The brightly lit modern classroom space of room 290 from the back row looking towards the front of the room with rows of bright white tables and green and blue chairs.

Computer lab

The faculty’s computer lab is located in Room 328 and serves Education students, professors and instructors, and support staff for academic purposes. With oversight by friendly and helpful staff, we offer a variety of services.

We have both Windows and Mac computers for hands-on instruction and student use.

The lab can be booked for classes by Education professors and instructors. To book the lab, please use the online booking form.

Lab Hours: Tuesday - Friday 9:00am to 4:00pm (until March 17 - closed during Reading Week Feb 20-24)

Lab computers:

  • 1 Instructional Windows
  • 1 Instructional Mac
  • 23 Student Windows
  • 12 Student Macs

Computer Lab Supervisor: Trudy Bais

Interior of the Faculty of Education Computer lab with rows of tables and computer work stations.

Photocopying and printing services

We have self-serve photocopying and printing and pay-as-you-use colour and transparency printing available.

Please bring your student ID to the lab, and staff will set up a printing account for you. You then purchase credits for photocopying and printing services. We do not accept library print cards, UMSU copy cards, or other faculty cards for print services.

Monochrome photocopying and printing prices:
1 credit = 1 side
Good deal – buy 20 credits @ 10¢ = $2
Better deal – buy 50 credits @ 7.5¢ = $3.75
Best deal – buy 100 credits @ 5¢ = $5

Colour printing prices:
50¢ per side (plain paper)

Transparency printing prices:
$1 each – monochrome
$1.50 – colour
(Prices include transparency)

Contact Us

Computer lab
Room 328 Education Building
71 Curry Place
University of Manitoba (Fort Garry campus)
Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N2 Canada


Science labs

Our two new science labs in rooms 300 and 309 are used to conduct science-education classes at undergraduate and graduate levels. The labs are also used for professional development, and to conduct science experiments and activities—mostly based on those found in K-12 science courses. 

The laboratories are furnished with diverse science-related equipment, including lasers, microscopes, data-collection devices and glassware for chemical experiments, as well as gas outlets and required safety equipment. 

Interior of the Faculty of Education Science lab with rows of table work stations.

Student Association office

Room 308 is home to both the Student Council of the undergraduate Education Students' Association and the executive of the Education Graduate Students' Association. 

Our student associations play an active role in our community, hosting events, donation drives and other activities.

  • Interior of the Faculty of Education Student Association office with a desk and computer work station and lounge area.

Facility and equipment booking

The Faculty of Education has a number of technology-designated facilities and equipment available for booking by professors and instructors. 

Facilities and equipment must be booked well in advance of the start of the university session you require them for. 

If you  are not associated with the Faculty of Education, please use the University's room booking form.


Contact us

Office of the Dean
Faculty of Education

Room 230 Education Building
71 Curry Place
University of Manitoba (Fort Garry campus)
Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N2 Canada

1-800-432-1960 (ext. 9004) Toll-free in Manitoba