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Graduate student forms

M.Ed and Ph.D Program Approval Forms

Masters of Education (M.Ed.) Approval Forms for students admitted Fall 2023 or later

  • M.Ed Add/Delete Approval (PDF)
  • CTL Program Plans
    • Critical Perspectives in Curriculum, Teaching and Pedagogy Thesis | Comp
    • Indigenous (First Nations/Métis/Inuit) Perspectives in Curriculum, Teaching and Learning Thesis | Comp
    • Language & Literacy Thesis | Comp
    • Second Language Education  Thesis | Comp
    • Studies in Contemplative, Holistic, and Integrative Education Thesis | Comp
    • Studies in Mathematics Education and Science Education Thesis | Comp
    • ACE 〡Arts, Community and Education Concentration Thesis | Comp
  • EAF&P Program Plans 
    • Adult and Post-Secondary Education  Thesis | Comp
    • Educational Administration Thesis | Comp
    • Counselling Psychology Thesis | Comp 
    • Inclusive Education Thesis | Comp
    • Cross-Cultural, Sociological, and Philosophical Foundations in Education Thesis | Comp

Masters of Education (M.Ed.) Approval Forms for students admitted prior to Fall 2023

  • M.Ed. Add/Delete Approval (Feb 25/20)
  • CTL Program Plans
    • Language & Literacy Specialization Thesis | Comp
    • Second Language Education Specialization
    • Studies in Curriculum, Teaching and Learning Specialization Thesis | Comp
  • EAF&P Program Plans
    • Adult and Post-Secondary Education Specialization Thesis | Comp
    • Educational Administration Specialization Thesis | Comp
    • Counselling Psychology Specialization Thesis | Comp
    • Inclusive Education Specialization Thesis | Comp
    • Cross-Cultural, Sociological, and Philosophical Foundations in Education Thesis | Comp

Doctor of Philosophy in Education (Ph.D.) Approval Forms

Graduate student supporting documents

Graduate student re-registration procedures

All students whose programs of study extends over more than one year must re-register for Fall and Winter of each succeeding year of their programs until the degree is obtained. Failure to re-register will result in the termination of the student's graduate status. A student who has been discontinued and would like to be considered for continuation in the degree must re-apply for admission.

The re-registration requirement does not apply to students on an Exceptional or Parental Leave of Absence.

Students on Regular Leave are required to register using the re-registration course numbers for both Fall and Winter terms.

General information

Re-registration entitles students to continuous use of University facilities (e.g., libraries) and to on-going assistance from their program advisor for a 12-month period.

Students are encouraged to re-register early to gain access to preferred courses and to avoid disappointing class cancellations. Classes are subject to cancellation if there is insufficient enrollment.

Part-time/Full-time status (change status)

Graduate students who want to change their status must do so before they register for courses to avoid incorrect fee assessments.

Students can check their status in Aurora Student by selecting “View General Record.”

To change from full-time to part-time status students must complete a Request for part-time status form (see above) and have it authorized by their Department (CTL or EAF&P) for submission to the Faculty of Graduate Studies no later than the end of the registration revision period for each particular term (Fall, Winter or Summer).


When re-registering in a graduate program, students must at a minimum register for:

  • Master of Education: GRAD 7020
  • Education Ph.D.: GRAD 8020

Registration in the above courses will ensure that students who withdraw from all their program courses still retain student status for Fall, Winter and Summer.

Re-registration and fee deadlines

Students who fail to re-register by the late registration deadline will be discontinued from their program. To resume work on the program at a later date, re-application to the Faculty of Graduate Studies would be required and the program re-assessed in terms of regulations in force at the time of application. The current application fee would apply and if re-admitted, the re-registration continuing fee for each term missed will be assessed at rates in effect at the time of assessment.

To avoid late fees register by the deadline listed in under “Re-Registration Deadline” title in Section 1 of the Graduate Studies Registration Information in the Academic Calendar & Catalog.

For Fee Deadlines for the Fall, Winter and Summer terms see the Cashiers Office web page for dates and payment details.

Graduate program supplemental regulations

The Supplemental Regulations documents include the Faculty of Graduate Studies regulations (left hand column) and the Supplemental Regulations for the Department to which a student is admitted to (right hand column).

Visit the Graduate Studies Supplementary Regulations website to see a list of all documents. To find the supplemental regulations for a specific program: 

M.Ed students should refer to the link to the department they were admitted to: "Curriculum, Teaching & Learning" or "Educational Administration, Foundations & Psychology."

PhD students should refer to "Education PhD."