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Be a science communicator!
The Faculty of Science is looking for a team of creative and fun students to volunteer and create engaging content for our social media channels.

Snap a photo, make a video, talk science, and earn CCR. Show us you’ve got what it takes.

Certificate of science communications

  • For graduate students with strong English skills, we offer the Certificate of Science Communication (CSC). Writing effectively to a given audience about the critical work you do is tremendously valuable. This certificate program offers graduate students and post-docs a chance to hone their communication skills in writing, presentations, and group work. Students will work individually and in groups to be effective and confident communicators.

    Two series, which can be taken in any order, are offered: CSC Concepts and CSC Practices. The CSC Concepts series uses interactive workshops and short assignments to help students improve communication with different audiences and mediums, including social media. The CSC Practices series uses guest speakers, interactive discussions, and a capstone assignment to help students produce effective career documentation and communicate science to a diverse public.

    The workshops are non-credit. Students who attend all classes and receive a passing grade on the assignment(s) will receive the CSC Concepts/Practices listed on their Co-Curricular Record.

    Stay tuned for the next offering of this workshop.

  • Science Communications

Research writing for graduate students (RWGS)

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of academic writing in English? You are not alone.

Registration is now closed. The Faculty of Science and the English Language Centre are working together to open a new section of RWGS in January 2023

Have you already taken the RWGS course? See the other courses offered by the Part-Time Academic English Courses. Remember to apply for a $100 bursary from Grad Studies.

Resources and supports for students

Resources for faculty and staff

Academic Learning Centre (ALC) offers an array of workshops in an assortment of lengths to meet the needs of your class.

  • Developing a thesis statement
  • Using sources effectively and correctly
  • Citing and referencing in MLA/APA/Chicago
  • Writing a critical review
  • Synthesizing information for a literature review

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