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    • Dr. Gerald Niznick College of Dentistry
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    • Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD)
    • Doctor of Dental Medicine (PhD)

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    Expected duration

    • 7 years

Academic and research careers in the field of dentistry are in high demand.

Traditionally, there has been a lack of clinical dentists who incorporate research experiences and training or follow an academic career course. This has led to many unfilled faculty positions in North America and a need for dental schools to integrate research and scholarship into the curriculum to produce future leaders in dentistry.

Unique to Manitoba and Canada, The University of Manitoba has developed a joint DMD/PhD program. Our integrated program aims to:

  1. Develop dental clinician scientists to undertake leadership roles in dental research and education
  2. Provide a pipeline of qualified scientists to maintain the level of excellence of teaching and research at the College of Dentistry, University of Manitoba and other dental schools across Canada
  3. Train highly competent clinician scientists who will make significant advances in our basic understanding of oral infectious and systemic diseases
  4. Train scientists in dental diseases who can translate basic research findings into clinically relevant diagnostic, preventive and therapeutic methods

Program details

The Dr. Gerald Niznick College of Dentistry offers education and training leading to a joint Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) and Doctor of Dental Medicine (PhD) degree.

Expected duration: 7 years

The DMD/PhD program is integrated into the DMD program for students undertaking the BSc in Dentistry option.

To graduate with a DMD/PhD, you must complete both the DMD program coursework (154 credit hours) and clinical experience, and PhD research requirements (oral presentation and final report). Both degrees will be awarded at the same time.

Learn more about the Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) program details.

Program structure

Year One: You will complete the first year of your DMD program and begin the BSc in Dentistry program in the summer.

Year Two: In the second year, a modified schedule will allow you to begin research for the PhD. Research work will occupy approximately one half of your time commitment, while the other half will be devoted to undergraduate clinical work. The second summer will be a continuation and completion of your first summer's BSc in Dentistry program research. You will also continue the PhD research you began this year.

Year Three: You will devote your time almost exclusively to PhD research with a small continuation of clinical work. The third summer will be a continuation of your research.

Year Four: The fourth year will mirror the third year with a concentration on research. The fourth summer will be a continuation of your research.

Year Five: The fifth year will include continued research effort and the collection of most of the PhD data. The summer after this year will again be focused on research.

Year Six: In the sixth year, you will shift back to the undergraduate DMD program with a small commitment to the PhD research undergraduate dental requirements sufficient for the DMD program.

Year Seven: This year will be similar to year six.

Admission requirements

DMD/PhD students will be recruited from the pool of Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) students undertaking the BSc in Dentistry program.

After completion of the first year of the DMD program and a summer of research in a faculty laboratory, the option of undertaking the DMD/PhD will be discussed with high achieving students.

How to apply

To be considered for the DMD/PhD program you must be in enrolled in the Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) program and undertaking the BSc in Dentistry program option.

Learn more about applying to the Doctor of Dental Medicine and BSc in Dentistry programs.

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