Tuition Fees 2018-2019 Academic Year

Tuition fees at the University of Manitoba are dependent on the number of course credit hours a student is enrolled in and which Faculty or School offers those specific courses.

The following table lists approximate tuition for a student taking a full course load in an undergraduate program during the Fall & Winter terms. The approximate tuition fees listed include the student organization fee and endowment fee. Book/supplies costs are not included and will vary depending on a student’s program and/or specific choice of courses.

Please note that international students are required to pay an international differential fee. An approximation of these international tuition fees, including the differential fee, is included in the chart below. Programs that do not accept international student applicants have their tuition fees listed as "not eligible". For more information on the University of Manitoba's international student policies, please see the international student section of this web site.

Program Full Course Load
(credit hours)
Approximate Tuition
Permanent Resident
International Student

University 11

n/a 30 $4,700 $16,000
Agriculture Diploma 48 $5,100 $17,000
Degree 30 $5,400 $18,000
Architecture Degree 33 $5,700 $18,500
Arts Degree 30 $4,200 $14,500
Business Degree 30 $6,100 $20,000

Dental Hygiene2

Degree n/a


Not eligible
Dentistry2 Degree n/a $22,700 Not eligible
Education Degree 30 $4,600 $16,000
Engineering Degree 41 $7,000 $21,500
Environment, Earth, & Resources Degree 30 $5,000 $17,500
Extended Education Various Dependent on courses Dependent on courses

Dependent on courses

Fine Arts Degree (Art History) 30 $5,300 $18,500
Studio Degree 37 $6,400 $22,000
Diploma 34 $5,900 $20,500
Interdisciplinary Health Degree 30 $4,800 $16,500
Kinesiology & Recreation Management Degree 35 $5,600 $19,500
Law Degree 36 $11,300 $26,500
Medicine2 Degree n/a $9,700 Not eligible
Music3 Degree 32 $5,000 $18,000
Nursing Degree 33 $5,600 $18,500
Pharmacy Degree 34 $10,600 Not eligible
Rehabilitation Sciences Degree 45 $6,600 Not eligible
Science Degree 30 $5,300 $17,500
Social Work Degree 33 $5,600 $19,000
  1. Fees for University 1 are based on a combination of science and arts courses.
  2. Fees for these programs are charged as a flat fee, regardless of course load.
  3. Instrument expenses not included.

Disclaimer: Fees are approved annually by The University of Manitoba Board of Governors. In the event of a discrepancy between the fee rates approved by the Board and those published on this website, the fee rates approved by the Board will prevail. Students will be notified of any corrections that result in a re-assessment of their student account.

The cost of your university education will depend on many factors such as:

Your Residency: Canadian and International residents
Students who are not Canadian citizens, permanent residents or landed immigrants of Canada will be assessed a differential tuition fee (*exemption for Minnesota residents). Other costs will include supplementary health and dental insurance and student visa application. For more information on attending the University of Manitoba as an international student, please visit our International Student Section of the website.

Your Program & Courses
The number of years required for study, textbook requirements, tuition fees and faculty fees will all vary by program. Your yearly tuition costs will be determined by the types of courses you take and your number of registered credit hours. For more information on buying textbooks, please visit our University of Manitoba Bookstore. For more information on a specific program, please see our program list.

Your Living Accommodations & Lifestyle
Housing is available on campus through our university residences, though many students choose to live off campus as well. For more information on both on and off campus housing options, please visit our Student Residences web site.

You can direct further questions to our fee hub -

Or to contact the Registrar's Office at

400 University Centre
University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N2 Canada
Phone: 204-474-9420 Fax: 204-269-1065
Toll Free: 1-877-474-9420 Questions? – Just askumanitoba

Last updated: July 20, 2018


Application Fees
$100 Canadian Citizens/Permanent Residents
$120 International Applicants

Estimated Costs:

Full-time, first year U1 student (30 credit hours)

Actual costs for study at the University of Manitoba will depend on many factors (see residency, program choice and accommodations/lifestyle below). For more information visit the Registrar's Office fee information webpage.

Permanent Residents
Books & Supplies1
Medical Insurance2
Sport and Recreation Fee

Parking Pass (optional)



Residence (optional)

$7,100 - $13,300

$7,100 - $13,300

$7,800 - $21,700
$19,100 - $33,000

  1. Does not include musical instruments or Dental Hygiene kits and will vary by program.
  2. Students who are covered under another medical plan may choose to decline participation in the University of Manitoba Students’ Union (UMSU) health plan. Further information is available from the UMSU Health Insurance Office.
  3. Only students who have been assessed the U-Pass fee and meet certain criteria can apply to opt-out of the U-Pass, and all applicants will need appropriate documentation. More information on the U-Pass can be found on the UMSU website.
  4. International students will be expected to pay an additional health insurance fee. Visit for more information.