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Opportunities for collaboration

Strong links with the community are critical in providing a quality educational program. There are many opportunities for occupational therapists to collaborate with the Department of Occupational Therapy - examples are listed below.

Case study development

How you can help: Write a case study or contribute ideas for case studies to help students learn about the complexities of practice based on real-life situations.


Critical Inquiry projects

How you can help: Collaborate on a critical inquiry student project.


Fieldwork education

How you can help: Provide fieldwork placements in a variety of practice areas to support our students' education.


Independent study

How you can help: Collaborate on an Independent Study student project.


Innovative placement development

How you can help: Develop innovative fieldwork placements in underdeveloped practice areas.



How you can help: Assist with marking student assignments throughout the academic year.


Research collaborations

How you can help: Collaborate on research projects with department faculty members. Upcoming opportunities will be posted on the website and advertised in the Manitoba Society of Occupational Therapists newsletter.



How you can help: Contribute to the education of our students as a guest lecturer, lab demonstrator, seminar leader, or problem-based learning tutorial leader.


WISH Clinic mentors

How you can help: Volunteer as a mentor at the Winnipeg Interprofessional Student-Run Health (WISH) Clinic during special events and shifts.


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