The Advisor Student Guidelines form is designed to guide discussion between advisor/co-advisors and graduate student registered in a thesis or practicum program in establishing guidelines for their relationship. It may be revisited at any stage of the student’s graduate program to accommodate changes in the student-advisor/co-advisors relationship.

The student-advisor/co-advisors relationship involves mentoring, support, career development, as well as academic oversight. Advisor/Co-advisors and student must arrive at jointly acceptable terms to establish their relationship.

The advisor/co-advisors is/are responsible for supervising the graduate student’s graduate program. The advisor/co-advisors is/are the student’s primary point(s) of contact at the University of Manitoba, and should be familiar with the general policies and regulations of the Faculty of Graduate Studies as well as the specific supplementary regulations of their academic unit. This form does not replace official University of Manitoba statements of policy and procedure.

If students or advisors/co-advisors have any questions or concerns regarding their graduate program or this form, advice may be sought from the program graduate chair, department/unit head, Student Advocacy or the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

The Faculty of Graduate Studies plays an active role in the development of the student-advisor/co-advisors relationship. Please review our website to find more information, consultation, and guidance for both advisor/co-advisors and student.

The ASG must be completed prior to the commencement of any research and no later than the submission of the first Progress Report for the student.

How to complete an ASG

The Advisor-Student Guidelines system has been updated and moved to the new Graduate Studies Hub Sharepoint site. It is no longer accessible via Jump.

The Advisor-Student Guidelines must be completed online using the form found on the Graduate Studies Hub Sharepoint site which is accessible to all faculty, staff, and students. No paper copies or other formats (e.g., PDF) will be accepted.

Advisors and Co-Advisors who do not have a University of Manitoba email address must be added as a guest in the University of Manitoba environment before completing and submitting the Advisor-Student Guidelines. Students, faculty, and staff are able to do this by inviting the external user to join a team in Microsoft Teams. Once the external user accepts the invitation and validates their identity, you will be ready to complete and submit the ASG form. If you are unable to successfully add the external user to a Team, please submit an access request via the Request for External Access to the Graduate Studies Hub form.

Instructions for completing the form and approving the submission are available on the Graduate Studies Hub.

To access the Graduate Studies Hub

To access the Advisor-Student Guidelines form, you will need to:

  1. Log in to your Office account using your University of Manitoba credentials (i.e., or
    • If you accessed the login page from a link to the Graduate Studies Hub, you will be directed to the Graduate Studies Hub home page once you have logged in using Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).
    • If you accessed the login page from another link (e.g.,, you can navigate to Sharepoint from the Apps waffle menu and search for the Graduate Studies Hub using the search bar at the top of the screen.
  2. From the Graduate Studies Hub home screen, select the “Advisor-Student Guidelines” button or navigate to the page from the navigation toolbar at the top of the screen (under “Program Requirements”).


  1. If an ASG has already been submitted by paper (prior to January 1, 2017) and a copy has been retained, an electronic form does not need to be completed.
  2. If an ASG has already been completed via the old system (Jump), a new submission is not required.
  3. Joint U of W program Advisors who do not have a University of Manitoba account need to be granted access to the Graduate Studies Hub in order to access the form. This can be achieved by inviting them to a Team or requesting access via the Request for External Access form before submitting the Advisor-Student Guidelines form.
  4. Students who do not have an advisor at the time of their first Progress Report must complete the ASG with the Grad Chair and then again once the Advisor is determined.
  5. A new Advisor-Student Guidelines form must be completed if:
    • If a student changes Advisor/Co-Advisor or adds a Co-Advisor after submitting an ASG; or
    • A student changes programs.
  6. The agreement may be revisited at any stage of the student’s graduate program to accommodate changes in the advisor-student relationship. Additional ASG forms may be submitted to reflect changes in the Advisor-Student relationship.

Help with your ASG form

Please visit the Graduate Studies Hub for answers to frequently asked questions and contact details for further inquiries.

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