Become a practicum advisor

Practicum advisors (PAs) are the representatives of the Bachelor of Education (BEd) program. The practicum advisor’s role is to work in partnership with the faculty, our host schools and their principals, the mentor teachers and the teacher candidates (TCs) to facilitate the practicum experience. 

Practicum advisor availability requirements

  • Practicum advisors are required to be available during the first week of the practicum block in September, and during the practicum blocks in November – December and March -- April.
  • In addition, practicum advisors are expected to attend an orientation session in September and two professional development workshops, one in November and one in March.
  • More information available here.

Expectations of practicum advisors

  • Visit each teacher candidate every week of the practicum and provide a minimum of two formative assessments in each practicum block
  • Convey the practicum expectations and roles and responsibilities to the collaborating school personnel
  • Cooperate with school personnel in planning and implementing appropriate experiences for the teacher candidates
  • Assist the teacher candidate’s professional growth
  • Complete the summative evaluation for each teacher candidate each term
  • Consult with the director of the Practicum and Partnerships Office regarding concerns.

Qualifications of the practicum advisor

  • A minimum of a BEd degree. Graduate education would be an asset.
  • A permanent certificate from Manitoba Education Certification Unit is required prior to application.
  • Relevant work experience in a school or other educational setting
  • Experience as an educational leader, mentor, or collaborator
  • Understanding of current teaching theory, pedagogy and curriculum
  • Computer proficiency (including Word and email) and regular access to a computer is essential
  • Proficiency in languages other than English is an asset


  • The stipend is $350 per teacher candidate per term(as of Fall 2021), with two terms in each academic year.
  • Practicum advisors are not normally reimbursed for travel unless they are supervising students in a rural location. Practicum advisors will be provided (upon request) with a T2200 Declaration of Conditions of Employment that can be used on income taxes to claim car and home office expenses related to employment as practicum advisors for the University of Manitoba.

How to apply

Please be advised that all practicum advisors must have a social insurance number to apply. If you do not have a social insurance number you must apply for one at Service Canada.

To apply to be a practicum advisor, please compile an application package consisting of:

  • a resume or CV, including the names and contact information of three references.
  • a cover letter explaining the ways your teaching philosophy and experience would support your work with teacher candidates, and 
  • the completed Practicum advisor profile form (PDF)

Submit your application package by email:

Mentor teachers

As an important mentor and role model for the teacher candidate, a Mentor teacher (MT) is an experienced and competent professional whose practices exemplify exemplary teaching practice.

Among the mentor teacher’s roles and responsibilities, they are required to:

  • serve as a caring and professional mentor by being present and engaging in active collaboration
  • provide an overview of classroom routines and expectations
  • support TCs in developing professional and caring relationships with students, staff, parents, and others
  • provide TCs with the experiences, resources, and supports necessary to develop their own professional identities and practice
  • model effective teaching to support learning.

Mentor teachers are chosen by the administration of schools participating in practicum.

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