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Recruitment and onboarding

All positions posted in Rady Faculty of Health Sciences will clearly reflect the position duties and whether the positions are in person/flexible/remote to ensure we are attracting all potential candidates to apply. All candidates will be asked to submit an equity statement as part of the application process.

As committee support and resources for support staff searches are limited, efforts will be made to ensure a diverse committee structure is established wherever possible.

Reference checks will be conducted, ensuring the immediate supervisor is contacted prior to offering the position.

Upon starting your position at Rady Faculty of Health Sciences, your immediate supervisor will provide you with an orientation that will include an onboarding plan along with identifying key training that is required to be successful in the role and ensure you are provided time to attend those trainings.

In addition to this, you will be paired up with a mentor in Rady Faculty of health Sciences either in your unit or outside of your unit that has similar job functions as yours that you can reach out to with questions or for guidance as you start a new position or transition to a new role in the faculty. It will be up to the individual to reach out to their mentor as needed.

Performance and management and feedback

All support staff in Rady Faculty of Health Sciences will receive regular performance reviews (annually or at an appropriate timeframe as communicated by the unit) to provide feedback on performance. Regular feedback will be provided regularly outside of this process.

The performance reviews will be conducted using the annual performance review template for Rady Faculty of Health Sciences support staff. As part of the annual or periodic review process staff will set three (3) measurable goals that will be reviewed at the next annual or periodic review meeting.

Please email raman.dhaliwal@umanitoba.ca if you require the performance review template linked above in a alternate accessible format.

At the review meetings, staff will also be asked to provide their career goals to their supervisor. These will be noted on the template and can be specific or general in nature. The supervisor will then suggest training or other skill development for the employee to assist them in achieving their career goals. It will be up to the employees to seek out this training to ensure they are competitive on positions related to their career goals as they become available.

At the periodic review meeting all staff will also provide a statement on how they are contributing to the principals and priorities of the Office of Anti-racism and the Office of Equity, Access and Participation at UM. This will be a first step in measuring competencies in these areas.

As support staff haven’t had the same opportunities as faculty and students in these areas, we want to do this in a stepwise approach by first providing education and then measuring competencies in future reviews as a way of ensuring we are achieving our key priorities with all employees.


I am support staff interested in:

Succession planning

Support staff are critical to our faculty and ensuring we can continue to support the academic mission, research mission and business operations and continuity of our faculty. As a result, it is imperative to succession plan for key support staff roles.

As we implement our talent management plan and have support staff declare their career goals, this information will support succession planning and growth opportunities for staff in our faculty.

All positions are recruited following UM recruitment policy and procedures and are competitive processes.

Training and development

There are many training sessions that are required when a new employee begins in Rady Faculty of Health Sciences, these include:

  • Accessibility for Manitobans
  • Sexual violence
  • Privacy and personal health information
  • Copyright
  • Workplace safety and health
  • Critical dialogues

The above courses are offered through Learning and Organizational Development (LOD) Services and can be viewed on LOD registration site.

Access LODReg

There are also several policies and guidelines that need to be reviewed when beginning a career with Rady Faculty of Health Sciences: 

All support staff must adhere to the above UM and Rady Faculty policies.

The Rady Faculty of Health Sciences has allocated $10,000 annually to support professional development opportunities for staff. This is in addition to supports provided through Learning and Organizational Development (LOD)

As support staff progress in their roles, their supervisors will support training, education and mentorship throughout and support staff in their career paths and career development opportunities. This may include providing opportunities to take on special projects or new duties within their current classifications to help develop new skills or refine existing or provide new opportunities for growth. These skills or opportunities can be leveraged to help with identifying staff for potential succession opportunities.


I am a supervisor interested in:

Supervisory training

The Rady Faculty of Health Sciences talent management plan requires supervisors to support our staff in their development journey in Rady Faculty of Health Sciences.

To provide our supervisors with the tools they need to provide this support, all supervisors will need to take the following training when they begin their roles as supervises in the Rady Faculty:

  • Critical dialogues (provides hands-on training and practice to deliver constructive feedback in real-time)
  • Introduction to management
  • Managing a respectful workplace
  • Managing hybrid teams

To register, search each course name listed above on the Learning and Organizational Development (LOD) online course catalogue.

Visit the LODreg webpage 

In addition to the above, all non-research support staff in Rady Faculty of Health Sciences have an administrative manager they report to provide discipline-based reporting and also to help foster career growth for Rady Faculty support staff.

Resources for Directors and managers

Succession planning and talent management process resources are available for directors and managers. Explore our guidance and resources on talent management on the Rady Faculty intranet.

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