Statement of inclusivity

At the University of Manitoba, we are committed to equity of access and opportunity for all members, UM students, faculty and staff. We welcome you to a diverse and inclusive environment where everyone—from all backgrounds and perspectives—is respected, valued, and can enjoy an exceptional experience.

Membership requirements

A valid piece of photo ID, such as a driver’s license or passport, is required to purchase a membership or day pass.

An assumption of risk, release of liability, waiver of claims, and indemnity agreement form must be completed by all customers purchasing a membership or day pass. You can also print this form and bring it with you when you come to purchase your membership. This form can also be filled out in our online membership application.

Membership access

In order to access the facilities, you must either be a member or purchase a day pass. All members are issued a membership ID card at registration. All members must produce this ID card each and every time they access the facilities. Student and staff members are required to use their University of Manitoba issued ID card.

Forgot your card?

In the event you are unable to produce your membership ID card, you will be required to consult our customer service desk to gain access and the card will be deactivated to ensure card sharing does not occur. The member will need to bring their ID card to the customer service desk to have it reactivated.  Members who cannot produce their ID card when accessing the facility are granted the following access opportunities:

  • 4 Month Membership: 3 Free Access
  • 12 Month Membership: 6 Free Access

After reaching the maximum number of opportunities to gain access without your card, members have 3 choices;

  • pay a $2 access fee;
  • choose not to access the facility; or
  • return with a valid card.

Facility etiquette

All members are expected to follow all posted facility etiquette signs for all UM Sport and Recreation facilities. Violation of sport and recreation facility etiquette signs may lead to a suspension and/or revocation of membership privileges. To review posted facility etiquette signs, please see the following link: Sport and Recreation Facilities Etiquette.

Card sharing

Membership card loaning or sharing is strictly prohibited for the following reasons:

  • Ensuring that all members have received and participated in the waiver and informed consent process and have provided any health and contact information required in an emergency;
  • Maintaining the safety and security of all of our members and customers, including students and children, by being aware of who is using our facilities; and
  • Ensuring that all members and customers have paid for access and use of the membership facilities. This helps us to keep costs appropriate for the number of members who use our facilities, and for the needs of the categories of membership we offer.

To ensure that we can uphold this standard of safety and security for all of our members it is important that you are aware of the following information:

  • Use of your membership card by anyone else will result in the revocation of your access for a minimum of one month without compensation;
  • Using someone else’s membership card to access the facilities may result in attendance by Security Services. If you are found to be using someone else’s card to access the facilities, you may forfeit your chance to access the facilities in the future;
  • Allowing or assisting anyone in accessing the facilities in any manner outside of swiping their membership card or purchasing a day pass from the Customer Service Desk, will result in the revocation of your access for a minimum of one month without compensation; and
  • Students who choose to misuse their membership privileges, or those of someone else, may have a hold put on their student card that will affect their student status on campus (i.e. libraries, transcripts, etc.)

Bags and Other Contents on Fitness Floor

Members should store their personal belongings. Backpacks and duffle bags should be left in lockers. Special arrangements may be made for members with medical conditions that require treatment nearby at all times. Please email if you have further questions. 

Locker and towel service

Locker Service

  • Locker service must expire on the same date as the facility membership. Locker service purchased after the start of membership is pro-rated to coincide with the membership expiry date. Members may be held liable for any damages sustained to their locker during the rental period. All members are required to notify customer service if they are no longer using the locker rental before the expiration.
  • If the member fails to clear their locker on or before the locker expiration date, the member will have their contents removed from the locker and held in storage for a period of 14 days from the date of locker service expiration. After 14 days, the locker contents will be donated to charity. The University of Manitoba is not liable for any items being held once a locker has been emptied.
  • The University of Manitoba reserves the right to check lockers at any time to resolve safety and security concerns.

Towel Service

  • Towel service must expire on the same date as facility membership. Towel service purchased after the start of membership is pro-rated to coincide with the membership expiry date.
  • Towel service purchasers will have a decal placed on their member cards.
  • To get a towel, the member must swipe their card to confirm active membership and are then required to leave their member card at the customer service desk. The member card will be returned when the towel is brought back to the customer service desk.

Locker and towel service is treated as a form of membership, and as such, our membership refund policy applies. Please read our policy on Membership Refunds.

The University of Manitoba assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen items or damage to personal property and strongly recommends that you do not store valuables in your locker.

Rental sports equipment

  • To sign out equipment, the member must provide a valid student, staff or Recreation Services member card. The card is held until the equipment is returned.
  • Any equipment checked out under a member account becomes the responsibility of the member and must be returned by the member only.
  • A member may only rent enough equipment to play the sport they are participating in i.e. one badminton net and two racquets, one basketball, one squash racquet etc.
  • It is the responsibility of the member to inspect the equipment being rented for any previous damage. Please notify customer service staff if you notice any damage prior to use.
  • Any damage incurred beyond normal wear and tear (i.e. bent/broken racquets) will be assessed a replacement fee. Damage is assessed upon the return of the equipment to the customer service desk.
  • All equipment checked out must be returned on the same day of check out.
  • Members who fail to return equipment and do not pay for its replacement are subject to suspension of member privileges until such time that they pay for replacement. Student members may have a hold put on their student account preventing them from receiving campus administrative and academic services.

Lost/Stolen/Damaged Membership Card

Recreation Services reserves the right to issue the member a new member card if the following conditions apply:

  • The card is damaged or unreadable due to normal wear and tear;
  • The card has been lost; or
  • The card has been stolen

Where the card has been lost or stolen, Recreation Services will issue the primary card holder a new membership card at a cost to the member of $20. Where the card is no longer functional due to normal wear and tear, Recreation Services will issue the holder a new card at no charge.

Medical Freeze & Membership Freeze

Partner memberships

Partner memberships can only be purchased through an existing member. Contact the customer service desk at (204) 474-6100 for more information.

Youth (ages 6-14)

Memberships for youth ages 6 to 14 can only be purchased through an existing member and must expire simultaneously with the primary member.

Youth memberships are available to those children (ages 6 to 14) years of age and under whose parent/guardian is a member and accompanies the dependent at all times.

As per the member category, all dependent members may access the facilities only when accompanied by the primary membership holder. If a dependent member is found to have accessed the facilities without the direct supervision of the primary membership holder, both the dependent and primary member may be subject to a suspension of membership privileges.

Payroll deduction

Payroll Deduction for membership is available to University of Manitoba employees who are permanent, permanent part-time, grant-funded or reduced appointment staff. Part-time or casual staff are not eligible. 

If my employment with the university ends for any reason, I hereby authorize the university will use payroll deduction to deduct the amount I owe for membership fees from my payroll entitlements. I understand that if I provide proof stating I am no longer employed by the University of Manitoba, Recreation Services will issue a prorated refund. A $15 +GST administrative fee will apply.

Cancellation request

Personal training

Please note that personal training is prohibited in the UM sport and recreation facilities by any individual(s) not employed as a Recreation Services Certified Personal Trainer.

Respectful Work and Learning Environment policy

The University of Manitoba endeavors to be a safe campus and follows the Respectful Work and Learning Environment and Sexual Assault Policy. Any acts of sexual assault and/or sexual harassment within the Faculty of Kinesiology and Recreation Management sport and recreation facilities is strictly prohibited and may lead to a lifetime ban.

Declined payment fee

All declined payments, including cheques and credit card payments, will be subject to a declined payment fee of $30.00 + GST.

Photo/video policy

We want to ensure the UM Sport, and Recreation Facilities are a place of privacy and safety for all members, guests, and staff. We understand that social sharing is widespread, and we love to see our members sharing their successes, but we want to do so in a way that doesn’t impact the experience of others.

Please keep the following in mind while capturing photos or videos in our facilities:

  • Photos, videos, and video streaming ARE permitted in public areas of our sport and recreation facilities.
  • For the safety and privacy of all users, photos, videos, and video streaming are NOT permitted in the change/locker rooms, public washrooms, saunas and showers at any time.
  • When taking photos and videos in public spaces, please respect the safety and privacy of other users. Members, guests, or staff must not be captured in photos or videos without their verbal permission. This includes all UM Sport and Recreation Facilities.

Violation of this policy will result in the immediate revocation of membership/facility privileges. Additionally, we strongly encourage all users to refrain as much as possible from using any mobile device, tablet or laptop when in any change/locker/washroom area so to avoid suspicion of photos or videos being taken.

Promotional video/photography:

On occasion, photos and videos for professional purposes within UM Sport and Recreation Facilities may be taken but only with expressed written consent. Photo/video requests can be sent to UM Sport and Recreation Facilities Director Simon Wang at

Contact us regarding the photo and video policies:

If you have any questions regarding this policy or would like to report an incident where you feel you have been purposefully or inadvertently recorded in a photo or on video in a violation of our video and photo policy, please contact a member of our staff immediately. Alternatively, you may email us at