Application information

College membership: To be eligible you must be registered as a St John’s College member by the application deadline. Graduates and students who change faculties may need to re-register as members. College membership is open to all students of the UM and of the College’s Faculty of Theology.

How to register as a member of St John’s College: Go to the UM homepage and login to 'Aurora Student.' From there, select 'Enrolment and Academic Records' then 'Declarations.' Under 'Declarations', select 'Declare College Membership' and 'St John’s College.' Verify current information and click 'Add.' An annual membership fee of no more than $30 will be added to your UM account.

Application forms: You will find the link to the fillable application form following the criteria as listed. Handwritten applications will not be accepted. Application form and all supporting documentation must be received on or before the deadline.

Supporting documentation: A 250-500 word letter of application. Unless otherwise specified on the application form your letter should include a little bit about yourself, your goals, volunteer experience, sports, student government, music, church life, community involvement, financial need, leadership potential, capacity and desire to help others, humanitarian qualities etc.

Financial need worksheet: If applicable it will be attached to the application.

Reference letters: It is recommended to get at least three reference letters. Unless otherwise specified on the application form, the letters should be general character references and can be used for several different SJC awards. They can be provided by anyone who is not related to you, such as a volunteer supervisor, professor, employer, teacher etc. It may be helpful if you provide your letter of application to your referee. If your referee has authorized you to use their letter for several SJC awards, advise them that it is best not to date the letter or be award specific. The letter should be given directly to you so that you have a master and can make duplicates to attach to the awards you are applying for.

Transcripts: UM transcripts will be obtained by the Awards Clerk. Entrance students must include final high school transcripts. Students who are coming to the UM from another university must include their transcripts. If you are applying for several awards at the same time, you may submit a single set of external transcripts.

Application deadlines: April 1 and July 31. Your application and all supporting documentation must be received by 4:30 p.m. on or before the deadline. If the deadline falls on a weekend or holiday, it will be extended until 4:30 p.m. the next business day. Late or incomplete applications will normally be disqualified.

To submit your applications: All applications must be emailed to the Awards Clerk at

Selection of Recipients: Unless otherwise noted on the application form, recipients will be selected by the St John’s College Scholarship Committee. The Committee may choose to split awards between multiple recipients, or not to make an award at all.

Notification of recipients and donors: The Awards Clerk will only notify the successful recipients. Please make sure your contact information on Aurora Student is kept up to date. The names of award recipients and alternates will be announced to the Assembly of St John’s College. Recipients’ names will be printed in the College’s Convocation program and may also be published in other promotional material of the College, such as the Annual Report. Recipients’ names, and if requested by the donor, the information about how they met the award criteria may be sent to award donors or their families. Recipients will be encouraged to send a thank-you note to donors c/o the Awards Clerk.

Payment and award certificates: With the exception of a few, payment will be made at the St John’s College Convocation on the first Sunday in November. If exempt, specifics will be included in the notification letter. Award Certificates will be presented to recipients at Convocation.

Make a donation

St John’s College is happy to work with donors to establish new awards or increase current awards. Donors who are interested in establishing an award or contributing to a current one, should contact the Development Officer at 204-474-9350. Please make cheques payable to “St John’s College”. Our Charitable Registration number is 119180495 RR0001.