Indigenous Studies Colloquium

Join our weekly panel discussing and visiting with some of the best speakers, leaders and researchers in Indigenous Studies on Turtle Island.

Held live at the Fort Garry Campus
Wednesdays 11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
Location: 207 Isbister Building (unless otherwise noted)

Recordings of some of the past events from 2020 and 2021 can be viewed on our Facebook page.

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Winter 2024 schedule

  • INDG Indigenous Languages roundtable
  • “Indigenous Administration and INDG” Angie Bruce, VP Indigenous, University of Manitoba
  • “Michif Storytelling and the Writing of Home” Matthew Terault, University of Manitoba
  • “Beyond Educational Genocide” Samara Hand, University of New South Wales, Australia
  • “Plundering the North: Colonialism, Corp. Welfare and Food Ins.” Kristina Burnett, Lakehead University and Travis Hay, Mount Royal University, held virtually
  • “Can Storytelling Bridge Conflicts between indigenous Communities?” Kristina Bidwell, CRC in Indigenous Storytelling, University of Saskatchewan
  • “A Comparative Analysis of Louis Riel and Li Keur” Nicole Stonyk, University of Manitoba
  • “Introducing New Introductory Courses for Indigenous Studies” Laura Forsythe, University of Winnipeg
  • “Defining History and Manitoba’s First Indigenous Premier” Jean and Gerald Friesen, Historians

Past events (Fall 2023)

  • Surveillant Metrics: Technologies of Whiteness and the Production of Food Insecurity in Winnipeg; Dr. Merissa Daborn, University of Manitoba; Room: 409 Tier
  • Washagay: Generative Sites of Knowledge Transmission and Generous Reciprocity; Dr. Cathy Mattes, University of Winnipeg; Room: 409 Tier
  • “In-Between Erotics: Two-Spirit, Trans, and Queer Indigenous Creative Expression and Sleeping Anishinaabe Epistemologies; Adrienne Huard, University of Manitoba; Room: 307 Tier
  • Mlte Achimowm and research methodology; Dr. Lorena Fontaine, University of Manitoba; Room: 409 Tier
  • “Women hold that in their hearts and their bodies": Talking Politics with Métis Women; Dr. Jennifer Adese, University of Toronto; Room: 207 Isbister
  • Bizindaadiwag: Indigenous Language Ecologies and Public Art in wínipék; Dr. Patrizia Zanella, University of Manitoba; Room: 207 Isbister
  • Blackness and Indigeneity: historical relationalities; Dr. Aileen Moreton-Robinson, University of Queensland; Room: 207 Isbister; Start time of 5:30 p.m. CT
  • “Racialization, Possession, and Elimination: Theorizing Right Wing Anti-Indigenous Politics”; Dr. Kyle WiIlmott, Simon Fraser University; Room: 307 Tier
  • “Indigenous sovereignty and fish: thinking through research-creation approaches to studying Métis-fish relations”; Dr. Zoe Todd, Simon Fraser University; Room: 207 Isbister
  • TBD; Melody McKiver, University of Manitoba; Room: 307 Tier
  • Beadwork is Medicine; Tammy Wolfe, University of Manitoba; Room: 307 Tier
  • Restor(y)ing gendered polykinetic relations through historical analyses of the Iron Alliance; Iapi debwewin aansaamb, University of Manitoba; Room: 409 Tier

Past events (Winter 2023)

  • "Indigenous Aesthetics and Red as Beautiful", Niigaan Sinclair, University of Manitoba
  • "Nii Ndahlohke: Boys' and Girls' Work at Mount Elgin Industrial School 1890-1915", Mary Jane McCallum, University of Winnipeg
  • Cancelled
  • "Reflections on Conducting Indigenous Studies Research" Rob Innes, McMaster University
  • "Fish/Scale Practice: Magnifying the Gifts From the Fish Through Fish Scale Art" Erin Konsmo
  • "Queen’s Metis?: A Review of the Queen’s Indigenous Identity Fraud Report as it Pertains to Metis Identity” Ally Freedman, University of Manitoba
  • "Indigenous Data Sovereignties: Global Visions, Canadian Entanglements" Chris Andersen, University of Alberta
  • "Beads as Method" Kristen Bos, University of Toronto
  • "From Red River to the Shores of Lake Manitoba: L'stwayr di ma faami (stories of my family)" Mona Kines, University of Manitoba
  • "Indigenous Science, Technology, and Society: Scientific Fragility" Jessica Kolopenuk, University of Alberta
  • "The Way Forward: Understanding the impact of historical & intergenerational trauma to promote healing within First Nations Youth" Caitlin Richard, UM & "Noah Massan - Resource User & resulting adverse effects from hydro development" Dennis Anderson, UM
  • "Upholding Indigenous Economic Relationships: Nehiyawak Narratives" Shalene Jobin, University of Alberta

Indigenization Drop-in

Open to academics, staff and graduate students from all Faculties.

Bring your questions on Indigenization and reconciliation in research and instruction and we'll work through them together.

Resuming Fall 2023.

Indigenous Language Drop-ins

Open to students, academics and staff from all Faculties.

A time to practice conversational language, ask questions or learn new words.

Resuming Fall 2023.

Professionalization Workshops

Open to UM graduate students from any Faculty working in Indigenous Studies.

Resuming Fall 2023.