Research programs

Our research is focused on the sustainability and productivity of the land base, enhancement of crop and livestock production, and maintenance of soil, water and food quality as affected by agriculture and other human activities.

Sampling soil in the field.

Sustainable food production and communities

Sustaining and increasing the production of crops by enhancing soil management practices, and reducing soil degradation that threatens food production.

Students gathering water samples.

Healthy land, air and water

The use of an integrated approach to agricultural land management within the environment (agricultural landscapes and watersheds) to explore approaches for managing soils and crops to minimize contamination of land, air and water.

Man working with flight auger.

Climate-smart soils

Exploring and promoting soil processes and management practices to better improve crop production in the evolving climate of the Canadian prairies.

Measuring greenhouse gas emission in spring thaw, photo by Marliese Peterson.

Cold region soil processes and management

Developing agricultural management practices for improving soil processes, agronomic productivity, and environmental health in northern environments where soils undergo annual freezing and thawing.

Research Chairs


Our network of facilities can be found both on campus and in assorted locations within the province of Manitoba. Our highly collaborative research programming allows our faculty and students to conduct work at locations across the province including Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada's Brandon Research and Development Centre, the Canada-Manitoba Crop Diversification Centre in Carberry, and the Churchill Northern Student Centre.

Through the collaboration with other University of Manitoba departments and outside partners, our researchers and students have access to equipment to conduct specialized research in agronomy, soil biomass, environmental conditions, gases, molecular biology, and soil ecology among others.

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Department Publication List


Year Name Title
2023 Fatema, Marufa Investigation of pesticides in rivers and an on-farm mitigation strategy for reducing point-source pollution
2023 Zheng, Fangzhou The effects of existing water-eroded channels on water erosion and tillage erosion, and the integration of these effects into models of total soil erosion 
2023 Zarrinabadi, Ehsan Soil erosion and fluxes of sediment within landscapes of the Canadian Prairies
2022 Goharrokhi, Mousad Sedimentary processes in large, regulated river systems in the Canadian subarctic
2022 Eragoda Arachchilage, Geethani Effect of water distribution system on drinking water quality in First Nations communities in Manitoba, Canada
2022 Thiessen Martins, Joanne Characterizing the behaviour and efficacy of struvite fertilizer for organically managed crops in Manitoba soils
2021 Adesanya, Theresa Characterizing the plant-assisted attenuation of antibiotics in municipal biosolids
2020 Adelekun, Mayowa Measurement and simulation of nitrous oxide fluxes from perennial forage grasses and annual crops amended with pig manure and inorganic fertilizer 
2020 Lasisi, Ahmed Efficacy of urease inhibitor with and without nitrification inhibitor in improving efficiency of urea-based fertilizers
2018 Jeke, Nicholson Wetland and terrestrial phytoremediation of an end-of-life municipal lagoon using cattail (Typha spp.)
2017 Taylor, Amanda Investigating spatial representation of micrometeorological flux measurements over agroecosystems
2017 Ojo, Rotimi In situ and modelled soil moisture determination and upscaling from point-based to field scale
2017 Munira, Sirajum Competitive sorption interactions of organic and inorganic chemicals in soil
2017 Agomoh, Ike Nutrient dynamics and phytoextraction in soils receiving long-term manure application
2016 Molina, Oscar Identification of Verticillium species and control methods for Verticillium wilt of potato in Manitoba
2016 Amarakoon Mudiyansel, Inoka Dilrukshi Environmental Fate of Chlortetracycline, Sulfamethazine and Tylosin Fed to Feedlot Cattle
2016 Hajihassani, Abolfazl Studies of Plant Host Preferences of the Stem Nematodes Ditylenchus Weischeri and D. Dipsaci
2016 Singh, Baljeet Methods to Determine Spatial Variations of Herbicide and Estrogen Sorption Coefficients in Undulating to Hummocky Terrains for Pesticide Fate Modelling at the Large Scale
2015 Karimi, Rezvan Downward Movement of Nitrate and Phosphorus from Hog Manures in Annual and Perennial Cropping Systems
2015 Messing, Paul Pesticides in the Air, Atmospheric Deposits, and Surface Waters of Canada
2012 Wilson, Janna Agricultural Pesticide Use Trends in Manitoba and 2,4-D Fate in Soil
2012 Coppi, Luca Nitrogen and Phosphorus in Soil and Groundwater Following Repeated Nitrogen-based Swine Slurry Applications to a Tame Grassland on Coarse Textured Soil
2011 Caron, Emmanuelle Fate of Estrogenic Compounds in Agricultural Soils and Development of an Immunoassay for their Environmental Detection
2011 Olatuyi, Olalekan Measurement and Simulation of Solute Transport in a Hummocky Landscape
2010 Glenn, Aaron James Greenhouse gas fluxes and budget for an annual cropping system in the Red River Valley, Manitoba, Canada
2009 Mahran, Amro Suppression of the root-lesion nematode using liquid hog manure
2007 Ajiboye, Babasola Molecular speciation of phosphorus in organic amendnents and amended soils using nuclear magnetic resonance and X-ray absorption spectroscopies
2007 Gaultier, J. Variability of soil properties and 2,4-D fate at field and regional scales as affected by ecoregion, landscape position and soil depth
2007 Li, Sheng Tillage translocation and tillage erosion: Measurement, modelling, application and validation
2005 Ryan, Michael Jeffrey The biotic and abiotic interactions influencing organochlorine contaminants in temporal trends (1992-2003) of three Yukon lakes: Focus on Lake Laberge
2002 Wiebe, B. H. The role of natural and anthropogenic factors in soil organic matter quality and aggregate stability of cool temperate soils
2000 Tomasiewicz, Dale J. Advancing the understanding and interpretation of plant and soil tests for phosphorus in Manitoba
1998 Fisk, Aaron T. Dietary accumulation, sediment bioavailability and toxicity of polychlorinated n-alkanes
1998 Hao, Xiying Diffusive movement and reactions of phosphate and associated cations in an acid soil and in aluminum-rich soil-like systems
1998 Indraratne, Srimathie P. The composition of interlayered clays affects the retention and transformations of organic compounds
1998 Rawn, Dorothea The transport and deposition of current use pesticides and PCBs to surface waters in the Red River drainage basin
1996 Jin, Heng The dissipation of chlorpyrifos and cypermethrin and their metabolites in elm bark, litter and soil and their persistence in the control of the native elm bark beetle
1995 Dubbin, William E. Structure and stability of hydroxy-Cr and -Al interlayers in montmorillonite
1993 Fuller, Lesley G. Ultrasonic dispersion of clay from soil aggregates in relation to carbohydrate content
1993 Tu, Shihua Effects of KCl on solubility and bioavailability of Mn in soil and some reactions of birnessite in the presence of some Mn compounds
1993 Lathiff, Mohamed Abdul Potassium fixation in coarse textured soils
1990 Nyaki, Adolf S. Factors affecting the utilization of zinc from zinc fertilizer bands by wheat
1990 Kumaragamage, D. Effect of four salts on the transport and retention of fertilizer P in soils and its availability to plants
1990 Akinremi, Olalekan O. The diffusive transport of phosphate and associated cation in soil and soil-like systems
1989 Flaten, Donald N. The effect of urea on the solubility and plant uptake of monoammonium phosphate
1988 Servos, M.R. Fate and bioavailability of polychlorinated dibenzo dioxins in aquatic environments
1988 Friesen, Kenneth J. Physical properties, sunlight photolysis, and environmental fate of polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins in aquatic ecosystems
1986 Grant, Cynthia A. The yield and chemical composition of barley as influenced by high levels of Ca and Mg in the growth medium
1986 Kuchnicki, Teddy C. The effect of selected herbicides on anaerobic nitrate and nitrite reduction
1986 Onofrei, Constantin A method of land evaluation using crop simulation techniques
1985 Cutforth, Herbert W. Dependence of corn development from germination to silking on physical environment
1983 Al-Taweel, B.H. Soil genesis in relation to groundwater regimes in a hummocky ground moraine area near Hamiota, Manitoba
1982 Khdyer, Ismail I. Oxygen transport and denitrification of nitrate derived from urea and added nitrate in soil columns
1982 Sheppard, S.C. Plant phosphorus requirements and soil phosphorus reactions as influenced by temperature
1981 Tomar, Jaswant S. Effect of placement of organic matter and urea on immobilization of nitrogen and uptake of nitrogen by plants.
1981 Okoro, Godwill E. The effect of burning and fertilizer application on crop yields and soil chemical properties under shifting cultivation in southern Nigeria
1981 Christianson, C. Bruce Chemical denitrification in frozen soils
1981 Rawn, Gary P. Fate and degradation of permethrin in a model aquatic ecosystem
1981 Abdel-Kader, Mohamed H.K. Malathion and fenitrothion in stored wheat: low temperature degradation, distribution, and quantification of metabolites
1981 Obi, Adeniyi, O. Isotope studies on crop utilization and soil fixation of nitrogen from urea, calcium nitrate and ammonium sulphate in several Manitoba soils
1980 Worobey, Brian L. Physicochemical studies of the mechanism of complexation and release of 4-chloroaniline from soil and soil humic acids
1978 De Jong, Reinder Energy exchange at the soil surface and the soil temperature regime
1977 Kalbasi-Ashtari, Mahmoud

Association of native soil zinc with iron and aluminum oxides and reaction products of zinc banded in soil

1976 Chang, Chi Effects of thermal gradients upon mass transport in soil
1973 Pang, Patrick C. Transformation and movement of band-applied nitrogen fertilizers in several Manitoba soils
1971 Olomu, M.O. Influence of soil water content on soil redox potential (Eh), pH and concentration and plant availability of iron and manganese in soil solutions
1970 Strong, W.M. Effect of root growth and rate of phosphorus adsorption by roots on the utilization of applied phosphorus by flax, wheat, rape and buckwheat
1966 Racz, Geza J. Reaction products of orthophosphates in soils containing varying amounts of calcium and magnesium
1962 Ferguson, W.S. Phosphate nutrition of plants grown on saline soils
1962 Weir, C.C. Behaviour of phosphates in some calcareous Manitoba soils


Year Name Title
2023 Quilesfogel-Esparza, Claudia Estimating nitrogen requirement of grain corn in Manitoba using optical spectral reflectance
2023 Muhandiram, Nikisha Short-term dynamics of soil chemical and health properties under an intermediate wheatgrass (Thinopyrum intermedium) forage-grain system
2023 Webb, Kathryn Effect of fall rye cover crop on CO2 and N2O fluxes in the Red River Valley, Manitoba, Canada
2023 Hansima, Charitha Elucidating mechanisms of sulfamethoxazole sorption onto bentonite in the presence of fresh liquid swine manure dissolved organic carbon
2023 Oleson, Kody Advanced 4R nitrogen management options for corn in sandy soils of Manitoba, Canada
2023 Weerasinghe, Viranga Effect of manure application methods on nutrient and metal mobilization with snowmelt flooding in a manured agricultural land
2022 Matengu, Taurai Developing risk models to mitigate Fusarium Head Blight in western Canadian cereal production
2022 Tran, Dickson Corn hybrid response to starter fertilizer
2022 Brooks, Brendan A characterization of soil erosion in cultivated watersheds in Manitoba's Red River Valley using sediment budgeting, and its implications for managing soil erosion's impacts
2022 Gardiner, Lanny Optimum nitrogen management of modern corn hybrids in Manitoba
2022 Nawu, Takudzwa Organic amendment effects on productivity of wellsites reclaimed with suboptimal topsoil replacement depth in northeastern Alberta
2021 Dorrian, Kathleen Effects of Genotype, Weather and FHB Fungicide/Pre-harvest Glyphosate on Wheat Quality and Gluten Strength for Breadmaking
2021 Nicksy, Jessica Circular nutrients for supplying phosphorus and closing urban to rural nutrient cycles in organically managed cropping systems
2020 Bourns, Megan Soybean response to potassium fertility and fertilizer in Manitoba
2020 Gamhewage, Mauli Pesticides in the water-column and bottom sediments of four Manitoba rivers
2020 Anderson, Kristy Perceptions of household drinking water across a variety of water distribution systems in three First Nations in Manitoba
2019 Adamolekun, Olayinka Field validation of proximal sensors on a typical Prairie field
2019 Wenyika, Priscillar Host preference of Pratylenchus neglectus to major crops of the Prairie Provinces of Canada
2019 Britton, Tony Determining evapotranspiration and crop coefficient values using an adjusted Penman-Monteith equation over canola (Brassica napus) in southern Manitoba
2018 Caron, Melody Integration of sediment fingerprinting techniques and sampling approaches within a prairie watershed in southern Alberta
2018 Agarwal, Abhishek Study on Verticillium longisporum of canola from the first reported farm in North America
2018 Wood, Matthew Right source and right time: reducing nitrous oxide emissions with enhanced efficiency nitrogen fertilizers
2018 Gouvea Pereira, Fernanda Survey of Plant-Parasitic Nematodes in Pulse Crop Fields of the Canadian Prairies 
2017 Zhanda, Justice Assessing thermal indices for modelling grain corn phenological development on the Prairies
2017 Theroux, Johanna Characterizing turbidity and identifying sediment sources in Norway House Cree Nation drinking water using sediment fingerprinting
2017 Sapkota, Kamala Pesticide residues in groundwater and soil of a Prairie Province in Canada
2017 Runzika, Mick Nitrification rate effect on cumulative nitrous oxide emission from soil
2017 Rogalsky, Magda Phosphorus beneficial management practices for corn production in Manitoba
2016 Westphal, Megan Nitrous oxide soil emissions from an organic and conventionally managed cropping system in Manitoba
2016 Rutter, Jolene Winter Composting of Separated Pig Slurry Solids and Greenhouse Gas Emissions
2016 Bardella, Gustavo Rodrigues Phosphorus Management Practices for Soybean Production in Manitoba
2016 Boudreault, Monica Marie Donna Sediment Source Apportionment Under Different Spatial Frameworks in an Agricultural Watershed in Atlantic Canada
2016 Lasisi, Ahmed Agboola Ammonium-N Persistence and Root Nitrogen Content of Annual Crops and Perennial Forage Grasses Following Pig Manure Application
2016 Miller, Brian Soil Moisture, Vegetation and Surface Roughness Impacts on High Resolution L-Band Microwave Emissivity from Cropped Land during SMAPVEX12
2016 Obikoya, Oluwatoyin Abosede Changes in Soil Test Phosphorus and Phosphorus Forms With Continuous Phosphorus Fertilizer Addition to Contrasting Prairie Soils
2016 Soloway, Ashley Dawn A Comparison of Gap-Filling Methods for a Long-Term Eddy Covariance Dataset from a Northern Old-Growth Black Spruce Forest
2015 Shaw, Will Placement, timing and source of nitrogen fertilizer on yield of irrigated Russet Burbank Potato in Manitoba
2015 Adesanya, Theresa Properties of an Orthic Black Chernozem after 5 years of liquid and solid pig manure applications to annual and perennial crops
2015 Goharrokhi, Mousad Effect of hydraulic shear stress on the banks of the Red River
2015 Akinseloyin, Taiwo Soil moisture and Temperature Simulation Using the Versatile Soil Moisture Budget Approach
2015 Laskosky, Jorden Productivity and Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Longterm Stockpiled Soils Treated with Organic Amendments
2014 Dickson, Taryn Growing season weather impacts on canola phenological development and quality
2014 Jeke, Nicholson Biomass, nutrient and trace element dynamics in cattail and switchgrass during wetland and terrestrial phytoremediation of municipal biosolids
2014 Katanda, Yeukai  Hog Manure-Recovered Struvite as a Phosphorus Source for Enhanced Phosphorus Use Efficiency and Reduced Seedling Toxicity in Canola
2014 Cardillo, Michael Stubble Management Effects on Microclimate and Performance of Canola Across Different Climatic Regions in Western Canada
2014 Pernerowski, Reanne Weather, Microclimate, Canopy Density and Neighbouring Non-Host Crop Impacts on Sclerotinia Stem Rot Disease in Canola
2014 Sayem, S.M.  Estimation of Nitrogen Mineralization from Solid Beef Cattle and Liquid Swine Manures
2014 Hassan, Adenike Phytoremediation of Municipal Biosolids: Terrestrial and Wetland Approaches
2014 Liu, Cenwei Spatial and Temporal Variation in Size and Shape of Sediment Particles in the Tobacco Creek Watershed
2013 Andronak, Lindsey Bulk Deposition of Pesticide Mixtures in a Canadian Prairie City and the Influence of Soil Temperature Fluctuations on 17Beta-Estradiol Mineralization
2013 Grenkow, Laryssa Effect of Seed-Placed Phosphorus and Sulphur Fertilizers on Canola Plant Stand, Early Season Biomass and Seed Yield
2013 Arachchilage, Geethani The Effect of Flooding and Reducing Conditions on Phosphorus Dynamics in Manitoba Soils
2013 Dickson, Taryn Growing Season Weather Impacts on Canola Phenological Development and Quality
2012 Ojo, Rotimi Modelling Soil Moisture from Real-Time Weather Data
2012 Agomoh, Ikechukwu Chemically-Enhanced Gravitational Solid-Liquid Separation For The Management of Phosphorus in Liquid Swine Manure
2012 Fraser, Trevor  Carbon Dynamics of Perennial Grassland Conversion for Annual Cropping
2012 Taylor, Amanda A Comparison of the Carbon Dioxide Fluxes of Two Annual Cropping Systems and a Perennial Hay Field in Southern Manitoba Over 30 Months
2011 Donohoe, Gwendolyn Nutrient Excretion and Soil Greenhouse Emissions from Excreta of Overwintering Beef Cows Fed Forage-Based Diets Supplemented With Dried Distillers' Grains with Solubles
2011 Chiyoka, Waraidzo Characterization of Nutrient Release and Greenhouse Gas Emission from Chernozemic Soils Amended with Anaerobically Digested Cattle Manure
2011 Stewart, Siobhan Perennial Legume Phase and Annual Crop Rotation Influences on CO2 and N2O Fluxes Over Two Years in the Red River Valley, Manitoba, Canada
2010 Hanis, Krista Eddy covariance measurements of methane flux in a subarctic fen with emphasis on spring-melt period
2009 Amarakoon, Inoka Effects of mono-ammonium phosphate preceding crop on plant cadmium uptake
2009 Halabicki, Paula S. Soil properties and agri-environmental conditions affect Imazamox: Imazethapyr 1:1 and flucarbazone-sodium phytotoxicity and dissipation
2009 Lumactud, Rhea Amor C. Spatial distribution of soil nematodes in the sub-Arctic environment of Churchill, Manitoba
2009 Molina, Oscar Effect of green manures and organic amendments on verticillium wilt of potato in Manitoba
2009 Rajendran, Nandakumar Dynamics of profiles of soil greenhouse gases in a topographically variable landscape in Western Canada
2009 Ross, Lisette Vegetation and soil properties as indicators of the hydrology and ecological health of northern prairie wetlands in native and agricultural landscapes
2009 Sawka, Clayton Relationship between chemical analyses of P in soil and P loss in simulated runoff
2009 Tremorin, Denis Greenhouse gas emissions from grassland pasture fertilized with liquid hog manure
2008 Akhter, Fardausi (Shati) Crop management impacts on mycorrhizal colonization and cadmium availability in agricultural crops
2008 Barker, Corinne A. Effects of Forest Age and Topography on Boreal Forest Evaporation and Water Balance
2008 Gervais, Mark, D. Assessment of the second-generation prairie agrometeorological model’s performance for spring wheat on the Canadian prairies
2008 Koiter, Alexander J. Short-term carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide flux following tillage of the clay soil in the Red River Valley in Southern Manitoba
2008 Ojekanmi, Abimbola A. Phosphorus dynamics and movement in soil with long term manure application
2008 Saleh, Abdelhafid Ahmed Phosphorus losses from soil and vegetative residue under simulated freezing and thawing conditions
2008 Smith, Diane M. The impact of landscape restoration on crop productivity and soil properties in severely eroded hilly landscapes in Southwestern Manitoba
2007 Abioye, O. Stephen Forms and reactivity of manure phosphorus from phytase fed swine in Manitoba soils
2007 Churchill, Jacqueline A. Spatial variation of soil methane and nitrous oxide emissions in subarctic environments of Churchill, Manitoba
2007 Dunmola, Adedeji S. Greenhouse gas emission from a prairie pothole landscape in Western Canada
2007 Holzapfel, Christopher B. Estimating nitrogen fertilizer requirements of canola (Brassica Napus L.) using sensor-based estimates of yield potential and crop response to nitrogen
2007 Nadler, Andrew J. An agroclimatic risk assessment of crop production on the Canadian Prairies
2007 Sass, Alison P. Energy, water, and carbon budgets of young post-fire boreal forests in Central Saskatchewan
2007 Wang, Ruifang Impacts of soil accumulation from erosion on greenhouse gas production and emission from soil within a complex and cultivated landscape
2006 Anderson, Amber The influence of tillage and landscape on imazethapyr persistence and sorption in soil
2006 Finlay, Gordon, J. Genotype and environment impacts on Canada Western Spring wheat bread-making quality and development of weather-based prediction models
2006 Jarvis, Chad K. Growing season weather impacts on Canada Western Red Spring wheat grown in producer fields across Western Canada
2006 Olatuyi, Solomon Olalekan Chemical characterization of phosphate diffusion in a multi-ionic environment
2006 Pelcat, Yann Soil landscape characterization of crop stubble covered fields using IKONOS high resolution panchromatic images
2006 Reimer, Aleisha Dechlorination of the naturally produced fungal metabolite, 3,5--dichloro-para-anisyl alcohol by Burkholderia SP.UW103
2006 Welsh, Catherine Organic crop management can decrease labile soil P and promote mycorrhizal association of crops
2005 Cyr, Pascal Joseph Jean Dissolved organic carbon in Northern boreal forest soils under two different aged forest stands
2005 Czurak-Dainard, Monika The long-term impact of manure application on soil microbial properties and nutrient cycling in Manitoban soils
2005 Erb, Michelle Marie The effects of landscape restoration on greenhouse gas emissions and plant species and abundance
2005 Kroeker, Myron Peter Agronomic evaluation of a homogeneous nitrogen-phosphorus-sulphur fertilizer in Southern Manitoba
2005 Nahar, Nurun Fate of 2,4-D as affected by soil properties and landscape position
2005 Riekman, Marla Rae The effect of canola cultivar on water extraction and nitrogen and sulphur uptake
2004 Enns, Jeffrey Mark The effect of liquid hog manure and commercial fertilizer on nutrient movement in a sandy soil
2004 Reimer, Marguerite The effect of hog manure and municipal biosolids on the mineralization and sorption of pesticides in soil
2004 Senkiw, Kelly Ann Alkaline humic substances and the amelioration of an acid sulphate soil and copper-contaminated mine tailings
2004 Whetter, David Allen Solute redistribution as influenced by soil properties in relation to landscape morphology in a glacial till landscape in Manitoba
2003 Ajiboye, Babasola Retention characteristics and convective transport of phosphorus in soils amended with biosolids, manures and fertilizer
2003 Lanoie, Joanne M. Changes in the bioavailability of phenathrene in montmorillonite clay with aging
2003 MacLeod, Cedric John The effects of liquid hog manure application and tillage systems on the rate of cereal crop residue decomposition in clay soils
2003 Muc, Dennis The impact of crop rotations on the fate of trifluralin and glyphosate in soil
2003 Przednowek, David The effect of pulse crop rotation and controlled-release urea on the nitrogen accumulation and end-use quality of Canada Western Red Spring wheat
2003 Stephens, Kristian Dietrich The spatial variability of soil properties and 2,4-D sorption and desorption in two calcareous prairie landscapes
2003 Tiessen, Kevin H. D. Efficiency of fall-banded urea fertilizer in Manitoba: Effect of application date, landscape position and fertilizer additives
2002 Dilk, Sean B. Agronomic evaluation of leonardite on yield and chemical composition of canola and wheat
2002 Durand, Laurent (Larry) David Joseph Variability in CWRS wheat yield response to applied nitrogen in Manitoba soil landscapes
2002 Unger, Christopher J. H. The impact of sulphur on the breadmaking quality of Canadian Western Red Spring wheat in Western Canada
2002 Wilson, Janna L. Estimation of phenological development and fractional leaf area of canola (Brassica Napus L.) from temperature
2001 Grift, Sheri L. Impact of leaching and denitrification on temporal distribution of nitrate in several Manitoba soils
2001 Nicolas, Léo Jr. Identifying the usefulness of microbial enumeration, diversity, and respiration for implementing strategies for intrinsic remediation
2001 Smyrl, Christopher T. The effect of dissolved humic substances on the binding and biodegradation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in soil
2000 Bullinger, Andrea L. Effect of fly ash and zeolite amendment on volatile ammonia losses from hog manure
2000 Kagan, Michael William Nitrous oxide distribution in soil and surface flux
2000 Rawluk, Christine D.L. Effect of soil texture, temperature and irrigation on the performance of urea fertilizers amended with the urease inhibitor N-(N-butyl) thiophosphoric triamide
2000 Shaykewich, Jennifer A. Impact of leonardite amendments on soil physical properties of two soils related to grain production
1999 Ebner, D. Nitrogen and phosphorus availability in Eastern Manitoba black spruce bog ecosystems 10 years after clearcut logging and wildfire
1999 Hume, H.B. Gas breakthrough in compacted Avonlea bentonite
1999 Manning, Grant R. Relations between spatial variability of soil properties and grain yield response to nitrogen fertilizer in a variable Manitoba soil-landscape
1999 Renwick, Randall R. Evaluation of a crop simulation model for potatoes
1999 Timmerman, Mitchell D. The effects of a crude oil spill on the crop productivity and biological quality of an agricultural soil, and the potential for phytoremediation of crude oil contaminated land
1998 Farmer, Kristina L.A. The toxicity of softwood leachate in aquatic and terrestrial environments
1998 Graham, Kristina N. Evaluation of analytical methodologies for diesel fuel contaminants in soil.
1998 Heaman, J.B.L. The influence of previous exposure and soil type on the degradation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in soil
1998 Maurice, Robert D. The fate of 14C-Phenanthrene labelled diesel fuel #2 in selected Manitoba soil
1997 Brown, Kimberley R. Cd content of Durum wheat and canola as affected by nitrogen fertilization and tillage practises
1997 Flynn, Colleen. The fate of nitrate in soil treated with hog manure
1997 Hammond, Derwyn W. Effect of band geometry and chemistry on fertilizer phosphorus availability 
1997 Hay, David C. Innovative techniques for the analysis of chlorophenols and acid herbicides in soil and water
1997 Malegus, Ross C. Pedogenic influences on soil cadmium, and phytoavailability in selected agricultural soils from the prairie ecozone
1997 Mitchell, Leslie G. Solubility and phytoavailability of cadmium in soils treated with nitrogen fertilizers
1996 Cavers, Curtis Characteristics of Red River clays pertaining to vertisolic criteria and macropore flow
1996 Drouillard, Ken G. Physico-chemical property determinations of chlorinated n-alkanes (C10 to C12); Parameters for estimation of environmental fate of chlorinated n-paraffins
1996 Fitzmaurice, John L. The effects of tillage practices and soil compaction on the physical properties and productivity of a clay soil
1995 Berry, Karin A.T. The applicability, enhancement and dominant process of in situ bioremediation in a heavy clay soil contaminated with diesel fuel #2
1994 Pastershank, Georgine M. The uptake and depuration of 2,3,7,8-Tetrachlorodibenzofuran and octachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin by Hydropsyche bidens (Ross) in miniature lab streams
1994 Wright, Charles Ralph Glenn Modelling soil erosion due to natural rainfall in Manitoba
1993 Audette, Jessica The distribution and fate of Cu and Zn in treated municipal sewage sludge
1993 Hastie, Alan B. The effect of municipal sewage sludge and inorganic cadmium on cadmium bioavailability to wheat and on the chemistry of soil cadmium
1992 Grenier, Michel R. Effect of annual legumes on the nitrogen status of soils
1992 Kenny, Dorothea F. Runoff, persistence, and runoff modelling of bromoxynil octanoate, diclofop-methyl and atrazine from three Manitoba soils
1992 Leung, John W. Role of Ethomeen T/25 and Silwet L-77 adjuvants on rainfastness of herbicide formulation of vision for the control of trembling aspen (Populus tremuloides Michx.)
1992 Chambers, Jarrett W. Influence of a commercial fungal inoculant (PB-50) on plant nutrient availability and crop growth
1992 Gehrer, John The effect of VA-mycorrhiza, phosphorus, rhizobium and nitrogen on growth and N2 fixation in lentil
1992 Mohr, Ramona M. The effect of chloride fertilization on growth and yield of barley and spring wheat
1992 Ford, Cathy Determination of non-ortho substituted polychlorinated biphenyls: method development and levels in Canadian biota
1992 Hargrave, Andrew P. Nitrogen and phosphorus losses in surface runoff due to rainfall in Manitoba
1992 Rajotte, Michelle A.M. The utilization of nitrogen released from decomposing plant residue by wheat
1991 Kapoor Dozois, A. Effect of simulated erosion on crop productivity
1991 Martino, Daniel L. Soil physical properties and root density under zero and conventional tillage in three Manitoba soils
1991 Segstro, Mark D. The bioavailability of polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins to mussels and crayfish in aquatic ecosystems
1990 deBeer, Donna L. The effect of phosphorus and vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhiza on growth and dinitrogen fixation by lentil (Lens Culinaris)
1990 Cheslock-Fitzgerald, Michele Trivalent and hexavalent chromium, their reactions with minerals and potential phytotoxicity in soils
1990 Green, Brandon J. Effect of nitrogen application on winter wheat under zero tillage and spring wheat under zero and conventional tillage
1990 Toews, Edward J. Effect of soil NO3-nitrogen content and nitrogen fertilizer on yield of barley and canola grown on organic soils
1989 Dowbenko, Raymond E. Long term effect of copper sulphate fertilization of organic soils on yield of barley and DTPA-extractable soil copper levels
1989 Marantz, Dale M. Effects of nitrogen supply, water supply and temperature on the yield and quality of cereals and oilseeds grown in southern Manitoba
1989 Tu, Shihua Interactions of phosphorus and zinc in the nutrition of cereal and oilseed crops and the mechanisms of phosphorus-induced zinc deficiency in wheat
1989 Wahome, Ephantus K. Soil erosion measurements under natural rainfall for evaluating the universal soil loss equation in Manitoba
1987 Beever, Douglas W. Effect of various nitrogen fertilizers on solubility and plant availability of phosphorus in dual N-P bands
1987 Janzen, Robert A. The effect of various amendments on C and N dynamics of active organic matter and aggregate stability in different soils
1987 Kenyon, Brian E. Effect of simulated erosion on canola productivity
1987 Nafuma, Leonard S. Effect of nitrogen and phosphorus placement on time of phosphorus uptake and yields of canola and flax
1987 Pauls, Waldemar J. The applicability of the universal soil loss equation in Manitoba
1987 Rodd, Vernon Effect of nitrogen addition on yield and symbiotic dinitrogen fixation of soybeans (Glycine max. L. merr. c.v. Maple Amber), Fababeans (Vicia faba L. minor c.v. Aladin) and Lentils (Lens esculenta).
1987 Rogalsky, Elaine J. Effect of method of phosphorus placement on yield and phosphorus recovery of barley, canola and flax
1987 Sawatsky, Norman G. A quantitative technique for the measurement of the nitrogen loss from the root system of field peas (Pisum avense L.) during the growth cycle
1986 Akinremi, Olakekan O. Interaction between ammonium ion and soil
1986 Malis, Gregory P. Fate of fenitrothion in shaded and unshaded ponds
1986 Morden, Gregg W. The effect of time and method of phosphorus application on yield of wheat and soil phosphorus levels
1986 Walley, Frances L. The effect of nitrogen and moisture availability on growth and symbiotic nitrogen fixation in lentils (Lens Culinaris)
1985 Basnayake, Asoka K. Soil erosion in the tea lands of Sri Lanka
1985 Morrison-Ives, Rose  Effect of simulated soil erosion on wheat yields
1985 Marcheterre, Line Fate of Octachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin in small ponds
1985 Poulet, Jacques J. Maximum production of wheat as affected by rate and placement of phosphorus
1984 Burnett, Ronald B. Determination of climatically suitable areas for soybean production in Manitoba
1984 Kamwaga, Johnson N. Copper fertilization of wheat and methods evaluating availability of copper to wheat growing on mineral soils
1984 Modestus, William M. Phosphorus as a limiting nutrient for maximum production of wheat in Manitoba
1984 Murage, Peterson M. Potassium as a limiting nutrient for maximum production of wheat in Manitoba
1984 Murray, Derek A.J. Water soluble fractions of crude oils and petroleum products: analysis and investigation of fish tainting by gas chromatography
1984 Swan, Murray J. Ammonium thiosulfate as a source of sulfur for plants (compared to other sulfur carriers)
1983 Corbet, Robert L. The fate of 1,3,6,8-Tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin, a trace contaminant in the herbicide 2,4-D, in a model aquatic system
1983 Regitnig, Peter J. The effect of fertilizer nitrogen on yield, protein content and symbiotic nitrogen fixation in soybeans (Glycine max L. var. Maple Presto)
1982 Birkholz, Detlef A. The detection of contaminants in sediments: a coupled chemical fractionation/bioassay method
1982 Reid, J. Murray Availability of manganese and effects of soil temperature on availability of manganese to plants grown on organic soils
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