Why train with Recreation Services?

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    Being FIT means something different for each person, and we have the education, experience and passion for helping you discover what that means for you.

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    Individualized plan

    From getting matched with the right certified personal trainer to an individualized plan created specifically for YOU – your needs, abilities, preferences and lifestyle.

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    Measured progress

    Our training packages come with easy-to-understand, accurate and objective measurements to evaluate health risks, monitor fitness progress and achieve fitness goals.

What does it take to be a Recreation Services trainer?

All of our trainers are certified through the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology (CSEP) as Clinical Exercise Physiologists (CEP) or Certified Personal Trainers (CPT). This means they can provide you with the knowledge and direction to help you achieve your desired results.

Each CSEP-certified trainer needs:

  • CSEP requirements for personal trainers
  • CSEP requirements for personal trainers

Is personal training right for me?

  • Do any of these examples apply to you? If so, you may benefit from seeing a personal trainer.

    • You are new to exercise
    • You would like a personal program to meet specific needs and goals
    • You want to learn more about health and fitness
    • You struggle to start and stay physically active
    • You have reached a plateau
    • You have trouble finding enjoyment in physical activity
    • You are recovering from an injury, or you want to prevent future injury
  • A personal trainer demonstrates to a trainee the proper technique for using a piece of resistance equipment.

How to register for personal training

  • Register online:

    Go to the registration page and select the package/service best for you. If you have questions about our services and which package is the best fit for you, please email us at personal.training@umanitoba.ca.

    Register in person:

    Review our PT services to determine which package/services you intend to purchase before your visit. If you have questions about our services and which package best fits you, please email us at personal.training@umanitoba.ca.

    After you register:

    Our staff will check registrations daily (Monday-Friday) and will work on matching you with a trainer based on the information you filled out during the registration process.

    We will contact you via email within 2-3 business days connecting you with your trainer and providing additional information about your services, including how to access the facility and cancelling or rescheduling an appointment.

    Once connected with your trainer, you will book your session date and time directly with them.

What are our clients saying?

After a sudden injury last summer that required surgery, I knew I needed professional help to get back into shape. My personal trainer has helped me recover my stamina and strength and has pushed me to achieve new fitness levels I didn't know I could achieve.
Teresa Cooper UM student
I started training with Adam because I was preparing for surgery on my left knee and wanted to get as strong as possible before visiting my surgeon. After a couple of months, my goals changed to strengthening and avoiding another operation. I worked with Adam for about four months, and my knees have never felt better.
Maria Ongare Community member
My trainer, Daniel, has been pivotal in helping me run two marathons without any injuries. I feel more strong than ever at 50!
Karin Nowak-Bailey UM staff member

Have a testimonial to share? Email us at personal.training@umanitoba.ca.

Learn from our pros

Check out our blog, videos and handouts for great information to help you meet your training and fitness goals.

Craving change

  • How-to workshop for changing your relationship with food

    We're introducing Craving Change workshops to our list of services!

    • Understand why you eat the way you do
    • Comfort yourself without food
    • Change your thinking to change your eating

    Personal training clients:

    Craving Change sessions are free for personal training clients. If you're an existing client and would like to join the next session, please email us at rec_services@umanitoba.ca. However the cost of the manual must be paid.

    New customers:

    If you're not a personal training client and would like to join, you can register online by clicking the link below.


    Book a Craving Change session


    Under course type, select nutrition and hit search to see available Craving Change courses.

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