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Graduation and retention rates Undergraduate outcomes

Yearly cohort comparison of student outcomes

Cohort A (PDF)
First-time admission to University 1, Engineering, School of Art, Music, School of Agriculture, Business, Agricultural and Food Sciences, Dental Hygiene, Human Ecology, Kinesiology and Recreation Management, Science, Arts, Environment, and Health Sciences

Cohort B (PDF)
Inter-university transfer to arts or science

Cohort C (PDF)
Transit from University 1 to arts or science

Cohort D (PDF)
First year in Agricultural and Food Sciences, Architecture, Business, Dental Hygiene, Dentistry, Education, Environment, Human Ecology, Law, Kinesiology and Recreation Management, Rehabilitation Sciences, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Social Work, and Health Sciences

All cohorts combined (PDF)

Comparison of student outcomes after seven years

Graduation and retention rates Graduate outcomes

Cumulative rates of graduation, continuation and withdrawal by faculty/college/school and departments

Graduation and retention rates High School outcomes

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