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St John's College Student Association (SJCSA)

Student Council Events

Our Student Council is dedicated to hosting a variety of events that cater to the diverse interests and passions of our student body.



Thank you to those who attended Jumpstart this year! We can't wait to see you all next year.

Meet Your SJCSA

Meet your 2023/24 SJCSA

SJCSA Executives

  • Senior Stick: Ranveet Kaur 
  • Vice Stick: Euna Park 
  • Treasurer: Dharmil Patel 

SJCSA Non-Executives

  • Assembly Representative: Abby Vovchuk 
  • UMSU Representative: Darina Boykova 
  • Student Services Director: Hugo Man Chun Ng 
  • Community Outreach Representative: Sabrina Stokotelny 
  • Co-Communications Director: Haylyn Agacer 
  • Co-Communications Director: Sherwin Opena 
  • Co-Communications Director: Sharaina Cottick 
  • Community Outreach: Suzanne Sumile 
  • Sports Representative: Mercy Shwaykosky
  • Residence Representative: Bryan Oforikuma
  • UMSU Representative: Fold Sumonu 
  • Co-Resident President: Neil Oforikuma
  • Sports Representative: Mercy Shwaym
  • Program Directors: Eniola Odeleye
  • Chairperson: Karis Park

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