Important BEd dates

  • Jun. 15, 2022 -
    Jun. 30, 2022
    Preliminary notification of fall 2022 placements will be sent
  • Aug. 15, 2022 -
    Aug. 31, 2022
    Final notification of fall 2022 placements will be sent
  • Mandatory Orientation on campus for all BEd Students

More Fall Term 2022 Dates

  • Wednesday, Sept 7 - First Practicum day in School
  • Tuesday, Sept 17 - B.Ed. Daytime classes begin
  • More dates coming soon

More Winter Term 2023 dates

  • Coming Soon

Resources for B.Ed students

Practicum Forms

Individual Accommodation Plan (IAP) (MS Word)
This fillable form is used to identify concerns and describe accommodations a Teacher Candidate may require to help them be successful in B.Ed. practicum courses. The form will be completed by the SEO Director in consultation with the Teacher Candidate and UM Student Accessibility Services. 

Teacher Candidate Profile
This fillable form is completed by Teacher Candidates at the start of each practicum course. The completed form provides School Administration at your practicum school with information about the experiences you are hoping to have during practicum.

Practicum Week One Checklist
This checklist identifies the specific information Teacher Candidates need to gather about their practicum school. TCs gather this information in the first week of school (for practicum courses in the Fall term).

Professional Action and Learning Plan (PALP) P1 | P2/P3/P4
This fillable form is completed by all Teacher Candidates before beginning their practicum courses. The completed form provides a concise summary of a TCs strengths, challenges, and specific strategies for continued growth.

Formative Report (MS Word)
The Formative Report form is completed by the Practicum Advisor (PA). Formative evaluation is an opportunity to provide the Teacher Candidate (TC) with support and feedback on their professional development.

Summative Evaluation of Practicum (MS Word)

This fillable form is completed by Practicum Advisors in consultation with the Teacher Candidate and Cooperating Teacher(s). The completed form is an evaluation of the TCs progress toward satisfying the practicum expectations for the course.  

Notification of Concern (PDF)
This fillable form is completed by Practicum Advisors in consultation with the Teacher Candidate, Cooperating Teacher(s), School Administration and SEO Director. The completed form specifies areas of concern in the practicum, steps that must be taken to address those concerns, and a timeline for making adequate progress.

Peer Observation Sheet
Peer Observations are an introduction to collaborative conferencing and an opportunity for the TC to engage in professional dialogue about teaching and learning. Use the Peer Observation Sheet as a guide for discussion.

Learning Support Plan (MS Word)

Information Regarding Self-Declaration and Other Documents

To register for courses in the 2022-2023 academic year, all students must provide:

  • A Child Abuse Registry & Statement of Criminal Record(s) Self-Declaration form

In addition, newly admitted students must provide the following documents:

  • Clearance on a formal Criminal Records Check (CRC), including vulnerable sector (VS) screening
  • Clearance on a formal Child Abuse Registry Self Check (CAR)

For 2022 we will permit scanned and emailed Self Declaration forms. CRC and CAR must be originals.

The CAR and CRC documents are important required documents for professional studies in Education, as per your provisional admission offer. Therefore, you will not be permitted to register until these documents are cleared.

See details below for information specific to new and continuing students.

Self-declaration and record checks for newly admitted students

All newly admitted students must submit:

  • A Child Abuse Registry & Statement of Criminal Record(s) Self-Declaration form
  • Clearance on a formal Criminal Records Check (CRC), including vulnerable sector (VS) screening
  • Clearance on a formal Child Abuse Registry Check (CAR)

All the above documents must be dated as of March 15, 2022 or later. Forms dated prior to March 15, 2022 are stale-dated and are not acceptable.

These admission documents are subject to the same rules as other admission documents. Your admission could be revoked if you do not provide them in time to register for the term.

You must submit your forms no later than June 30 to be able to register for the Fall Term.  Acquiring these checks can be a lengthy process, so we strongly recommend you act on this immediately if you have not already done so.

Self Declaration Form

Print the Self-Declaration form, scan and return via email to:
Include the subject line: 2022 Self Declaration Form

Child Abuse Registry Self-Check

Visit the Manitoba Child Abuse Registry for their online application option.

Criminal Record Check (VS screening)

For students living in Winnipeg

Visit the Winnipeg Police Services police record checks for their online application. (This must include Vulnerable Sector screening. Do not use non-police force service.)

For students living outside of Winnipeg

Please contact your law enforcement agency (RCMP, Brandon City Police, Ste. Anne Police, etc.) to request a CRC.

Please mail originals (excluding WPS online submission) of your forms to:

Faculty of Education – Admissions Coordinator
Student Services
Room 203 - Education Building
University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, Manitoba   R3T 2N2

All originals will be returned to the student. As these are legal documents, we are unable to provide you with a photocopy of our copy at a later date.

Self-declaration for continuing students

Continuing students include all students who were admitted to the B.Ed program before the current year and are continuing in or returning to studies.

The Faculty of Education requires continuing students to submit a Self-Declaration (continuing students) form prior to course registration in each academic year. You must submit this form no later than June 30 to register.

A hold will appear on your Aurora Student account if you have not yet submitted this form.

Print the Self-Declaration form, scan and return via email to:
Include the subject line: 2022 Self Declaration Form

In addition, you may be asked by school divisions for an official, current Child Abuse Registry check for all persons working or volunteering in their schools. They may also require a full Criminal Records Check.

Therefore, we are encouraging all continuing students to be prepared to provide the necessary documentation should it be requested by school administrators prior to beginning of your practicum.

Bachelor of Education registration information

This information is for registration in the 2021-2022 academic year.
Information for the 2022-2023 academic year will be posted in June.

Please note that the course registration process in the Faculty of Education is unique in that registration is completed by both staff and student. It is very important that you read through this registration information package carefully.

BEd course information will not be immediately available on AURORA. Updates to Aurora are occurring on an ongoing basis.

In order to be registered in courses in the 2021-2022 academic year, you must provide (or have provided) the following:

Newly admitted students:

  • Your self-declaration form
  • A current (dated March 15, 2021 or newer) criminal-record check (including vulnerable-sector screening) - more information below
  • A current (dated March 15, 2021 or newer) cleared child abuse registry self check - more information below
  • Holds will be placed on your Aurora account until these items are received.
  • All other holds on your Aurora account must also be cleared.*

Continuing students:

  • Your annual self-declaration form
  • A hold will be placed on your Aurora account until this item is received.
  • All other holds on your Aurora account must also be cleared*

Holds include: library fines, parking tickets, etc. Check Aurora to see if you have holds. If you do, clear them before June 30. If cleared after June 30, contact the Faculty of Education Student Services office at so we can proceed with your registration.

Registration details

All students in the Bachelor of Education degree programs will register using Aurora between July 22 and July 28, 2021 with year 2 students registering on days 1 and 2 and year 1 students registering on day 3, 4 and 5. Your registration date will be determined by the last two digits of your student number and will be available on your Aurora record effective July 9.

Faculty of Education staff will begin registering all students in mid July. To determine which courses staff will register you for, please review the document entitled “Registration Information” (below) applicable to your specific stream. You are responsible for registering in a number of courses, including your practicum courses. It is important that you review the course requirements as there may be pre- or co-requisite courses.

Staff may not have completed all student registrations by your access date. If you are not yet registered by staff, you may register in your cross stream course, Indigenous education course, etc. provided you do not choose a section that conflicts with your cohort course(s).

Specific Faculty of Education, Bachelor of Education (BEd) registration and timetabling information is available through the documents (PDF) listed below. Please ensure that you select the appropriate documents for the program (Early, Middle, or Senior) to which you were admitted as well as the documents applicable to all streams.

*Please refer back to this page regularly for updated documents.

Course Timetables and Program Calendar for ALL streams

Early/Middle/Senior Years: Year 1 Information

regarding the limit on Indigenous Education and Special Education courses

Indigenous Education and Special Ed/Diversity courses are in high demand. As such, students in Year 1 are permitted to register for one Indigenous Education course and one Special Education/Diversity course in their first year. Any student in Year 1 who has registered for more than one Indigenous Education course or more than one Special Education/Diversity course will be removed from one (the Scheduling Coordinator will determine which one).
If after August 20 there remains space in these courses, Year 1 students will be permitted to register for another.

Contact us

Faculty of Education
203 Education Building, 71 Curry Place
University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N2 Canada

204-474-9004 ext 9004
1-800-432-1960 ext 9004