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Benefits of the program

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    Work with industry partners

    Eligible students are placed with industry partners where they can demonstrate and apply knowledge while being exposed to new concepts of professional practice.

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    Gain relevant experience

    Students gain valuable experience and training, which allows them to integrate theory with practical applications and provides pathways for a career.

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    Get hired after graduation

    Experiential learning allows students to develop their skills and knowledge within their areas of professional interest, increasing opportunities for employment after graduation.

What areas are available?

We have partners across the industry, giving you plenty of opportunities to pursue fieldwork in an area of interest.

  • Opportunities are available in the following areas: 

Celebrating 40 years of fieldwork

Experiential learning has been a core value in the faculty for forty years. Have a look at the stories below to see the positive impact experiential learning has had for our alums and their careers.

Our partners

The following list of organizations and agencies are some of our partners who have been involved with our program through the years.

Program details

Students going into Year 4 are eligible to apply. Supervised Fieldwork Experience placements run in Fall Term (September-December)

  • Additional program information:

    • Listed as: KPER 4630
    • This is a twelve-credit hour course
    • Time commitment: 400 field hours to be completed in total
    • Students are allowed to take one course (3 credit hours) in addition to Fieldwork during Fall Term
    • An honorarium may be received from an organization/agency up to the tuition cost of 15 credit hours
    • Your grade is assessed by a pass/fail mark
    • Prerequisites: completion of 70% of core courses and a minimum DGPA of 2.5 are required

    How to register:

    Contact an academic advisor to ensure you qualify to take the Supervised Fieldwork Experience course.


Contact us

Colleen Plumton
Fieldwork program coordinator
Room 110 Frank Kennedy Centre
420 University Crescent
University of Manitoba (Fort Garry campus)


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