Graduate programs

We offer Masters and PhD programs in Microbiology. Explore and apply to these programs here:

These programs are research-intensive. For that reason, a faculty member must agree to supervise the applicant, before the applicant is accepted for admission. In exceptional circumstances, individuals may be admitted to a Pre-Master’s program, where a research component and undergraduate courses are required before applying to the graduate program.

In all cases, potential applicants must obtain written consent from a prospective supervisor within the department prior to submitting their application.

Steps to apply for graduate studies in the Department of Microbiology

  1. Be familiar with the general admission requirements established by the Faculty of Graduate Studies of the University of Manitoba.
  2. Learn about the research conducted in the Department of Microbiology and find a potential supervisor by visiting the lab webpages of the Microbiology faculty members. Choose one or more potential supervisors based on your research interests and experience.
  3. Contact one or more potential supervisors by email expressing your research interests and the reasons you have chosen their research programs. Attach your Curriculum Vitae (CV) or resume and undergraduate transcripts. If the scale used by your school is different from the one used by the University of Manitoba, you may convert your final grade and add it to the CV or email.
  4. Wait for a response. If your package is selected, you will be contacted by a potential supervisor, usually within one or two weeks. You will receive further instructions on how to proceed.
  5. Once your supervisor accepts your application with a letter of support, apply using the Faculty of Graduate Studies web portal.

Learn and calculate your estimated graduate tuition and fees.

If you are an international student, you can learn about study permits and visas through UM International Centre.

Deadline to apply

Please, note that the Department of Microbiology is not able to provide feedback to potential applicants who are not selected by potential supervisors.

Below, are common reasons for failing to find a potential supervisor:

  • There are no positions available with that potential supervisor.
  • The interest or research experience of the potential applicant does not match that of the supervisor.
  • The email sent by the applicant is directed to multiple supervisors simultaneously.
  • The email sent by the applicant does not contain the required information.
  • The academic history of the potential applicant is not competitive compared to other individuals applying at the time.

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