Meet our team

  • Sasha-Kullman-Headshot

    Sasha Kullman

    Position: Co-councillor, Co-treasurer, and M.A Representative

    Goal for 2023/24: Through her role in GSKARMA she hopes to create opportunities for graduate students to connect and build community within FKRM and beyond. She is also grateful for the connections and friendships I have formed throughout my time in GSKARMA.

    Sasha is currently working towards my Master of Arts in Kinesiology under the supervision of Dr. Shaelyn Strachan. Her research examines how people at risk for Type 2 Diabetes use a psychological resource called “self-compassion” to cope with their disease risk and work towards increasing their physical activity. If you see her in the hallways don’t hesitate to stop and say hi!

  • Mudra-Dave-Headshot

    Mudra Dave

    Position: Co-councillor, Co-treasurer, MSc. Representative

    Goal for 2023/24: To create a welcoming environment to cultivate a sense of belonging and community for all graduate students through fun-filled events and academic initiatives.

    Mudra is a Master of Science in Kinesiology student supervised by Dr. Todd Duhamel. She is studying the impact of physical activity prior to open heart surgery and the incidence of after surgery delirium (acute confusion).

  • Elena-Broecklermann-Headshot

    Elena Broeckelmann

    Position: Graduate Program Committee Representative

    Goal for 2023/24: To contribute to an open, safe study experience for graduate students. She hopes her experience as a former non-Canadian student adds to the diversity of GSKARMA members' backgrounds and informs how we support the broader graduate student body.

    She is a first year PhD student in AHS, working with Dr. Cheryl Glazebrook in the PMI lab to investigate how sound, such as rhythmic or melodic cues, can be used to improve movement performance and skill learning.

  • Susan-Su-Headshot

    Susan Su

    Position: Event Organizer

    Goal for 2023/24: Her goal is to facilitate various academic and social events to promote open communication and building connections, while adding some fun in between research work for graduate students in the faculty.

    She is currently completing my Master of Science in Kinesiology under the supervision of Dr. Todd Duhamel, her research explores the association between physical activity and cognition, and specifically looking at whether the relationship is mediated by cardiovascular risk factors in older females.

  • Amy Abegglen Headshot

    Amy Abegglen

    Position: International Student Representative

    Goal for 2023/24: I hope to create an inclusive environment for international students while they get settled into Winnipeg. This means becoming an advocate for the international student experience, a support system in all areas, and providing a welcoming atmosphere. I hope to help students find a sense of belonging into their new homes.

    Amy is a Masters’ Student in Kinesiology, advised by Dr. Todd Duhamel. Her research focuses on patient engagement and the development of exercise prescriptions to older adults coping with cardiovascular disease.

  • Faith Olarinde headshot

    Faith Olarinde

    Position: First Year Student Representative

    Goal for 2023/2024: To establish clear and open lines of communication between first-year students and the student council and act as a bridge for sharing information and concerns on issues like academics, campus life, and student services.

    Faith is a Master of Science student in Kinesiology, under the supervision of Dr. Rodrigo Villar. Her research focuses on sex differences in physiologic regulation during exercise in the young adult population and long-covid population.

  • Sarah-Bohunicky-Headshot

    Sarah Bohunicky

    Position: Applied Health Sciences Representative

    Hi, I’m Sarah Bohunicky! I’m a Certified Athletic Therapist and first year PhD student in Applied Health Sciences (AHS), and I am the AHS rep on GSKARMA. I am a member of the Integrative Musculoskeletal Research Lab where most of my research focus is on musculoskeletal function and rehabilitation. The overarching goal of my research is to provide therapists with evidence-based knowledge that will inform their treatment approach with patients. My previous committee experience includes representative, vice-president, and president positions on the Athletic Therapy program council, as well as representative and vice-president positions on the faculty council. When I’m not doing research, you can catch me in spin class, planning my next trip, or working on the sidelines of a football field. Please feel free to reach out with any questions .

GSKARMA nominations

The newly formed Graduate Students of Kinesiology And Recreation Management Association (GSKARMA) is currently accepting nominations for voting positions to fill roles on the committee. Please see below for details.

  • Voting Members

    Voting members will be requried to attend recurring monthly meetings. Voting members will be expected to contribute to and assist with GSKARMA initiatives in addition to those duties specified herein whenever possible. 

    Positions will run from September to July 31 the following year. Nomination forms are due Friday, September 10, 2021.

    Nomination form

    All Voting Member positions must require at least 10 signatures from FKRM-affiliated graduate students to be nominated. No signatures will be required for the nomination of the first-year representative. If there is more than one nomination submitted for a position, then elections will be held for the contested seats.

    Member roles and responsibilities 

  • Sitting KRM UMGSA representatives  
    • UMGSA representatives will serve as council treasurer(s), including applying for UMGSA departmental grants, preparing financial statements and ensuring the timely transfer of funds for GSKARMA projects
    • Other duties as per the UMGSA
  • At least one graduate student serving on the Graduate Program Committee
    • Advocate on behalf of KRM graduate students and GSKARMA to the Graduate Program Committee
    • Ensure that GSKARMA is kept informed of decisions made by the Graduate Program Committee which directly impact the graduate student body
  • One Communications representative
    • Create social media content to inform students about GSKARMA initiatives and engage with the graduate student body
    • Facilitate communications between GSKARMA and students, faculty and administration
    • Schedule and reserve space for GSKARMA and subcommittee meetings
  • Two Events organizers
    • Responsible for managing established GSC events such as Journal Club and Office Hour
    • Propose new events to council and organize ad hoc volunteer committees
    • Whenever possible these positions should be filled by one MA and one MSc student
  • One International student representative
    • Welcome students to University of Manitoba and to Canada
      • Obtain a list from administration of incoming international and out-of-province students and their student emails
      • Provide international and out-of-province students with resources such as maps of the university and KRM labs, and information about how to access healthcare, housing and other relevant services
    • Outreach
      • Provide opportunities (in collaboration with the GSKARMA events organizers) to introduce incoming KRM international graduate and out-of-province students to other students, faculty and community members
      • Liaise with the International Student Centre as needed
      • Represent international student interests to the GSKARMA
  • One KRM first-year student representative
    • Represent first-year interests to the GSKARMA
    • This position must be held by a current first-year Masters student within FKRM
    One KRM-based AHS student representative
    • Represent KRM-based AHS students (those whose supervisor is in the FKRM)
    • Ensure the GSKARMA is kept informed of AHS events, decisions, and other news
    • Advocate for mentorship opportunities between AHS PhD students and KRM Master’s students
    • This position must be held by a KRM-based AHS student

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