Physiotherapist works on a patient's knee.

Physiotherapy in Manitoba

Physiotherapists in Manitoba work in all types of settings including hospitals, rehabilitation centres, personal care homes, social services, private practice and industry with people of all ages. Physiotherapists are independent practitioners who work on goals set with clients to meet their personal needs.

Between 2011 and 2021, 34 out of 52 (65%) of internationally educated physiotherapy applicants who successfully passed the CAPR assessment became registered in the profession. The average time to registration was 4.0 years

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    Average time to registration

    4 years

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How to register for practice

Registering to practice physiotherapy in Manitoba is a similar process to other provinces, with the clinical exam process currently being revised. The multiple-choice (written) exam and credential assessment process continues to run.

The College of Physiotherapists of Manitoba (CPM) provides information for IEHPs. They are the provincial regulator, through whom all physiotherapists in Manitoba must be registered to practice.

There are multiple steps listed on the CPM site for IEHPs. Please review these in full by navigating through the menu on the left side of their website, as many frequent questions are addressed there. 

If you have further questions related to the registration process, please reach out to CPM directly or contact the Access Hub and we will help to direct you to the appropriate organization and/or resources.


Fee information

Be sure to expand each section (step 1 to 6) on the CPM site to access fee information.

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