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Department of Environment and Geography

Undergraduate programs

We offer four undergraduate programs leading to both arts and sciences degrees.

Graduate programs

We offer four graduate programs leading to master's degrees in arts and sciences, as well as a doctorate.

Supports for student success

We offer a rich experience for all students. Graduate resources include program milestone checklists, registration approval forms, and seminar guidelines, information about current projects, and student associations like the E&G Graduate Student Association, as well as information about funding and awards.

Graduate student forms and resources

E&G Grad Student Association

The Environment and Geography Graduate Student Association is your voice within the University of Manitoba Graduate Student Association (UMGSA). We represent our department in general meetings and sit in internal committees which provide responsibilities such as organizing internal funds or giving out student awards of the UMGSA.

Department of Environment and Geography Supplemental Regulations

The “Supp Regs” contain the Faculty of Graduate Studies’ Academic Guide along with the Department’s supplemental regulations. All the formal rules that govern the Masters and Doctoral programs are found here.

Milestone Checklists

Master's Checklist and Ph.D. Checklist
Distilled down from the Supp Regs, these checklists contain the essentials of what you need to graduate.

Graduate Student Registration Approval Form

Current students must obtain their advisor’s approval for their coursework and return to the Graduate Program Coordinator before registering for Fall. (Fall and Winter can be noted on the same form.)

Graduate Seminar Guidelines

All students must give a seminar presentation at one of the twice-a-year departmental seminars. Ph.D. students give two presentations.

International Student Resources

Application Requirements

All graduate programs require at 3.0 incoming GPA, and some require higher. Please check with the individual programs.
Calculating an equivalent incoming GPA for the University of Manitoba can be difficult. Calculations are taken from the last two years of academic work, and some general instructions can be found below.

In addition, international applicants may be required to submit an English Language Proficiency test score. Please see below for acceptable tests and exemptions.


The Faculty of Graduate Studies lists scholarships and fellowships available for international students.

Health Care Coverage

Health care coverage is required for international students, and the MISHP program has been developed for coverage in the province.

  • FAQ: Answers to many questions about cost, coverage, and exceptions
  • MISHP website: For information on Coverage, Claims, and how to find a Clinic

Other Help

Please contact the Interrnational Centre with any questions about Visas, and see their website for many other resources for new students in Winnipeg.


The Department of Environment and Geography is home to some of the world’s leading researchers and facilities focused on understanding the relationship between people and the planet, and how that relationship is changing due to human and non-human causes.

A man uses an auger to drill a whole in the ice.

Fields of research

The Department of Environment and Geography is responsible for a wide range of disciplinary and interdisciplinary activities and is a forerunner in research outreach activities, including international research with scientists in North and South America, and throughout Asia.

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