Community partners

Two main groups create, guide, execute and fund the Wawatay Program. They are:

Frontline staff

  • Dr. Carrie Selin (PhD Department of Microbiology)
    Wawatay Academic Program Lead
    Carrie Selin is the point of contact for members of the community and a guide for program participants. Dr. Selin helps to ensure each student is comfortable, points students to the right resource if problems arise, and arranges academic and personal support. Dr. Selin also organizes workshops and activities shaping the Wawatay program and the student's future.

    Dr. Melanie Lalonde (PhD in Department of Biological Sciences)
    Wawatay Academic Program Coordinator


External advisory board

The dean of the Faculty of Science selected the members of this board based on their recognized expertise in science, education, and/or Indigenous communities. The group meets quarterly so it can oversee the strategic direction of the program, raise funds for the program as well as offer operational suggestions as needed.

The external members include:

  • Roger Dube – Emeritus Professor at Rochester Institute of Technology and enrolled member of Abenaki Nation
  • Tony Williams – Chairperson of the Verna J Kirkness Education Foundation
  • R. Beardy – Education Coordinator-Indigenous Programs, Science Division, Canadian Light Source Inc.
  • Stewart Hill – Senior Research and Policy Analyst at Manitoba Keewatinowki Okimakanak
  • Thelma Nice
  • Stephanie Waterman – Associate Professor at the University of Toronto and Onondaga Elder
  • Bernie Petit – Education Coordinator-Indigenous Programs, Science Division; Canadian Light Source Inc.
  • Clarke Garrioche
  • Luis Manzo

Our office

Wawatay - Faculty of Science
239 Machray Hall
University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N2