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Benefits of Membership

  • Eligibility for College scholarships, bursaries, prizes and awards
  • Academic advising and registration assistance
  • Access to Study Space including Study Carrels and Library
  • Access to a Chapel community and Chaplain services
  • 10% discount on all purchases from the Daily Bread Café and Soup4U
  • Monthly student lead events put on by SJCSA 
  • Opportunity to meet other students from other faculties and departments

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Scholarship & Bursary Information

St John's College members are eligible for $180,000 worth of scholarships and bursaries every year. These awards are given to students of all faculties and departments who are members of the College.

Find out more about our Scholarship and Bursaries ->

Study Carrel Space 

The St. John’s College Students’ Association (SJCSA) is proud to provide its members with private study carrels (enclosed desks in a secure room in the College).

These carrels are available to students for studying between classes or in the evening.

Membership Sticker

After you have registered as a member, bring your student card to the General Office (214 St John's College) to get your annual membership sticker. The membership sticker will get you a 10% discount on the Daily Bread Café and Soup4U and to use empty classrooms in the College.

For more information, please contact Registrar Sherry Peters

Steps of how to become a member

  1. Go to and select "Aurora Student".
  2. Select "Enter Secure Area"
  3. Enter your student number and PIN
  4. Select "Login"
  5. Select "Enrolment and Academic Records"
  6. Select "Declarations"
  7. Select "Declare College Membership"
  8. Click the "Add" button to add new membership

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