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Opportunities for collaboration

Strong links with the community are critical in providing a quality educational program. There are many opportunities for occupational therapists to collaborate with the Department of Occupational Therapy - examples are listed below.

Case study development

Case studies are an important learning tool used in the master of occupational therapy program. Case studies give students the opportunity to learn about the complexities of practice based on real life situations.

If you are interested in writing a case study or have some ideas that could be incorporated into a case study, please contact Leanne Leclair.

Fieldwork education

Each year we require approximately 200 fieldwork placements in a variety of practice areas to support our students’ education.

To learn more about fieldwork, please contact 

Independent study

Practitioners who are interested in exploring opportunities to collaborate around an Independent Study student project should contact Jacquie Ripat.

Innovative placement development

To prepare our students for occupational therapy practice in the future, we are actively developing innovative fieldwork placements in practice areas where the occupational therapist’s role has not been developed and/or is underdeveloped.

To discuss opportunities for placement development, please contact Teresa Allison.


Opportunities for marking student assignments can arise throughout the academic year.

For more information, contact Leanne Leclair.

Research collaborations

There are various and on-going opportunities to collaborate around research with department of occupational therapy faculty members. Upcoming opportunities will be posted on the website and may also be advertised in the Manitoba Society of Occupational Therapists newsletter.

Practitioners with ideas for research projects are encouraged to visit faculty research pages or contact Leanne Leclair.


To provide a well-rounded quality education, we require diversity and expertise in our teaching team. Contributions from occupational therapy practitioners to the education of our students is always greatly appreciated and valued.

Practitioners from the occupational therapy community are currently involved as guest lecturers, lab demonstrators, seminar leaders, and problem based learning tutorial leaders.

To discuss teaching opportunities, please contact Leanne Leclair.

WISH Clinic mentors

The Winnipeg Interprofessional Student-Run Health (WISH) Clinic is a student-driven project that focuses on providing health services to people in the Point Douglas area of Winnipeg out of Mount Carmel Clinic.

The clinic requires registered occupational therapists who are willing to volunteer as a mentor during special events and during shifts.

Contact us at if you are interested in becoming a mentor.

Critical Inquiry projects

Practitioners who are interested in exploring opportunities to collaborate around a critical inquiry student project should contact

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