• So, you've hit 'submit' on your UM application or you've already received an offer of admission - congratulations! If you're wondering what happens next, we have you covered. Our next steps series will cover everything you need to know about becoming a UM student.

Next Steps for New Students

Recorded sessions

Your application and admission offer

Watch this session to learn more about how and when admission & scholarship offers will be made, important dates to remember, submitting documentations and AP/IB transfer credits.


Transitioning to university

This session will provide you with an overview of university terminology and some of the key differences between high school and university. 


International student session

Learn more about becoming an international student at the UM!

During this session we talk about submitting your final documents and provide helpful tips for a successful first year. 


Financial planning for university

There are many different ways students can pay for their post-secondary studies. This discussion will focus on how to financially plan for your academic journey. Learn everything you need to know about scholarships, bursaries, student loans and more!


Supporting your student - parent edition

Parents, guardians and loved ones are encouraged to watch this to gain tips for supporting their students as they transition to university.

Indigenous student session

Learn about our vibrant Indigenous campus community, the Indigenous Student Centre and supports for Indigenous students during this engaging 20 minute video.



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June 5 What's Next?

What's Next? includes sessions to help you discover information about financial aid options, explore career development, find out the differences between high school and university, and understand the supports and resources available for students.

Student support

As a university student, many new and unexpected personal and academic challenges may arise. The U of M has a variety of support services available to assist you in managing these challenges so you can be successful. Join us to hear how these resources can help you and the ways you can connect with Student Support offices.

Figuring out your career future

Figuring out where your career is headed is a process. This session will get you started on learning more about who you are and what you want for your career. We will detail steps you can take on your own and the ways Career Services can help you envision what’s next on your career path.

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Introduction to Financial Aid & Awards

Session cancelled. Information will be sent out.

Transition to university

Wondering what University is like?  How much work is it, really? What do you need to succeed in this remote environment? This session has the answers!

Students coming from high school, as well as their parents and supporters will learn: 

  • Some of the differences between high school and university
  • How to adjust to these differences
  • What tools are available and what you will need to succeed remotely 

June 10 - July 8 Get Ready to Register

Get Ready to Register is a three-part series designed specifically to help new students make choices and decisions about target programs, course selection and registration in classes. Each session builds on the next, so we encourage you to attend all three parts. Whether you have a specific program in mind, or are considering your options, completing Get Ready to Register, gives you all the tools you need to plan and register for your first year courses.

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Part 1: Supports to navigate your career journey

Making decisions about your career can feel exciting, challenging, rewarding, and a little scary all at the same time. Career Services is here to assist you to identify and reach your career goals throughout your entire degree program. Learn about the supports available to help you explore pathways, gain relevant and meaningful experiences, and make the most of your career journey during and after your studies at the University of Manitoba.

Session recording:

Part 2: Choosing your courses

The First Year Centre has created the First Year Planning Guide (FYPG) for brand new UM students. This session introduces the FYPG as the tool you will use for course selection. Whether you have a target program in mind, are hoping to do some exploration, any of these sessions will set you on the path leading to successful selection of your first year university courses. We’ll review how to make the most out of the FYPG and highlight the following:

  • The difference between course planning and registration
  • Commonly required first-year courses
  • How to choose your first-year courses
  • Where to find help

Part 3: Timetabling and registration

Once you have an idea of the courses you want to take, the next step is building your timetable and completing registration. During this session, we walk you through the process of developing your schedule and the steps to becoming registered in UM classes. 
This session will cover:

  • Considerations for course load
  • Steps for becoming enrolled in classes
  • Planning for the unexpected
  • Where to get help

*Please note that this session is designed for those who have already viewed Part 2: Choosing your courses.