Resistance Training Equipment
  • Cardio Equipment

Administrative Staff


Dr. Leisha Strachan

Associate Dean, Research, and Graduate Studies
208 Active Living Centre


Meaghan Ewharekuko

Lab Coordinator
202 Active Living Centre


Jody Bohonos

Graduate Studies Coordinator
202 Active Living Centre

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