About the program

Students are encouraged to become involved in the community as much as possible both clinically as well as culturally. The number of students accepted to this program each year is based on funding and whether or not a community is able to accommodate a student for the summer.

Students will attend an orientation prior to leaving for their respective communities. Accommodations are typically located at the Nursing Station or Health Centre itself and are arranged by the Northern Medical Unit. Travel is also arranged and paid by Ongomiizwin – Health Services.


The Early Exposures Summer Student Program is open to Med I, Med II and School of Medical Rehabilitation students enrolled at the University of Manitoba and provides them with the opportunity to spend ten days in a First Nation or Inuit community.

Early Exposure (paid program)

About the program

The program places up to eight students in a community for nine weeks. The program starts at the end of May and goes until the beginning of August.


The Early Exposure (paid program) is open to Med II students enrolled at the University of Manitoba.

How to apply

Complete the application form and submit it to Acey (Adrianne) Spence before March 3, 2021.

Contact us

Ongomiizwin – Indigenous Institute of Health and Healing
Rady Faculty of Health Sciences
P122 Pathology Building
770 Bannatyne Ave
University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, MB R3W 0W3