Whether you're looking for an easy way to get fit, or something more intense, we provide a variety of fun, challenging and motivating classes to fit your needs, interests and abilities. All fitness levels and experiences are welcome!

Classes are included with membership and will vary throughout the term. No registration is required! But be sure to get to the class before the scheduled start time.

Our instructors are certified with the Manitoba Fitness Council, Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology or other nationally recognized training agencies.

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Aging actively


Enjoy the buoyancy and resistance effects of deep water in this fun and refreshing exercise class. Both shallow and deep water workouts will provide cardio, muscular endurance and flexibility without any jarring impact.

Resistance training

Enjoy a social atmosphere while you work on general muscular conditioning (strength and endurance), flexibility, stability and balance, resulting in greater mobility and reduced injuries, and most of all, fun!


This gentle yoga experience will leave you feeling calm, refreshed and full of energy while challenging your balance and flexibility to improve your quality of life.

Yoga release

This class is a combination of flowing yoga poses to warm you up followed by myofascial release movements, using deep, passive poses to improve your mobility and flexibility.


Aqua bootcamp

Aqua Bootcamp is a fast-paced circuit-style interval training workout in the deep end of the pool for those who want to work hard but keep it low impact. Participants must be comfortable being in the deep-end. Aqua belts are provided.

Aqua interval

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is getting wet! Experience an aqua workout in the shallow end that uses interval training formats where you alternate between working hard and recovering. This total body workout uses the natural resistance of the water to challenge the body.

Cardio & choreography

Cardio (Joe Doupe ONLY)

Join Brenda as she takes you through a cardio workout! Step, aerobics, interval, cycle or a fusion. Every week is different and all levels of fitness are welcome.

Metis jigging

A blend of French, Scottish, Irish and First Nations dance styles. It is a high-energy dance with quick and complex footwork, so come prepared to work up a good sweat.

Pow wow

Everyone is welcome to join the group in a safe, family-friendly environment where participants will learn different pow wow styles, along with song and drum teachings. No experience is needed. Regalia is not required.

Reebok step

Enjoy a continuous cardiovascular workout using Reebok step benches that will keep you on your toes with fun routines.


Zumba is a high-energy, Latin-inspired dance fitness class that will have you dancing to various rhythms. There are no rules except to have fun and sweat as you get lost in the music and express yourself. Ditch the gym workout and join the dance party!

Zumba (Joe Doupe)

A fun class that incorporates dance with some Latin moves. You'll forget that you're exercising!


Cycle xpress

Kick your regular workout routine into high gear while riding to the beat of energy-infused music.  Experience a variety of class styles from intervals to real-road rides.

Inverval & combo

Abs & cardio

Target and challenge your abdominal and lower back muscles. The addition of cardiovascular intervals will get your heart rate up for a fun combo workout.

Glutes & cardio

Target and challenge your glutes and leg muscles. The addition of leg-focused cardiovascular intervals will get your heart rate up for a fun combo workout.

HIIT cardio

This cardio-focused interval training workout will utilize a variety of work to rest formats as well as different portable equipment and body weight exercises.

HIIT cardio boxing

This cardio-focused interval training workout will utilize a variety of work to rest formats with a boxing themed twist. Get ready to work hard for awesome results!

HIIT combo

This interval training workout will utilize various work-to-rest formats and different portable equipment and bodyweight exercises to challenge your muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular system, agility, power and coordination. Get ready to work hard for incredible results!

Lunch crunch (Joe Doupe ONLY)

A 30-minute class that could include HIIT or Tabata type training. Often includes body weight exercises or dumbbells. A great class for those who wan to to a quick, intense workout and get back to class or work.

Met Con

This full body calorie-burning, functional fitness workout will challenge your muscular strength and endurance while creating a continuous cardiovascular training effect, all without jumping or 'cardio-specific' exercises. Metabolic Conditioning to the max!

Total body strength PLUS

Enjoy a total body workout geared to improve muscular strength and endurance while using various portable equipment and bodyweight exercises. The addition of cardiovascular intervals to the class adds an extra body challenge!

Mind body

Mobility mastery

This dynamic workout includes flexibility exercises but it is not stretching, asanas but it is not yoga, strengthening moves but it is not resistance training. Unleash your bodies full range of motion to help you move better, train better, and feel better.


Build strength and flexibility in your core to improve your posture and balance. Learn to stand taller, move with more stability and engage your core in all activities. Focus is on the quality of controlled movements and sequences that will benefit and challenge your body and mind.

Pilates (Joe Doupe)

Pilates improves flexibility, builds strength, and develops control and endurance in the entire body. There is an emphasis on alignment, breathing, developing a strong core and improving coordination and balance.

Yoga (Joe Doupe ONLY)

This slow-paced class works to stretch connective tissues as well as create healthy stress for joints, ligaments, and tendons. Breath is linked in to assist our practice and quiet our minds,

Yoga flow

Enjoy a fusion of group fitness and yoga to keep your body and mind connected as you flow and blend one pose into the next.


Increase your flexibility and muscular endurance with static and dynamic yoga poses that will make you longer and stronger. Resistance training equipment, such as bands or light weights, may be added to the poses.

Yoga release

This class combines flowing yoga poses to warm you up, followed by myofascial release movements, using foam rollers, massage balls, and/or deep, passive poses to improve your mobility and flexibility to help you feel, move and perform better.

Muscle building

Abs & glutes

Target and challenge your core and legs with this strength and conditioning class using a variety of equipment and training formats.


Find your inner grace as you experience the Barre workout, a fusion of dance, flexibility, balance, and resistance training. Movements will tone and sculpt your entire body.

Body conditioning (Joe Doupe Only)

Combine alternating segments of upper, lower, and core body strength exercises for an energizing, non-cardio type of workout.

Strong (Joe Doupe ONLY)

This is a combo of body weight, muscle conditioning, cardio, plyometric moves synchronized to music!

Total body strength

Enjoy a total body workout and improve your muscular strength and endurance while using various equipment and bodyweight exercises.

TRX & …bells

Not only will you use your body weight with the TRX Suspension System but ...bells (kettlebells, dumbbells, and plate-loaded barbells) exercises will be added as you work through tried and true push, pull, press, and lift exercises. Build and sculpt your muscles in this strength-focused workout.