Teaching and research is focused on the sustainability and productivity of the land base, enhancement of crop and livestock production, and maintenance of soil, water and food quality as affected by agriculture and other human activities.

  • Broad research categories include agrometeorology, landscape dynamics, pesticide science, soil chemistry and minerology, soil ecology, soil fertility and nutrient management, soil physics, and land remediation.

    Current research includes studies on remediation of contaminated land, utilization of fertilizers and manures, production of potatoes, nitrate accumulation and fate in soils, fate of pesticides in soil and aquatic environments, production of greenhouse gases by agricultural systems, soil organic matter, fate and bioavailability of heavy metals, and landscape based farming.

    The department provides funding for research assistantships and also encourages students with scholarships to apply.


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  • Graduate students preparing and inspecting soil samples in the lab, photo by Dr. Mario Tenuta.

Graduate program courses

Course outlines

MSc program information is available in the Academic Calendar

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Graduate student opportunities

Before submitting a formal application through the Faculty of Graduate Studies, potential graduate students are requested to take the following steps:

Choose a current graduate student opportunity or identify a professor who is working in an area of your interest. Contact the professor directly to discuss the possibility of joining our graduate program. Please provide your Curriculum Vitae, copies of your transcripts and a statement of research interests. Your referees may be contacted by the professor.

Once the professor agrees and you have secured two years of stipend funding either from a scholarship or from the professor's research grants, apply formally through the Faculty of Graduate Studies. Please keep the professor informed, especially regarding possible start dates, visa requirements, or any logistical issues.


2024-2025 University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowship Competition

Application Deadline: March 30th, 2024

Prospective and current M.Sc. and Ph.D. students are encouraged to apply for the 2024-2025 UMGF Competition. For more details, please see the following:

The Soil Science Graduate Students' Association (SSGSA)

  • A group shot of the Soil Science graduate students' association.
  • The SSGSA acts on behalf of soil science graduate students at the Soil Science Departmental Council, the University of Manitoba Graduate Students’ Association (GSA), and the Manitoba Soil Science Society (MSSS). The SSGSA promotes education in soil science by supporting the MSSS summer tours which enable participants to attend and learn about the various soils in Manitoba. The SSGSA also provides the department with a canteen and lunchroom where staff and students can meet and eat together.  Additionally, the association coordinates several social activities throughout the year for members of the department and the Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences. SSGSA representatives are elected annually by their fellow graduate students.

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