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The Department of Ophthalmology at UM performs approximately 12,000 eye surgeries a year at Misericordia Health Centre’s dynamic Eye Care Centre of Excellence—the most comprehensive surgical and treatment program in Western Canada. Nearly 32,000 patients visit our ambulatory eye clinics for other assessments and treatments.

A broad spectrum of ophthalmological expertise

Enthusiastic and friendly teaching staff with an excellent representation of subspecialty interests define our department.

Wide-ranging opportunities

Our large catchment area results in high surgical volumes and an excellent case mix. Explore local, national and international elective opportunities.

What we offer

The Department of Ophthalmology at UM offers a broad range of practical and theoretical-based programs.

department Research

For more information about research in our department, contact:

Michael Richards
Research director

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Undergraduate Research Awards

Each year, the University of Manitoba provides a multitude of unique learning opportunities through the undergraduate research awards. This program allows undergraduate students to interact with the best minds and research leaders in their fields. This experience opens them up to new possibilities for a research career in either government, academic or industry sectors.

Faculty and staff

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