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  • Master's
  • PhD


  • PSYC 2530 - Psychology of Personality
  • PSYC 4540/7310 - Social Justice Research


Katherine Starzyk, PhD, is a Professor in Social and Personality Psychology at the University of Manitoba. She is also a Founding Member of the Centre for Human Rights Research as well as the Centre for Social Science Research and Policy. Katherine brings her identity as a Polish Canadian woman and the first person in her work-class family to attend university to her work.


  • PhD (Social-Personality Psychology), Queen's University, 2004
  • MA (Psychology), Queen's University, 2000
  • BA Honours, with First Class Honours (Psychology), University of Alberta, 1998


Research interests

  • Intergroup relations 
  • Reconciliation
  • Collective action
  • Solidarity
  • Psychometrics
  • Attitude change
  • Support for reparations
  • Personality

Research summary

In her research, teaching, and service, Katherine focuses on understanding how to shift attitudes toward past and present human rights issues as well as how various frames of such issues or histories affect intergroup relations, focusing pr imarily (but not exclusively) on the relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples in Canada. In collaboration with students in the Social Justice Laboratory and others across disciplines and sectors, Katherine’s work is multidisciplinary and involves diverse methodologies, including interviews, focus groups, public polling, survey, correlational, and experimental methods as well as quantitative, qualitative, and archival analysis. Through this work, she aims to make both scholarly and applied contributions. Presently, alongside a dedicated team of Indigenous and non-Indigenous partners and co-investigators, Katherine is spending much of her time on the Canadian Reconciliation Barometer

Research affiliations/groups

Selected publications


  • Starzyk, K. B. (2022, January 11). The Canadian Reconciliation Barometer [Café Scientifique panel discussant with co-participants L. Fontaine & R. Moran]. Moderators A. Fontaine & I. Effimoff. Host: D. Jayas. University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB, Canada. 
  • Starzyk, K. B. (2021, March 25). The Canadian Reconciliation Barometer: Understanding, measuring progress toward, and creating interventions to promote reconciliation in Canada [Research Showcase Roundtable presenter with co-participants J. Uzonna, P. Maghoul, J. Mammei, J. Paliwal, & G. Stern]. Hosts: Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry of the Government of Canada; A. Farenhorst and D. Jayas, University of Manitoba. University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB, Canada.
  • Starzyk, K. B., & Fontaine, A. S. M. (2017, October 20). Attitudes about reconciliation [All My Relations: Relating to Mother Earth workshop; teacher professional development]. Host: Council for Indigenous Education in Manitoba. Glenlawn Collegiate, Winnipeg, MB, Canada.
  • Starzyk, K. B., & Fontaine, A. S. M. (2017, June 29). Right to clean water: The most precious gift public engagement cluster findings [Webinar]. Host: First Nations Health and Social Services Secretariat of Manitoba Partners for Engagement and Knowledge Exchange (PEKE), Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs. Winnipeg, MB, Canada.
  • Starzyk, K. B. (2017, March 4). Visionary conversations across the nation: Acknowledging the past, creating our future [Panel discussant with co-presenter R. Moran]. Host: D. Barnard, University of Manitoba. Victoria, BC, Canada.

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