Opposing team members run for the ball during an outdoor intramural soccer game.

REC Clubs and intramurals are temporarily suspended. Please check back regularly for updates.

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UM REC Clubs overview

UM REC Clubs are student-led, student-delivered and student-focused.

  • Our UM REC Clubs offer opportunity to participate in a sport of interest while making friends and staying active.

    Membership to clubs are open to students, staff and alumni only. The UM REC Clubs policy is to obtain at least 65% UM student membership in each club to promote strong student participation and leadership within the club.

    Free visit

    If you are interested in joining a REC Club, you are encouraged to drop in on any of the regularly scheduled sessions for free! If you are interested in using your free visit, please stop by the customer service desk in the Active Living Centre to be added to the free visit list.

  • A man prepares to serve a tennis ball across the court.

Club sports 

Club schedules

Get the most up-to-date REC Club schedules with our web schedule viewer or the Recreation Services mobile app (for Apple, for Android).  With the mobile app you can view all club schedules, add the times directly to your mobile calendar, set reminders to share with your friends!

Register for a REC Club

Step 1 - Visit the UM REC Clubs page  and find the sport that you are interested in joining to see their registration process. Competitive clubs may have a try-out system before determining the members of their club. If the club does not have try-outs, please go to the customer service desk in the Active Living Centre and register for the club of your choice.

Step 2 - Email the president of the REC Club that you have registered with for details about the club, including what equipment might be required, REC Club fees and other important information you may need to be part of the club. Contact information for each REC Club president can be found in the individual club sections on the UM REC Clubs page.

Step 3 - View the REC Club schedules.

Step 4 - If you have any questions or are not able to connect with a club president, please contact the REC Club Coordinator Matthew Gerardy at 204-474-6621 or recclubs@umanitoba.ca.

Start a new REC Club

New club proposals are always welcome! 

Are you passionate about a particular sport or recreational activity? Are you a University of Manitoba student with the enthusiasm and drive to be a leader?

A REC Club is group of individuals who are organized to share in a particular sport or recreational activity. A club is voluntarily organized and run by a student executive. Clubs are primarily open to students, but staff and alumni may participate.

All you need to start a REC Club is a group of people with a similar interest in a particular sport or activity. REC Clubs are student-led and will help the members of the club develop their skills in fundraising, public relations, organization, administration, budgeting, scheduling as well as the development of skills in a particular sport or recreational activity.

Recreation Services provides these voluntarily-run student organizations with facility space, administrative support and promotional opportunities in an effort to ensure that each REC Club is as successful as possible.

How to start a new REC Club

  1. Thoroughly review the REC Club Program Operation Manual.
  2. Minimum of 15 interested individuals with the required minimum student participation rate according to the classification of club. Ensure that all interested individuals are added to the Proposed Roster form (PDF).
  3. Create a proposal as to why the club should be started and an outline of the program it intends to offer, including a mutual benefit plan. New Club Proposal form (PDF)
  4. Submit the completed Proposed Roster form and New Club Proposal form to the coordinator of intramurals and clubs Matthew Gerardy at recclubs@umanitoba.ca for review. The coordinator of intramurals and clubs will decide if there is sufficient interest in the potential new club and if the program is well-suited to be offered through Recreation Services.
  5. If the new club plan is accepted, then the student organizers will need to create a constitution and complete the necessary forms (Emergency Action Plan, Risk Management Assessment Form, Proposed Activity Plan, and Proposed Budget). The Coordinator of Intramurals and Clubs will provide the forms and any assistance necessary to complete them.
  6. The director of active living and the director of programs for Recreation Services will approve or deny club status. They may also request further clarification or additional information.
  7. All REC Clubs registered with Recreation Services must follow the regulations and procedures set forth by the University of Manitoba and Recreation Services. This ensures that REC Clubs are operating within fair and safe parameters for all executives and members. Due to the moderate to extremely high risk nature of these organizations' activities, these regulations are extremely important in meeting safety standards to minimize risks.

As REC Clubs are self-funded some may charge additional dues to cover expenses related to specialty equipment, travel costs and more. Contact the representative club president for more information.

For more information on getting started, please contact the club coordinator recclubs@umanitoba.ca by e-mail or phone 204-474-6621.

Intramural sports

The Intramural program at UM provides students and staff the opportunity to become actively involved in a variety of organized sports.

  • Leagues of play

    Eligibility requirements

    Intramural sports are open to UM students who have paid the Sport and Recreation Fee with their tuition.

  • Three young adults playing a casual game of hockey.

University of Manitoba faculty and staff, International College of Manitoba students and those University of Manitoba students who have not paid the sport and recreation fee may participate if they have a 4 month Recreation Services membership that is valid for the duration of the season in which they are participating. Please note that intramural registration fees still apply for each sport.

All intramural participants must have a valid UM email address (or ICM email address) as they must be able to access the intramural league maintenance website, IMLeagues, which only recognizes these email domains.

All intramural participants must read and understand the Intramural Sports Handbook prior to participating.

Ice hockey is open to UM students only.

Intramural sports are structured to provide participants with:

  • opportunities to meet new people, test ability, relieve stress and have lots of fun!
  • offer students, faculty and staff the opportunity to participate in numerous sports and activities on a recreational level. All skill levels are welcome!
  • provides students on-campus employment and volunteer opportunities to develop leadership skills.

Intramural registration

Registration is accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Registration dates

Intramurals will be back in the fall with registration opening in September, 2020.

How to register

You can register in one of two ways: online or in person.

1. Online

Claim your account in the Sport and Recreation registration system and register your team or register as a free agent.

Register now

2. In person

Visit the customer service desk at the Active Living Centre (Fort Garry campus) or Joe Doupe Centre (Bannatyne Campus) during the Intramural registration period and speak to a customer service representative about registration.

IM Leagues

Once registered, you will receive an email (if you registered online) or a handout (if registered in-person) on how to sign up on our league maintenance program, IM Leagues.

Team captain and free agent meetings

All free agents must attend a mandatory team captain player meeting on Thursday, September for term 1 and in January for term 2. Important information regarding the program and decisions about schedules and format will be shared. The time and location for this meeting are posted here when registration opens.

Time Location TBD Location TBD
TBD Inner Tube Water Polo Soccer
TBD Dodgeball Basketball
TBD Volleyball Hockey
TBD Badminton Archery Tag
TBD Spikeball Esports

Joe Doupe Intramurals Register now 

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