The following is a list of persons currently holding the title of Distinguished Professor Emeritus/Emerita indicates the year of their appointment to the title of Distinguished Professor, faculty and where applicable, department in addition to the year in which they received the title of Distinguished Professor Emeritus/Emerita.

Year Appointed
Distinguished Professor
Name Department, College, Faculty Year Received Title of Distinguished Professor Emeritus/Emerita
1981 Friesen, H.G. Physiology, Medicine, Health Sciences 2000
1983 Cohen, H. Applied Mathematics, Science 2004
1984 Gibson, D. Law 2004
1985 Gratzer, George Mathematics, Science 2011
1986 Anthonisen, N. Medicine, Health Sciences 2004
1986 Ronald, A.R. Medicine, Health Sciences 1999
1989 Eales, J.G. Zoology, Science 2004
1993 Wolfart, H. Christoph Linguistics, Arts 2012
1997 Hawthorne, Frank Geological Sciences, Environment, Earth, and Resources 2018
1997 Anna, Timothy History, Arts 2010
1998 Smil, Vaclav Geography, Arts 2011
1999 Younes, Magdy Internal Medicine, Medicine, Health Sciences 2004


1999 van Oers, Willem T.H. Physics and Astronomy, Science 2004


2002 Friesen, Gerald History, Arts 2011
2002 Shafai, Lotfollah Electrical and Computer Engineering, Engineering 2016
2003 Berkes, Fikret Natural Resources Institute, Environment, Earth, and Resources 2016
2003 Chaturvedi, Mahesh Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Engineering 2010
2004 Jayas, Digvir Biosystems Engineering, Agricultural and Food Sciences 2023
2006 Kwong, Julia Sociology, Arts 2007
2006 Martin, Garry Psychology, Arts 2009
2007 Degner, Lesley Nursing, Health Sciences 2013
2008 Page, John Physics and Astronomy, Science 2015
2008 Butler, Michael Microbiology, Science 2016
2009 Oleszkiewicz, Jan Civil Engineering, Engineering 2021
2010 Holley, Richard Food Science, Agricultural and Food Sciences 2016
2010 Judd, Ellen Anthropology, Arts 2021
2014 Brydon, Diana English, Theatre, Film and Media, Arts 2020
2015 Murphy, Leigh Rady Faculty of Health Sciences, Max Rady College of Medicine, Biochemistry and Medical Genetics 2023
2018 Pierce, Grant Rady Faculty of Health Sciences, Max Rady College of Medicine, Physiology and Pathophysiology 2024
2020 Comack, Elizabeth Sociology and Criminology, Arts 2020
2021 Hack, Thomas Nursing, Health Sciences 2023