Fitness and personal training staff



Role: Fitness Assistant Coordinator (Fitness Attendant, Personal Trainer & Occupational Tester)

Education and Certifications: Bachelor of Science in Physical Education (distinction), CSEP-Clinical Exercise Physiologist and High-Performance Training Specialist, ACE Behavior Change Specialist

Experience: Denise enjoys using behaviour change strategies to help women take charge of their physical health by building healthy habits in their lifestyle. She has over two years of experience holding titles such as Fitness Trainer, Exercise Therapist (musculoskeletal rehabilitation), Conditioning Therapist (functional conditioning/work hardening and return to work planning), Activation Therapist (behavioural and lifestyle counselling and goal setting), Kinesiologist (exercise and chronic disease), Lab Coordinator and Research Assistant/Clinical Trial Coordinator and Health and Fitness Coach (online).

Personal Note: Faith and family are important to Denise. She has three beautiful children with her husband. She was an overweight child and changed her lifestyle during her adolescent years by becoming physically active and adopting healthier eating habits which set the course for her future education and career. Denise loves spending time with her family, exploring new places, the beauty of sunrises, the feeling of sunshine on her face, and being active outdoors in the fresh air.

Denise says: “Comparison is the thief of joy.” – Theodore Roosevelt.



Role: Fitness Attendant, Personal Trainer, and Occupational Tester

Education and Certification: Bachelor of Kinesiology, CSEP-Clinical Exercise Physiologist (CEP)

Experience: Daniel has ten years of experience with Recreation Services in various roles, such as fitness attendant, personal trainer, occupational tester, and administrative assistant. He has worked with a wide variety of clients across the spectrum of age, abilities, and goals.

Personal Note: When not working or working out in the gym, I like to spend my time drumming, cycling, kayaking, hiking, camping, cooking, reading, and napping.

Daniel says: “Health is wealth; invest in yourself.”



Role: Coordinator of Health and Fitness Services,

Personal Training & Occupational Testing

Education and Certifications: Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science, CSEP-Clinical Exercise Physiologist (CEP), CSEP-High Performance Specialist, Pre & Post Natal Specialist.

Experience: Working as a Qualified Exercise Professional since 2005, Jen loves working with a diverse clientele ranging from the “new exerciser” to those managing health concerns to someone with a performance goal.

Personal Note: I have experienced the power that exercise and physical activity can have in a person’s life. It can help rebuild, re-shape and uncover your identity, give you a sense of control and empowerment, and even mend what feels broken. My passion is to help others discover this power and the role exercise can play in their lives.

Jen says: “With Grit and Grace”



Role: Personal Trainer, Occupational Tester

Education and Certifications: BSc. Kin- Athletic Therapy, CAT(C), CSEP- Certified Personal Trainer.

Experience: Working with the general population and athletic clientele. Specializing in weight loss, injury prevention and rehabilitation, athletic conditioning and strengthening.

Personal Note: A dog person who loves working out, reading, learning new things, and living new experiences.

CeeJay says: “Whatever you do won’t be enough; try anyways.



Role: Joe Doupe Recreation Centre Supervisor, Personal Trainer

Education and Certifications: Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science, Master of Science – Sport Biomechanics, CSP-Clinical Exercise Psychologist

Experience: Adam has worked with people on various parts of their fitness journey, from gym newcomers to Olympic athletes. He has also specialized in occupational training and testing. Adam believes everyone needs a program designed specifically for the individual's goals, needs and preferences. Everything in a fitness program should have a purpose and be supported by scientific principal.

Personal Note: Adam has an enormous sweet tooth. He enjoys spending time with his family and cycling in his spare time.

Adam says: "Compare yourself to who you were yesterday. Not to who someone else is today."



Role: Fitness Attendant, Personal Trainer

Education and Certifications: Bachelor of Sports Physiology, Master of Sports Biomechanics, Master of Kinesiology.

Experience: Corrective exercises trainer and massage therapist for seven years. Personal trainer.

Personal Note: I believe the most sensible start to becoming the best version of yourself is investing time and energy in your body. Regular physical activity helps prevent and manage non-communicable diseases such as heart disease. You take the first step, and we will help and guide you. Most of the muscular abnormalities (knock-knee, bow knee, slouched back, etc.) can be treated by corrective exercises. Feel free to ask about them.

Mori says: Some days, the motivation is not there! Remember, discipline is more important.



Role: Fitness Attendant, Personal Trainer, Occupational Testing

Education and Certifications: Kaitlin is a CSEP-Clinical Exercise Physiologist and completed her Master of Science in Kinesiology at the University of Manitoba.

Experience: She is passionate about exercise and chronic disease prevention. With years of experience working with Individuals with heart disease and doing research about women’s heart health.

Personal Notes: Kaitlin enjoys interacting with the members at the Active Living Center and wants to help them feel comfortable and confident while working out here. She enjoys hiking, ultimate frisbee, cooking, and upper body days!



Role: Fitness Attendant, Personal Trainer

Education and Certifications: He has Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and is currently working on his Master’s in Physical Therapy at the University of Manitoba. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach (NSCA-CSCS), BLS provider, and Emergency First Aid, Provider.

Experience: He has a history of playing competitive basketball and football. He also has experience training people from different age groups and fitness levels. He is passionate about helping people recover from injuries and feel great about themselves.

Personal Note: In my spare time, I enjoy mountain biking, playing basketball, lifting weights, CrossFit, and playing musical instruments. If you have questions about fitness, rehab, or NBA basketball, then I’m your guy!