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What are Rec clubs?

Our UM Rec clubs offer the opportunity to participate in a sport of interest while making friends and staying active.

Clubs are open to UM students, staff and alums, with each club needing a minimum of 65% student membership to promote strong student participation and leadership within the club.

Club schedules

Get the most up-to-date Rec club schedules with our web schedule viewer or the Recreation Services mobile app (AppleAndroid).  With the mobile app, you can view all club schedules, add the times directly to your mobile calendar, and set reminders to share with your friends.

Register for a club

Step1: Pick a club

Browse through the clubs below to learn about their registration process. Competitive clubs may have a tryout system. If the club does not have tryouts, please register online at our registration site.


Step 2: Create an account/log in

Go to the registration website, create an account if you don't have one, and log on.

You will already have an account if you've purchased a membership or program in the past. Please use the same email that you provided to us or logged in with before.

How to log in or reset a password

How to create an account

If you have difficulty logging on or resetting your password, please call customer service at 204-474-6100 for assistance.

After you have logged on:

  • Use the top menu bar to navigate to Categories and choose Rec Clubs.
  • Select the club you want to register in and add them to your cart, then click checkout.
  • This will prompt you to complete a waiver before you finish the registration.
  • Once submitted, you will be taken to the payment information to finalize your purchase.

Your browser may take a few moments to process. Do not press the back button, refresh, or close your browser. Once complete, you will see a message that says, "Your order has been completed."

Step 3: Contact the club president

Email the president of the REC Club that you have registered with for details about the club, including what equipment might be required, REC Club fees and other important information you may need to be part of the club.

Step 4: Check the club schedule

See when your club runs throughout the week by viewing the web schedule or downloading the UM Recreation Services app (AppleAndroid).

View the web schedule

If you have questions or cannot connect with a club president, please get in touch with the Rec club Coordinator at 204-474-6621 or

What clubs are available?

  • students playing badminton
  • Badminton club

    Badminton club aims to promote the sport's social, competitive, and leisure aspects by hosting various events like watch parties, outdoor gatherings, and inter-club/open tournaments.

    For more information, please contact the club executives at, or you can reach them on Instagram. For more information visit their website at

    Brown Gym, Frank Kennedy Centre

    Badminton is a leisure club

  • Climber on the bouldering wall
  • Climbing club

    This is a non-instructional club that provides participants with the opportunity to share their passion for climbing with others.

    For more information, please get in touch with club president or club vice president at or message us on Instagram @UMCCclimbing.

    Bouldering Wall, Frank Kennedy Centre, UM Fort Garry campus

    Climbing is a leisure club

Additional club details

Membership with the Climbing club is open to students, staff and alumni only. 

The UMCC is a social club which practices the art of bouldering and does not do much rope climbing. The Bouldering Wall in Frank Kennedy has been converted to be strictly a bouldering area. This club will have access to periodic sessions on the Climbing Wall in the Active Living Centre.

Day passes cannot be purchased to access the wall.

  • four ringette players
  • Ringette club

    The ringette club is a uniquely Canadian game created 50 years ago to provide girls more opportunities in sport. It is an exciting, engaging and entertaining sport.

    For more information, please contact

    Wayne Fleming Arena, Max Bell Centre, UM Fort Garry campus

    Ringette is a competitive club

Additional club details

The purpose of the club is to create a competitive ringette team. The team competes in Ringette Manitoba’s “Open Elite” league and may elect to play in the University Challenge Cup (UCC), tournaments, provincials, and/or the Western Canadian Ringette Championships.

The team has two ice times per week. Practices are held at the Max Bell Centre, and games are held in various arenas across the city.

  • students playing rugby
  • Rugby club

    University of Manitoba HERD Rugby is a competitive tournament team that is looking for people who are looking at trying out or continuing rugby. We welcome everyone from all levels of experience, whether you are entirely new to the sport or have been playing for a couple of years. This is the place for you to come and show your skills (or learn some new ones) and have some fun! Practice locations are Outdoor Turfs - East Field and various other on-campus locations once moved indoors.

    For more information, please get in touch with Ethan DucharmeFionna Dunn, or message us on Instagram @Herdreugby.

    James Daly Fieldhouse, Max Bell Centre and Turf East Field, UM Fort Garry campus

    Rugby is a competitive club.

  • students playing indoor soccer
  • Soccer club

    Soccer is the world's most popular sport, played by over 250 million people in more than 200 countries, and now you can play it at the UM.

    For more information, please get in touch with the club executive, Akbar Rizvi, at

    Indoor Soccer Complex and Outdoor Turf Fields (Spring/Summer only)

    Soccer is a leisure club

  • figure skating on ice
  • Synchro skate club

    The University of Manitoba Ice Intrepid Synchro Skating Team was established in 1999.  For more than 20 years, they have competed as a Festival Junior and Open team across the country.

    For more information, please contact club executive at or club coach or follow us on Facebook and Instagram @IceIntrepid.

    Wayne Fleming Arena, Max Bell Centre, UM Fort Garry campus

    Synchronized skate is a leisure/competitive club

Additional club details

Team Requirements

It is recommended skaters have a minimum Junior Silver Skating test in Freeskate, Skills or Dance or equivalent synchro experience. The Club holds annual try-outs in September. Individuals are not able to register for the Club until the try-out process is complete.

The purpose of this competitive club shall be to create an “Open” synchronized skating team. With the instruction of a professional Skate Canada coach, the team will develop and practice a synchronized skating program and may compete at Invitational, Sectional, Regional and National competitions.

Becoming a member of Ice Intrepid has many benefits:

  • Meet 16+ new friends
  • Stay in shape
  • Continue your skating career while in university
  • Train and develop your skating skills
  • Travel – 2-3 out of province trips & perform at local exhibitions

  • Student playing tennis
  • Tennis club

    The tennis club welcomes both leisure and competitive players. Competitive players will be invited to compete in the Prairies Regional Tournament. Tryouts for both leisure and competitive roster will be held at the beginning of each term.

    For more information, please contact club president Jesse Shen at

    James Daly Fieldhouse, Infiled & Tennis Court 1, Max Bell Centre, UM Fort Garry Campus

    The tennis club is a leisure/competitive club


  • students playing frisbee
  • Ultimate club

    The ultimate club promotes the game of ultimate within the UM community. The club's primary focus is to encourage UM student players who will or want to compete at regional and national university events.

    Contact For more information, please contact club president Nick Mcfaddin at or follow us on Instagram @umanitobaultimate.

    WSF Soccer South Complex & James Daly Fieldhouse, Max Bell Centre, UM Fort Garry campus 

    Ultimate is a competitive club.

Additional club details

Experience or ability will not preclude membership in the Ultimate club or participation in practices. The club will establish more than one team if numbers warrant. Additional spots on the traveling roster will be arranged to ensure all players get the opportunity to learn the game and to develop their skills in appropriate competitive situations.

  • student playing volleyball
  • Volleyball club

    The volleyball club is a welcoming and fun environment for volleyball enthusiasts. If you love playing volleyball, this is the club for you!

    For more information, please contact club secretary Vierly Djajadi, at or follow us on Facebook and Instagram @uofmvbc.

    Frank Kennedy Centre, UM Fort Garry campus

    Volleyball is a leisure/competitive club

Additional club details

Volleyball is offered over three sessions per week. The sessions will be split into three categories: beginners, advanced, and mixed. The purpose of this split is to ensure the safety of all members and to enhance everyone's club experience.

The beginner's session will be "recreational". This session is open to all levels but will target beginner and lower-level intermediate players. For this session, the net will be set at women's regulation height, and we will play with reverse co-ed rules; male players can only attack the ball from behind the 3-meter line. More details on reverse co-ed rules can be found on page 54 here.

The advanced day will be "competitive." We require that players can perform at a BB or A skill level to attend. We reserve the right to ask players who still need to meet this skill level to stop playing.

The mixed day will be a "recreational" session and open to all skill levels.

  • students wrestling
  • Wrestling club

    The wrestling club practices freestyle and Greco-Roman-style wrestling only. All other forms are strictly prohibited. 

    For more information, please contact club president Stephen Libarnes at or follow us on Facebook.

    Combatives Room, Frank Kennedy Centre, UM Fort Garry campus

    Wrestling is a leisure club

Additional club details

Any interested participants are encouraged to visit as a guest to one of our regularly scheduled wrestling times at no charge as one free visit is allowed before joining.

If you are interested in a free visit, please see the Customer Service staff at the Active Living Centre to be added to the guest list.

Rec Club forms

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